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Posted in: Veganism on the rise among health-conscious in Japan See in context

Tokyo was finally getting some vegan shops just as the pandemic was starting. Whether they survived without tourists I'm not sure. The article is full of good news, but clear vegan labelling and popular understanding of veganism are important. It should be more prominent in a country with Buddhist cuisine and lots of soya, but Japan has traditionally been a difficult place to be vegan. I hope that is changing, but I have my doubts. Oddly, there was a rise in vegan food products in UK stores during the pandemic, which was nice. Unfortunately most of them vanished when inflation shot up and the shortages of labour and supply kicked in. Eateries are closing too.

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Posted in: Vehicle pollution zone to cover all of London See in context

quote: Similar schemes have been set up in several other British towns and cities.

They have been quite unpopular too, as councillors will discover at their next local government elections.

quote: improving public transit infrastructure.

Public transport is being cut back all over the place in the UK due to staff shortages, artificially hiked energy costs and strikes.

quote: innovative ideas to move goods into cities without trucks/vans etc.

The rail network is usually on strike now, so it is no longer a viable option. Helpfully, courier services are increasingly switching to EVs. Of course if you are volunteering to transfer goods intercity by rickshaw, go for it. Give them a call.

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Posted in: Victims of crime are often helpless on their own when it happens. People need to practice calling for help loudly and instantly, even if they have a mask on, from a very young age. See in context

It's good to teach kids to scream loudly for help. But you will also need to teach adults to intervene. And we need a proper right to personal and communal self-defence baked into law, so that people can lash out as best they can at those attacking them and others, without fear of legal consequences.

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Posted in: What's your opinion of what Elon Musk has done so far with Twitter since buying it? See in context

@kyushubill. quoting: Never had Twitter and never will. Same with all social media.

The comments section of the JT qualifies as social media, as it is Web 2.0 content. So you do have it.

Regarding Musk. Brexit-style wrecking ball tactics. Doesn't work any better on tech systems than on national economies. Good coders are hard to find. Without them, services fall over.

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Posted in: China protests highlight Xi's COVID policy dilemma - to walk it back or not See in context

The Chinese have always been very good at avoiding annoying Government rules, one way and another, but Covid Zero, controlled with apps and hordes of hazmat-suited goons, is a whole new ball game. They must have realised that they are close to living a life on the edge of Xinjiang-style imprisonment.

Xi may well just repeat Tiananmen and slaughter any opposition. The protestors are brave people, but as in HK, may make themselves easy targets. Keep the masks on and don't get captured by the goons with the big sticks. If you want to knock lumps out of a regime, do it quietly, individually, wherever and whenever you can.

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Posted in: Police invoke old anti-dueling law over Osaka club catfight See in context

That's bad news for boxing promoters.

quote: complaints from customers claiming they were overcharged.

How much should a seat at a five minute bout of all female MMA action cost? Asking for a friend.

At school when there was a fight like this, someone would shout 'bundle' and the entire school would gather to watch, forming a small fighting area within a sea of cheering kids.

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Posted in: Sunak says UK's 'golden era' with China is over See in context

Now that the UK is out of the EU, I doubt China care what Sunak thinks. They know he will be gone from politics in two years, spending more time with his bank account.

The UK doesn't make anything any more, and quite a bit of the food we grow rots in the ground as the Tories have blocked migrant farm labour. When the Tories wreck equivalency laws as the final act of Brexit, UK shops and online stores will empty of stock.

Announcing billions for foreign nations when people will be cold and hungry in the UK this winter will alienate the electorate further from his rancid, toxic and destructive party.

£2.3bn to Ukraine? Waste of money. A £1m contract would have seen Putin bumped off by the Russian mafia or similar months ago.

Politics is theatre - the control and manipulation of the many by the few.

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Posted in: Our aim is to ensure that people line up in an orderly fashion on both sides of the moving stairway. See in context

Most escalators I've been on in Japan seem to have an established culture of standing on one side and walking on the other. Those who are not in a rush pick the standing side. Those who are, choose the other. It seems to work very well and escalator users seem to be happy with it. I guess there will be a lot of people in court soon.

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Posted in: Lawson opens 1st avatar-staffed convenience store in Tokyo See in context

Avatars - especially multilingual ones - would be a useful addition, not a replacement for staff. Use cash. Fill out forms. Send cards and postcards by mail to cheer people up. Write cheques. Plug the Fax back in. Shop in places with real staff. Embrace what is real and tangible, and refuse to transition to digital.

'Just because something bears the aspect of the inevitable one should not, therefore, go along willingly with it.' [Philip K. Dick, 'The Transmigration of Timothy Archer'.]

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Posted in: China censors rare, nationwide protests See in context

Keep those masks on and don't get caught. They slaughtered people after the Tiananmen Square protest and they will do again.

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Posted in: Airbnb has a plan to fix cleaning fees See in context

I have no problem with paying a cleaning fee. Anything is better than staying in a hotel. I usually clean the apartment the night before I leave. I don't sleep the night before a flight as I have to be up early. It gives me something to do. And it's the polite thing to do if you have been staying in someone's property.

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Posted in: Progressives returned for third term in Australia's Victoria state See in context

When politicians say they are going to spend money on you to build stuff for you, you should know that it is your money, or more specifically, your kids' money that they are spending. It's not their money and it isn't free. It's all borrowed on your official state/national credit card.

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Posted in: 'Fame' and 'Flashdance' singer-actor Irene Cara dies at 63 See in context

I was a teenager when 'Fame' was released. It was a huge hit as a movie (and as a TV series) - more of a cultural phenomenon than a film - inspiring a lot of young people to consider the performing arts as a career. 'Fame' and 'Flashdance' had diverse casts when most movies didn't and nailed stereotypes. Both movies were very well made, are still watchable and the theme tunes were fabulous songs. I may still remember all of the lyrics from the theme from 'Fame' today. It just embedded itself in the lives of a generation of young people. 80s movies and music were often positive, upbeat and inspirational. It was such a great time to be a teenager. I feel sorry for teens today and what they have to deal with.

A sad loss. RIP.

Fame theme MV.

Flashdance MV

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Posted in: Costa Rica scores late to beat Japan 1-0 in lackluster game See in context

0-0 games aren't necessarily bad. Some can be really tight and very watchable.

I only saw the second half of Japan/CR. They seemed to be unable to break down a very defensive side. Germany expected to win, so attacked more, leaving more space at the back.

Maybe they knocked the ball around a bit more after the Germany win, and shouldn't have. With a packed defence you just keep attacking and play percentages. Be direct, get people and balls into the box as often as possible and bombard them. Eventually one should go in.

The goal was Costa Rica's only shot on target in two games. It's football. It happens.

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Posted in: Riots in Belgium, Netherlands after Morocco's win at World Cup See in context

@casadeoctane. Some of the cheaper models of electric scooter have been known to burst into flames when recharging, especially if they have been tinkered with. In the UK fire brigades have issued warnings.

Nothing wrong with supporting the country of your birth in sport, even when you migrate. It's normal to feel an allegiance to both.

I didn't see the Morocco game, but the surprise result wasn't that surprising. Belgium were poor v. Canada. If the Canadians could have hit a barn door, they would have easily won. Some of the Belgian side are getting on a bit and lack pace. FIFA rankings aren't the best form guide.

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Posted in: Shanghai hit by COVID protests as anger spreads across China See in context

Xi has made a rod for his own back. The Chinese people must know that they are facing permanent homeprisonment if they do not initiate a change of leader. If Xi has erased all other factions, this may become a real bloodbath. As with the invasion of Ukraine, you remove the leader (Putin) or lots of people die. The West/Ukraine chose the latter option. We will now see how things go in China. Ironically, Taiwanese voters have just pivoted to China, which would normally have been a major win for Xi. Tricky thing, dictatorship.

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Posted in: Taiwan president quits as party head after China threat bet fails to win votes See in context

China may not need to invade. It may be invited in. The Americans will need to clone Taiwanese chipmaking soon, or China might lock them out of the supply chain.

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Posted in: Doggone: Wet pet food 'seven times worse' for climate than dry See in context

I don't have any pets, but the hedgehogs (now hibernating) and foxes are fed a dry mix formulated for the hogs. Hogs have quite specific dietary needs so be careful what you feed them. Any leftovers are eaten by birds, although the foxes often lick the bowl clean. The squirrels and birds eat peanuts and seed. Buying in bulk saves money and packaging. What packaging there is, is recycled. Buy peanuts from reputable suppliers to ensure that they have been tested for aflatoxins.

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Posted in: The work involved in carrying dishes to tables is of no value to customers, so robots can do the work instead. See in context

Server interaction is key to the dining experience. You are being waited on. Someone is taking your request, answering your questions about the items on the menu - what is it, allergies etc, maybe helping someone choose, informing the kitchen of any particular requirements, making sure you get them in good order, ensuring that your glass is topped up and you have enough water, making sure the food is OK and co-ordinating your bill in a polite and friendly manner. They are the human face and customer interface of a dining establishment.

If you order by app and are served by a robot, beyond the initial novelty, you may as well stay at home and stick something in the microwave. It will beep when it is ready.

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Posted in: Fujitsu, Wakayama Medical University start joint trials for millimeter-wave sensor to detect falls of elderly patients See in context

When you get old you get frail and your bones become more fragile. Basic bodily functions become difficult and often painful. You may also lose control over some of them. This often begins in your 50s and just gets worse. Arthritis and rheumatism can make any movement painful, so government imposed exercise would be torture for many. Your eyesight may degrade as well as your teeth, hearing, memory and other cognitive faculties. There are a host of other conditions that accompany old age, such as oedema and tinnitus. Society often ignores the needs of older people as it is doing with the move to apps, which many elderly people find difficult or impossible to cope with. Isolation is common. Your finances may be gutted or sequestrated if you require care. Abuse of the elderly by carers is not unusual, as caring is a low paid job. And you will be reliant on others as your mobility and balance declines. Even cutting your own toenails may become impossible.

Hospital care that reduces the pain and discomfort of the elderly is not a waste of money. When you get old, you may find you agree. I suspect old age is more painful in Japan, where opiate-based painkillers are not available OTC.

It is perhaps the best example of enlightened self-interest to not smoke, to moderate your diet and to exercise regularly when younger, so that you do not enter old age overweight or in poorer health than you might be.

The only alternative to the horrors of old age is of course worse - dying young.

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Posted in: World making little progress on food waste, a big climate problem See in context

Buy what you eat, and eat what you buy. It's not rocket science.

I dispose of peelings in the compost bin. The odd bun that goes hard feeds the birds. And that is pretty much it. My food waste wouldn't fill a 35 gallon cart in a year.

Lazy people outsourcing their problems to the government is not the solution. Do you want your government to send someone round to do your washing up for you as well? Pathetic.

The only thing that reduces this is individuals behaving responsibly. And maybe making American fridges smaller, so they are not treated as extensions of grocery shops, to select food from.

Getting rid of BBDs isn't the best solution. UK supermarkets used to donate food near its BBD to food banks. Now they just keep on selling it, so the food banks are running short.

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Posted in: Cheshmi's late goal gives Iran to 2-0 win over Wales See in context

Hennessey's challenge wasn't quite as bad as Schumacher on Battiston, but it was dangerous. And daft. Definite red. Surprised it needed VAR. It gave Iran - who played better than Wales - the extra space to win it. Not sure whether they kept Bale quiet or he had an off day. Wales played much better in the second half v. the USA. Carlos Queiroz presumably took note of that performance when preparing his tactics. I thought Jahanbakhsh's yellow card was a bit harsh, ruling him out v. the US. Premiership viewers will recall his memorable goals for Brighton.

It was a cracking game. Very tight. It can't be easy being an Iranian footballer. They may have family at home, vulnerable to state threats for any protest. Hopefully their success will help protect them.

This group is not a done deal yet.

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Posted in: Sluggish England frustrated in U.S. stalemate See in context

Maguire, not Maquire.

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Posted in: Sluggish England frustrated in U.S. stalemate See in context

Did England have Covid? Jet lag? Or were they just on strike? I was still waiting for them to start playing when the final whistle blew.

That was probably the worst performance since Iceland. It beggars belief that 11 professional footballers, most being £50m+ premiership players, can step on to a football pitch and play like that. And it had little to do with opposition - the US played much better in the first half v. Wales.

Nothing of value from Southgate. No change of tactics at half time, if there were any tactics - none were visible. They should have had a bollocking in the break that they would remember on their death beds, but nothing. Zip. Then the trademark far-too-late subs. No use of Foden either. Pathetic from those on the pitch and the manager.

Credit to Pickford for yelling at them to try and motivate them - Southgate doesn't. And to the much maligned Harry Maquire, who did his job, when nobody around him was doing their's.

I'd love it if a hack asked Southgate straight out, 'why was such a talented team so rubbish?' but I doubt they would. England do need to win the group, as they have been awful all Summer. The 6-2 v Iran was out of character. And the English FA should refund the fans' money. Unlike the team, they turned up.

Ironically, even though Wales got beaten by Iran, their game was a fabulous spectacle. It had everything the England game didn't, with both sides giving it their best from start to finish.

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Posted in: Thousands of British nurses to stage first strikes on Dec 15, 20 See in context

Brexit hammered NHS staffing levels.

The UK is suffering so badly from retail/energy inflation because Brexit took sterling down from $1.65 to $1.21.

Energy, tech and most foods are priced in USD. So the decline of sterling turbo charged inflation, which led to an increase in interest rates, increasing mortgage rates.

UK domestic production is declining because of poultry culls and the loss of migrant workers on farms.

This is not down to Putin or Covid. The British government broke the British economy. You can understand why Scotland want independence. If the Tories ran your country, you would too.

The Tories think they are temporarily unpopular. The truth is, they are widely hated by the British public for what they have done. Even the pro-Brexit lobby despise them for failing to deliver the 'utopia' they thought they were going to get.

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Posted in: China's 'iPhone city' under COVID lockdown after violent clashes See in context

The difference here from the brutal take down of HK protestors is that it is quite difficult to be an effective government stormtrooper whilst wearing a hazmat suit.

But if they give the CCP goons clearance to beat citizens up without protection, they are exposing their con.

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Posted in: Walmart shooting raises need for violence prevention at work See in context

The 'arms race' mentality will kick in here.

In response to violent incidents, workplace surveillance policies will be rolled out, everyone monitoring everyone else.

In response to such policies, violent individuals will make a greater effort to appear relaxed and happy. Maybe everyone will, for fear of losing their job if they lose their temper. Voicing concerns about someone may become a new method of workplace bullying/office politics.

Of course just getting rid of all the guns would be far too cheap and sensible.

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Posted in: As climate change progresses, trees in cities struggle See in context

Pollarding and coppicing can prolong the life of a tree, but how often (and how aggressively) you do it depends on the species, the circumstances and the individual trees.

We need to lose the biopuritanical mantra of 'native species only' and plant species that will survive the climate we are going to get. That is especially important for trees. We assist migration because the climate may change faster than less mobile species can cope with.

It is always wise to be wary of invasive species, but if we need a lot of resilient greenery, we may end up relying on some invasive flora in the future, especially if they are edible. Invasive species are invasive because they are resilient. That works for fauna too. Those attempting to rid the UK of grey squirrels are unlikely to see reds move south again and re-establish, given the changing climate. They will just wipe a species out from a chunk of the country.

The use of stadium air con in Qatar is interesting. We may be able to use that in urban areas to alter the temperature and humidity at specific times, to reduce heatstroke, fire risks and drought damage. In the meantime, getting local councils or volunteers to water urban trees at night in droughts is an option.

We need far better excess rain capture and many more reservoirs, for individual farms and for irrigating wild areas, to reduce drought death and wildfires.

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Posted in: UK university staff, Scottish teachers, postal workers begin walkouts See in context

I wish the government would go on strike. Everything the Tories have done in power has been toxic and damaging to the UK, its economy and its citizens.

Education strikes aren't a problem. Nobody in this country has much of a future anyway, so why bother?

Sterling has been trashed leading to rampant inflation and rising mortgage rates. The economy has been trashed. The NHS is falling apart. The BBC is widely distrusted. Almost everyone is on strike or going to go on strike. The supermarket shelves have gaps as things vanish from the supply chain. Businesses close. Now we are expected to patriotically freeze in the winter because the government has spent years failing to build a green energy infrastructure. Perhaps hatred will keep us warm - hatred of the lying failures in government who completely ruined the UK in just a few years.

The one thing we have to look forward to is voting them into political oblivion at the next election. Their replacements won't be any better, but it will still feel good seeing the Tories wiped out.

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Posted in: Apple Inc supplier Foxconn's China plant hit by fresh worker unrest-social media See in context

Foxconn is a Taiwanese company not a Chinese one, and owns Sharp.

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