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Posted in: Putin's call-up fuels Russians' anger, protests and violence See in context

Dagestan, as well as the Siberian region of Buryatia, are among several regions where there are complaints that a disproportionate number of ethnic minorities have been deployed to fight and have died in Ukraine.

So, it begins. Moscow, yet again putting the burden on the ethnic minorities and outer regions. It didn’t work so well for them in the past. Let’s see how well that works for them now

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Posted in: Swastika-wearing gunman kills 13 at Russian school See in context

Sounds like Russia should focus on their own Neo-Nazis.

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Posted in: Kremlin stages votes in Ukraine; sees protests in Russia See in context

Russophobe propaganda.

I recall that same lame protestations about western reporting when the US shared intelligence of Putin intention to invade Ukraine... Anytime Russian outrages and crimes are reported it’s just gaslighting and whiny protestations of “Russophobia”.

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Posted in: Kremlin stages votes in Ukraine; sees protests in Russia See in context

the head of a top state-controlled TV station harshly criticized military authorities for hastily sweeping up random people to meet mobilization targets instead of calling up people with specific skills and recent military service, as Putin promised.

Ouch .. but but but that’s not the narrative pro-Putinist posters have been peddling here. Heh heh

Anyway, looks like they getting ready to saddle all the blame for the fiasco (still all going to plan?) on the Russian military

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Posted in: Russia starts annexation vote in parts of Ukraine See in context

If Western powers didn't openly support the ultra right coup in 2014, this wouldn't have happened.

Still just a fake narrative. Amazingly, it seems Russia may have even believed its own fake narrative; explains why they were so shocked when Ukrainians actually fought back and didn’t welcome Russians as liberators; why Russia was only prepared for a few days war.

As we all know, the real reason is that Putin couldn’t abide a democratizing, west leaning Ukraine on its border. That would threaten his own authoritarian rule.

Moral of the story - it’s dangerous to believe your own gaslighting. Hundreds of thousands of Russians and Ukrainians have paid the price for that.

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Posted in: Russia starts annexation vote in parts of Ukraine See in context

Sham just like the Crimean referendum was. Pretty transparent ploy to be able to send conscripts.

And, as mentioned in the article, Russia doesn’t even fully control these areas, much of the pre-war population has fled, and already evidence of heavy-handed tactics to generate turn out for the photo ops (their actual vote isn’t even necessary of course).

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Posted in: Ukrainian president says burial site contains torture victims See in context

“All these traces of war crimes are now carefully documented by us. And we know from the experience of Bucha that the worst crimes can only be exposed over time,” 

Yep, and every last bit of it will eventually come to the light of day.

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Posted in: Ukraine medic describes Russian torture See in context

Russia has not responded to the allegations. Both the United Nations and the international Red Cross say they have been denied access to prisoners.

Russia should be pariah among nations.

…their theory that it was Russia who murdered the civilians in Bucha because Russia is willing to openly commit such crimes.

Not a theory. A fact. No amount of gaslighting will change it

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Posted in: Ukraine says mass grave found in Izium where Russians ousted days ago See in context

"Mass graves are being discovered in Izium after liberation from the (Russians)" 

They’ll find evidence of atrocities everywhere they liberate.

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Posted in: Blinken unveils $2 bil in new U.S. military aid for Europe See in context

Thursday's contributions bring total U.S. aid to Ukraine to $15.2 billion since Biden took office. U.S. officials said the new commitments were intended to show that American support for the country in the face of Russia's invasion is unwavering.

It’s an okay start. The US needs to stay the course as long as necessary.

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Posted in: Macron vows to prevent Russia from winning war in Ukraine See in context

Russia has already won.

Sure. Fingers crossed it keeps on “winning” like this…

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Posted in: Russian forces leave Snake Island; keep up eastern assault See in context

With, no doubt, air support courtesy of a video game.

Nah, with the support of CAESAR howitzers courtesy of the French.

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Posted in: Biden discusses abortion access options with Democratic governors See in context

Each state will now determine whether the procedure can be performed.

so, vote. Don’t like your state’s stance? Vote.

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Posted in: Russian forces leave Snake Island; keep up eastern assault See in context

And that why when the US overthrew the last democratically elected government of Ukraine and installed a ruthless, aggressive regime instead…

Pure Kremlin gaslighting.

The Ukrainians showed they were ready to stand up for themselves then. Russia didn’t take the hint and was absolutely shocked when they invaded for the 3rd time and the Ukrainians again fought back. Plan A was a disaster.

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Posted in: NATO deems Russia its most significant and direct threat See in context

Well, son, Russia entered Ukraine to stop the genocide of in Donbass, stop neo-Nazi groups hassling, beating, torturing and in cases murdering Russian speaking Ukrainians, and most importantly, to stop NATO expansion to its borders. 

Geez. These Putin propaganda fictional pretexts again. They’ve been so thoroughly debunked. There was no genocide in the Donbas. No repression of Russian-speaking Ukrainians. And certainly was not to stop NATO expansion or put down “neo-Nazis”.

Putin’s been quite clear about why he’s actually invaded Ukraine; every iota of this human tragedy lies with Russia. mots doing all the raping, murdering, kidnapping, spoliation, destruction of all Ukrainians.

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Posted in: Dozens missing after Russian missile strike on mall kills 18 See in context

Russian claims disproved:

Claim: The shopping centre was 'non-functioning'

Enough evidence to the contrary - Video, witnesses show the mall was operating. Online easy to find

Claim: The bombing of a weapons depot spread fire to the shopping centre

Video of the missile strike on the mall itself. Distance between factory and mall also make it an unlikely claim .

Claim: The attack was 'staged' or a 'provocation'

bizarre Claim that contradicts their above claims - and think back to the thoroughly debunked Russian claims about Bucha murders and maternity hospital in Mariupol. And no evidence offered by Russia

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Posted in: Dozens missing after Russian missile strike on mall kills 18 See in context

So, to be clear, witness accounts and independent expert analysis have proven all Russian statements about the strike on mall as false as they pretty much always are. No surprise there.

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Posted in: Biden to beef up U.S. military presence in Europe See in context

The U.S. has been building up its presence since shortly before the Russian invasion in late February, adding about 20,000 troops to the 80,000 who were previously in Europe.

We need to take US troop numbers in Europe back to late 1980’s levels.

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Posted in: Finland, Sweden submit NATO membership application See in context

Joining NATO, or even just talking about it, is what will turn their countries into targets. Why are they doing it? 

You answered your own question. If “just talking about it” puts you in jeopardy from a powerful neighbor then an alliance with others is the smart play. NATO borders are the red line.

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Posted in: Rescue mission under way at Azovstal steelworks in Ukraine as hundreds evacuated See in context

Their doing so, at the orders of the Kiev regime no less, is an implicit recognition of the existence of an independent state of Donetsk by those who swore to crush the Donetsk rebellion

No, not really. Ordering a surrender to russian surrogates, whatever they call themselves, doesn’t create any kind of recognition, not even implicit.

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Posted in: Once-neutral Sweden seeks NATO membership in historic shift See in context

I would argue that Russian soldiers in Ukraine since February have committed vast more, and vastly more horrible, war crimes than NATO

Can you provide proof of that claim?

Thats not especially difficult, unfortunately.

Bucha… just for one. no lack of evidence there

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Posted in: Once-neutral Sweden seeks NATO membership in historic shift See in context


Yep. And now Russians and Ukrainians and the world are paying for putin believing his own propaganda

Certainly explains how the MSM can control the minds of many.

Well, Russian MSM anyway. Not much there than state propaganda these days. Finally stomped everything else out, right?

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Posted in: Finland's leaders call for NATO membership 'without delay' See in context

OK Georgia (not US state!) also want some security, as a result they got a disaster. 

Leaders of Ukraine (biggest state in Europe) also want "some security" they received... full disaster.

Neither of these countries are NATO members. Good job highlighting why Finland and Sweden would be much better off as members.

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Posted in: Finland's leaders call for NATO membership 'without delay' See in context

Lot of NATO officers are involved in this conflict.

If only. I wouldn’t have a problem with that at all. What evidence do you have?

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Posted in: Ukraine opens first war crimes trial of captured Russian See in context

He said Ukraine was ready to hand the bodies over to Russia, but so far there has been no agreement to do so.

Of course Russia doesn’t want the bodies of their own soldiers back. They’re only so much worthless cannon fodder to them and a liability in their internal propaganda campaign.

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Posted in: Kremlin warns of retaliation after Finland moves toward NATO See in context

Putin, not the master strategist after all.

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Posted in: Belarus president says he didn't expect Russia's Ukraine 'operation' to drag on so long See in context

Method B: Careful, surgical, yet steady progress to keep civilians out of harm's way as much as possible.

Method B is certainly slower and causes much higher military casualties for the liberating army and is not so exciting to watch, but it's the best route to take.

Presumably, you’re not claiming that’s the approach Russian invaders have adopted when clearly it’s not.

I guess you’d have to talk about Method C, that is try a quick coup de main, and utterly fail. Then resort to destruction of infrastructure, wholesale looting of assets, deliberate targeting of civilians, kidnap, murder, torture, rape them. Deportation of civilians. Elimination of anyone suspect.

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Posted in: Biden, Mexican president confer on migration, other issues See in context

In Central America, he plans to speak to his counterparts about economic development and social programs that could lessen the pressure for people in those countries to migrate. He has previously urged the U.S. government to support some of his initiatives in Central America.

This is where we should be investing out resources. If we don’t tackle the pressure for people to migrate - economic, insecurity - then this flow to US border will continue.

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Posted in: NATO chief says Finland, Sweden could join quite quickly See in context


That only means you’ll find no help when it’s your turn. THAT would be a poor choice. Good thing. it’s still up to the Swedes and Finns themselves.

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Posted in: Explosions rock Kyiv again as Russians rain fire on Ukraine See in context

I care about what happens to the weapons that are given to the Nazi element of the Ukraine army that are not controlled at all by Zelensky.

A nonsense argument to do nothing since it was first trotted out.

1) they are controlled by the Ukrainian army since they were integrated as a regiment into the UAF

2) would probably be hard to supply the Azov regiment anything given where they are located now

3) even if they could be supplied doubtful they’d “hold back” the weapons for nefarious purposes against the west instead of using against Russian aggressor

4) pity really. If we could get the weapons and supplies we should

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