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Posted in: Man's body found in Nagano field See in context

What a bizarre story...

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Posted in: 'Exhausted' Kanye West hospitalized; cancels tour after bizarre rants See in context

How can he keep denying he has a mental illness? There is something wrong with him and it's not just exhaustion.

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Posted in: Film '13th' traces path from slavery to U.S. mass incarceration See in context

As the article states, black men comprise 6.6% of the US population. However, the FBI statistics show that black men commit over 50% of all the murders in the US. "...so, what do you do about it?" One way to reduce the number of black men in prison is for black men to stop committing crime<

Can you hear the whoosh sound as things go right over your head or what?? The issue isn't about black men committing crime. Black men commit crime. White men commit crime. Asians, hispanics, etc., The issue is that black men are targeted more by law enforcement. The issue is that there is an institutionalized racism that sees more black men arrested, prosecuted and imprisoned than any other race. They get singled out easily and have longer prison sentences. And over any of that, there is a REASON why black communities see more crime.

There is institutionalized racism that makes it harder for black people to leave poor communities, attend good schools, get respectable jobs and so on. So your "stop committing crime" idea isn't easy. They're stuck in a lifestyle where bad things happen. White people took them from their homes, beat and raped them, forced them into hard labor and then set them free in the world with absolutely nothing. No money, no land, no respect, no understanding, no sense of belonging, NOTHING. We took everything and gave NOTHING. And people like you can sit there and act like they're equals when deep down you're holding racist thoughts. You can act like they're "free" now and not even try to understand why black communities are the way they are. You can act like it's all the fault of black people that their communities are rife with crime and not try to help or care or even sympathize. You can say "its been 150 years since slavery ended eyeroll" and absolve yourself of any wrongdoing. And that, in a nutshell, is privilege.

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