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Posted in: Trump tests negative for coronavirus See in context

No matter how incompetent Trump proves himself to be his cult followers will always amazingly gaslight themselves into believing the idiot is being treated unfairly.

Like it or not, Trump’s bungled this. His incompetence, unbelievable.

“Leadership: Whatever happens, you're responsible. If it doesn't happen, you're responsible.” Donald J. Trump 2013

That didn’t age well at all.

On the lag in testing ““No, I don’t take responsibility at all because...” Donald J. Trump 2020

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Posted in: Trump stirs Mideast tensions despite talk of 'endless wars' See in context

We know for a fact that Trump believes wars help incumbents win re-election

Donald J. Trump

@BarackObama will attack Iran in the not too distant future because it will help him win the election. If the…

> “Our president will start a war with Iran because he has absolutely no ability to negotiate. He's weak and he's ineffective. So the only way he figures that he's going to get reelected — and as sure as you're sitting there — is to start a war with Iran.”

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Posted in: Trump impeachment hearings focus on Ukraine pressure campaign See in context

Bill Taylor and George Kent, like Yovanovitch, are a credit to the Department of State. These are the professionals out there actually serving our country. We can be proud to have them. Shame we can’t have folks of the same caliber in the White House or even in Congress. Trump’s not even fit to hold their water.

The American public is getting really bored with this, they can’t really tell the difference between Russia and the Ukraine 

Maybe so but Bill and George explained it pretty well. Our national interest is to support Ukraine against an aggressive, belligerent Russia. All the more reason for Republicans to stop muddying the waters to defend the Orange turd and start putting country before party, or political expediency.

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Posted in: Envoy testifies Trump tied Ukraine aid to politically motivated investigations See in context

in view of the source (extremely credible witness), what was layed out, the corroborating evidence this is pretty damning. Not one. but 2 quid pro quo’s pretty well established now.

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Posted in: Turkey pounds Syrian border towns, sparking exodus See in context

U.S. President Donald Trump, whose order to pull back U.S. troops from the border this week effectively triggered the invasion, said Washington would now seek to broker a truce.

what? Either Trump green lit this or he got rolled by Erdogan. Now he wants to mediate? Abysmal incompetence.

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Posted in: Ex-U.S. envoy to Ukraine tells impeachment inquiry Trump ousted her based on 'false claims' See in context

So, when’s Bill Taylor up?

“As I said on the phone, I think it’s crazy to withhold security assistance for help with a political campaign,”

“Are we now saying that security assistance and [White House] meeting are conditioned on investigations?”

Bill Taylor - top diplomat after Yovanovitch; widely respected, career diplomat

“...Call me”

Gordon Sondland (political appointee who donated 1 million dollars to Trump’s inaugural committee)

from everything that’s come out only complete simpleton would believe that Trump was really just trying to fight corruption. I challenge any Trump supporter to state it was not about his political rival it was about corruption.

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Posted in: Ex-U.S. envoy to Ukraine tells impeachment inquiry Trump ousted her based on 'false claims' See in context

So she wasn’t disparaging the president in a foreign country and telling people not to do what they were ordered to do?

wow... If that’s really the best you guys can muster as a comeback argument to what the ambassador has laid out you’re really out of gas.

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Posted in: Top aide to U.S. Secretary of State Pompeo resigns See in context

It’s a pity that we’re losing someone like McKinley. He has a stellar reputation within the service as a professional, straight arrow and a good person.

Not sure on what basis anyone would call McKinley a “deep swamper”?

Its like amb. Yovanovitch said, the service is being hollowed out. We’re losing good people.

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Posted in: Trump allies in disarray as Democrats push impeachment See in context

More than enough evidence to kick off an impeachment inquiry.

isn’t this exactly what Trump and co. were goading Democrats to do?

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Posted in: Large chunk of border wall funding diverted from tiny Guam See in context

Trump firsters are okay to put the lives of American servicemen and women at risk for Trump's vanity project.

Delayed Projects that Trump firsters are okay with:

*" They include potentially hazardous living conditions for troops and their families, as well as unsafe schools that would impede learning. In numerous cases, the Defense Department warned that lives would be put at risk if buildings don’t meet the military’s standards for fire safety or management of explosives."*

"One of the military facilities — a 1957 structure on the Portsmouth, Va., shipyard known as “Building #510” — had been cited for numerous “life safety violations” that threatened the well-being of hundreds of workers if not heavily renovated,"

By saying Congress should backfill these budgets, essentially an end run around congress, Trump firsters are also saying they're okay for Congress abdicating it's constitutional role of controlling the purse. If Congress had meant to fund the wall it would have.

You want the money? Get Congress to vote for it. That's the way it works.

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Posted in: Large chunk of border wall funding diverted from tiny Guam See in context

So I guess if the next Democrat president uses military funds for whatever they is an emergency (climate change related, gun control...) and for which Congress didn’t vote funds for then I’m sure the same people who say it’s okay to divert now won’t object

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Posted in: U.S. House Democrats subpoena Pompeo for Ukraine documents See in context

Drip, drip, drip, hope they have the courage to impeach the.

So cute the wild-eyed defence of the orange couch potato by the Trump no-matter-whaters. You really have to be so invested in this guy that even just what we know from the summary transcript doesn't strike you has indefensible conduct by a president. It's incredible.

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Posted in: Russian foreign minster: West out of step, can't accept its decline See in context

Doesn’t Russia have a law that imposes 5 year prison sentences for those who “promote” separatism? Russia fans it elsewhere, represses it at home. Got it

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Posted in: Seeking favors, Trump asked Ukraine president to investigate Biden See in context

Not even a complete transcript, nor the detail of the whistleblower complaint and there’s enough there to impeach.

Trump supporter (pathetic) spinning of an act where they’d certainly call to impeach a Democrat president... priceless!

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Posted in: U.S. House to launch Trump impeachment inquiry over Ukraine controversy See in context

Long past due for impeachment proceedings. Whether the Republican held Senate would convict should be irrelevant to the House. Whether this will blow back politically should be irrelevant. This shouldn’t be a political calculation. This president, in plain sight, has committed impeachable offenses and there’s good reason to believe more during Ukrainegate. The House must proceed because it’s the right thing to do. Otherwise the Orange egomaniac would be right to believe he could literally shoot someone in the middle of 5th Avenue in broad daylight and get away with it.

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Posted in: Trump ousts hawkish Bolton, dissenter on foreign policy See in context

Iran progressively breaking out of their nuclear deal commitments... Trump making the world safer, yeah, right only the lala land bubble.

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Posted in: Trump ousts hawkish Bolton, dissenter on foreign policy See in context

Unsurprisingly, on CNN, they this as another reasong to lambast Trump.

Trump. Hired. Bolton. In the first place. Capable managers hire the right people for the job in the first place... not because they say nice things about you on tv.

Yes, he should be lambasted.

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Posted in: Trump ousts hawkish Bolton, dissenter on foreign policy See in context

For firing...

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Posted in: Trump ousts hawkish Bolton, dissenter on foreign policy See in context

Trump should get credit for hiring a whack-job he shouldn’t have hired in the first place? Priceless. What a dumpster fire of an administration.

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Posted in: Trump displays incorrectly altered map of Hurricane Dorian path See in context

This is shake your head silly. Too petty to admit he goofed, he doubles down on lying about it and not just lying, clownish lies. This goof is losing his marbles.

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Posted in: McConnell says he's waiting for Trump to chart path on gun violence legislation See in context

Doing (sic) the Obama reign they didn’t do anything to curb gun violence or find ways to help mentally deranged people or build healthcare facilities to commit these people either.

Again. And more clearly for you, there is no link between the levels of gun violence we have in the United States and levels of mental illnesses treatment of mental illness in our population. If you can point to a study that says the contrary, put up or...

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Posted in: McConnell says he's waiting for Trump to chart path on gun violence legislation See in context

»There is no factual link between mental illness and violence against others. In fact, people with mental health disorders are more likely to be victims of a violent crime (up to 10 times more likely than the general population) than the perpetrators »

It is the wide availablility of guns not any issues with mental healthcare that is related to the high gun violence rates. Period.

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Posted in: Greenland fallout: Trump scolds Denmark over rejection See in context

Ordinary Danes shook their heads at the news, with many calling Trump immature.

They’re right of course but, you know...

“The Virgin Islands were in 1917.”

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Posted in: Canada's Trudeau under pressure after Britain revokes citizenship of 'Jihadi Jack' See in context

We (westerners) should take responsibility for our jihadis . Not right to leave our garbage for the already overburdened Kurds to deal with. Take em back but them on trial as an example for others.

If “It is a crime to travel internationally with a goal of supporting terrorism or engaging in terrorism and that is a crime that we will continue to make all attempts to prosecute to the fullest extent of the law," then do so.

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Posted in: Warren apologizes for heritage claim; woos Native Americans See in context

Warren really doesn’t need to apologize. She never claimed tribal membership, the touch issue for native Americans, Cherokee nation, so much as a Native American ancestor.

You want faux outrage, and laughable double standards read any Trump supporter chime-in on this.

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Posted in: Trump tries to distance himself from 'send her back' rally chant; many Republicans alarmed See in context

President Donald Trump tried to distance himself on Thursday from supporters' chants of "send her back" at a rally 

if you want an example of a shutting down a racist that was John McCain in ‘08. This president did no such thing. “Distancing “ himself... oh please.

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Posted in: Leaked UK memo says Trump axed Iran deal to spite Obama See in context

Darroch aka Captain Obvious.

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Posted in: Trump assails Britain's May, ambassador to U.S. who called his administration 'inept' See in context

Anyone recall the Wikileaks Cablegate when US diplomatic cables were leaked;

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Posted in: Trump assails Britain's May, ambassador to U.S. who called his administration 'inept' See in context

London should’ve recalled Darroch right away. With the leak of those cables he is, through no fault of his, now unable to do his job.

The old Russian joke about the dissident who got 20 years for writing “Khrushchev is a moron”; 1 for a vandalism and 19 for revealing a state secret. Except not exactly a state secret in this case

And Trump? How’s he handling it? Well, pretty much as you’d expect and as Darroch described ineptly... no surprise

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Posted in: U.S. Democratic candidates criticize Trump over North Korea meeting See in context

i have no problem with Trump meeting with Kim if it somehow moves things along.

Funny though, I remember when some of the current Trump cheerleaders (and Trump himself) criticized Obama when he said he was prepared to meet friend and foe without preconditions... my, weren’t they full of it, then and now.

Trump’s certainly learned since it wasn’t as easy as he kept bleating..

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