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On reading this article I was ready to come in here and throw down some "truth" (in my opinion at least). I was gonna be all like "Aww yea you is wrong article!! Let me tell you something!!" I do agree with a lot of the comments on this page(more so than the information in the article) but the question was "What do foreigners think of Japan?" I think the implication was those who do not live in Japan, and people who were largely ignorant of Japan and only had their stereotypical information to go on.

Those of us who live in Japan know that it's far from perfect, but then nowhere is, and we can sometimes be confused and outraged by how they do some things (I am sure I'm not the only one who has gone on a cursing rampage when an ATM was "closed" because it was after 11:30pm as if it has a wife ATM and some little ATMs to go home to). But we still live here, still suffer through a lot of the stuff that annoys because there is usually a good reason to stay here. I know I have never felt safer walking down a street than I do here. But I also know that when I hear the word "gaijin" followed by not so suppressed laughter a sharp pang of rage shivers through me. So it has its good and bad points. And I think if we think back to before we came to Japan we will find that we pretty much thought all of those things in the article, if not exactly as they are described here then in some form or another.

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