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Posted in: France's Macron slapped in the face while greeting crowd See in context

Unacceptable in any democracy. The penalty should be severe.

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Posted in: With ambassador picks, Biden faces donor vs diversity test See in context

As a candidate, Biden declined to rule out appointing political donors to ambassadorships

A mistake - we should do away with appointing political donors.

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Posted in: Belgium police, partiers clash over virus restrictions See in context

It was not an "illegal party", it was a demonstration for basic human rights

Actually, it was an illegal party “La Boum 2”intended as a political demonstration, a political act of protest against the measures taken by the government.

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Posted in: Senate acquits Trump as Republicans save him See in context

Guilty, as the case was so clearly made.

But acquitted as we all knew he would be. The result for Republicans? Not really a win. Republicans in Congress shown up for the invertebrates they are. Their spinelessness has cost them the opportunity to excise the Trump cancer that’ll continue eating them up. Nice.

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Posted in: Russia rejects Western criticism over Navalny's prison term See in context

Navalny is probably an FSB double agent whom the Kremlin uses to bring out potential trouble makers in protests

Not credible even from just an evidence-free, speculative perspective ;(which is what you’re offering of course).

The FSB can do this without raising one person to this degree and galvanizing opposition.

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Posted in: Moscow court orders Kremlin foe Navalny to prison See in context

Biden should take Navalny’s advice and squeeze Putin’s oligarch buddies. Ramp up the sanctions.

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Posted in: China legal rights activist missing after being stopped at airport See in context

The Biden regime is issuing executive orders so fast they are giving the China’s and Russia’s of the world a strong challenge for the title of greatest threat to Democracy.

You must be confused. Americans voted out your proto-authoritarian in a landslide.

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Posted in: Biden threatens U.S. sanctions in response to Myanmar coup See in context

Other than that and looking back I think the war was a huge mistake.

Hilarious, like no one here was around for the years you and Serrano first cheerled the attack on Iraq, rah-rahed the war, then defended it for years after only finally “looking back” when Trump called it a mistake

So, yeah, you do change position depending on who is in office.

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Posted in: Sanction Putin's inner circle to trigger Kremlin infighting, says Navalny ally See in context

Urged the West to hit President Vladimir Putin's inner circle with personal sanctions, predicting the move could trigger potentially destabilizing infighting among Russia's elite.

the USG should immediately target these elites. Should’ve done this before. Should do this now.

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Posted in: Russia moves to isolate Navalny allies See in context

Putin has denied that the authorities tried to poison him and said Russian agents would have finished the job if they had wanted him dead.

Well, after the botched initial attempt, Navalny dying later on in “suspicious” circumstances would be difficult for the St Petersburg IRA farm boys to spin as anything else the outright assassination sanctioned by the Kremlin.

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Posted in: Kremlin accuses U.S. of meddling in its affairs, but says it is ready to talk See in context

The embassy, in emailed comments, said such warnings were a"common and routine practice" of many countries' diplomatic missions.

Yep. Very common practice. If there were a march or demonstration announced or planned in London, Paris or Berlin, the respective embassies in this countries would issue such warning without the host countries thinking anything of it.

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Posted in: Biden lays out plans for COVID-19 testing, vaccinations and masks See in context

Before Biden’s purely symbolic gesture.

Even if we’re, If it encourages more people to wear masks that don’t wear them now, it saves lives.

It really is that simple idea to grasp and get onboard with unless it’s just about taking pot shots at the guy who actually won the election.

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Posted in: Russian police round up allies of Kremlin foe Navalny in protest warning See in context

Wonder if any of these arrested will bizarrely jump out of a window while in custody again...

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Posted in: McConnell seeks to push Trump impeachment trial to February See in context

While a handful of Senate Republicans have indicated they are open to conviction, most have said they believe a trial will be divisive and questioned the legality of trying a president after he has left office.

And most of them would like to see Trump convicted and disqualified from running again but would rather have Democrats do it for them...

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Posted in: N Korea holds huge military parade as Kim vows nuclear might See in context

What? Thought your guy Trump had solved this? Was going to be so easy.

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Posted in: Trump says he will not attend Biden's inauguration See in context

But adults realize they’re responsible for their own actions.

Intelligent adults can understand the concept of divided responsibility. She’s responsible for her actions. Trump for his.

Trump doesn’t seem to realize that. Had he not incited this riot she would likely be alive, the police officer would likely be alive

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Posted in: Man who sat at Pelosi's desk faces charges; FBI probes officer's death See in context

Perhaps the offices of top government officials shouldn't be guarded by weak kneed keystone cops 

We don’t really go for the Berkut/GRU solution.

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Posted in: Trump says he will not attend Biden's inauguration See in context

A unarmed white female protester was killed by the police.

Tragic. And Trump bears responsibility for all the lives lost including that of the police officer.

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Posted in: Trump says his term is ending; transition will be orderly See in context

Impeach him again. No pardons. Time to put this dumpster fire of a presidency behind us and rebuild.

ironically, the first day we can truly start working on “making America great” again... is the day he’s out .

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Posted in: 4 dead after Trump supporters storm U.S. Capitol, forcing Senate to evacuate See in context

Only one person “owns” this - Trump.

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Posted in: Warnock, Ossoff win in Georgia, handing Senate control to Democrats See in context

Now to get started, end the filibuster, stack the courts, DC statehood.

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Posted in: Thousands march in Belarus opposition rally in Minsk See in context

Why there are no "alleged, falsely claimed" or other similar adjectives MSM always attach to Trump's claims of massive fraud?

Ummm... That’s what the word “accusation” in “.who was re-elected despite accusations of massive fraud” is.

And there’s no dearth of evidence supporting that accusation against Lukashenko unlike Trump’s claims.

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Posted in: GOP to let Trump fight election for weeks despite Biden's win See in context

In short, the outcome hasn't been decided yet and can still go either way.

not likely

The media don’t purport to decide. They report the results as shared by election officials. As they have in previous elections. As is their job.

oh, and Trump himself prematurely declared himself the winner... I guess that was reckless? Will Trump look the fool “if” Biden wins?

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Posted in: GOP to let Trump fight election for weeks despite Biden's win See in context

2020 Presidential elections “There is no electoral fraud in the United States.”

There is no EVIDENCE of electoral fraud in the United States

Judge Diamond: Are your observers in the counting room?

Trump lawyer: There's a non zero number of people in the room

Judge Diamond: I’m asking you as a member of the bar of this court: are people representing the Donald J Trump for president, representing the plaintiffs, in that room?the

Trump lawyer: Yes.

Judge Diamond: I'm sorry, then what's your problem?

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Posted in: GOP to let Trump fight election for weeks despite Biden's win See in context

Meh, okay. Have at it GOP. Knock yourselves out. So far we’ve seen all the allegations of fraud debunked and laughed out of court. Waste of Trump supporter donations.

McConnell and Republicans in Congress are so afraid of Trump 

Sums up the why. They’re afraid of Trump and don’t want to piss off Trump voters in Georgia ahead of the run offs.

The country deserves a free and fair election.

We had one. Freer than elections in say, Russia for instance...

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Posted in: What next for Trump? Golf, Twitter and maybe another run? See in context

Prison time.

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Posted in: Nations long targeted by U.S. chide Trump’s claims of fraud See in context

Doe the evidence exist and where can we see it?

If there were any evidence we’d have seen it. There isn’t. This is just the standard gas-lighting that has become the hallmark of this presidency and Trump party. It’s a ploy to delegitimize the election so they can overturn the results some other way if needs be; throw out valid votes, get the PA Republican legislature to override the people’s vote and select electors for Trump.

All the so-called cases of fraud they come up with have been quickly and easily debunked.

To be clear - ZERO EVIDENCE OF FRAUD in the vote count

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Posted in: Trump backers converge on vote centers in Michigan, Arizona See in context

stop the count.....of votes received after election day.

Because by now, everything received before the deadline should have been counted.

PA Rules say they can and, like it or not, PA gets to decide their rules. Not you. Not Trump.

And rules say they count legal ballots from eligible voters postmarked Nov 3 received up to 3 days after Election Day. Like some other states - Kentucky..

november 3rd isn’t a magical date that the counting needs to be done by.

i suspect you know this.

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Posted in: U.S. says Russian hackers targeting state, local networks See in context

Since both the CCP and Russia would be happy with a corrup Biden presidency, that accusation is a bit of a contradiction in terms...

You mean rather than a corrupt and incompetent Trump presidency? Russia wins first of all by generating dissension and by delegitimizing our electoral process. They get the extra win by getting their preferred candidate, and there’s no mistake that’s it’s Trump. He’s the guy who is taking down the country in too many ways to count.

We knew from previous election cycles they were going to interfere again. If Trump really thought the Russians were going to support Biden he would’ve taken the measures he’s so far failed to. Says it all.

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Posted in: U.S. says Russian hackers targeting state, local networks See in context

More evidence, not that any is needed, that this president will do nothing to protect our electoral process from foreign interference if it’s to his benefit.

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