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Posted in: Medical examiner blames pressure on neck, not drugs, for Floyd's death See in context

So , you’re saying that the cop on his neck killed him in spite of drugs in his system,


Derick is in deep do-do.

And let’s discuss the effect upon the jury of the video of his smarmy face while he had his hands in his pockets. Obviously because he was under such threat from a hand-cuffed, prone suspect- and the whopping 6 people (2 of them were minors) that were staying on the sidewalk.

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Posted in: Gaetz faces probe by House ethics over potential misconduct See in context

Democrats loathe him, his GOP colleagues merely hate his guts.

Expulsion or resignation followed by a salacious trial, a conviction and a multi-decade sentence.

Schadenfreude, indeed.

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Posted in: Defying Beijing, U.S. loosens restrictions on Taiwan contacts See in context

Sell them any weapons system they can afford and give them the rest for free. And any transfer should include force projection systems. Hold the main land at risk and see how Beijing likes it.

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Posted in: Amazon warehouse workers reject union bid in Alabama See in context

Kind of surprised to see workers who’s working conditions are clearly inferior reject unionization, but it is Bama, so.....

I wouldn’t at all be surprised to hear that Amazon pulled some shady “persuasion” tactics.

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Posted in: Long road ahead for buyout offer, Toshiba board chair warns See in context

I can’t see regulators allowing the Crown Jewels to be pawned off to unnamed foreign investors.

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Posted in: Gaetz faces probe by House ethics over potential misconduct See in context

Or the time he committed witness intimidation on Cohen implying that info about Cohen’s mistress would cause his wife to fall into the arms of another man while Cohen was in prison (No such evidence was brought forth.)?

Yeah, that aged well.

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Posted in: COVID, Philip's no-fuss attitude mean simpler funeral plan See in context

A pretty complex figure and legacy.

A promising naval officer who gave up his career for his wife in an era when that wasn’t done (Hell, I took a bunch of crap when I put my wife’s career over mine in 98.)

A loyal member of the Royal family who didn’t like the constraining bands of the institution.

A loving husband who was a distant father.

An engaging personality who could say some cringingly insensitive things.

I cannot imagine the loss after 81 years since they first met.

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Posted in: Gaetz faces probe by House ethics over potential misconduct See in context

Matt is toast.

Smarm, self-entitlement, and criminal sex trafficking.

AND crickets from the Faux and Former guy crowd.

Wonder how smug he will look at his multi-decade sentencing?

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Posted in: Lavrov says U.S. policy towards Russia is 'dumb,' ineffective See in context

Yeah, p-off Lav.

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Posted in: Biden tightens some gun controls; says much more needed See in context

Even Scalia said the right to own a gun doesn’t mean that you can own any gun you please.

There are very large super majorities favoring a number of gun laws.

When the NRA goes away, many GOP REPS will manically discover a conscience (and a pair). Until then the US. Until then, progress may be “limited”.

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Posted in: Woods was driving almost 90 mph when he crashed SUV near LA See in context

There is something particularly (insert a word not allowed) about a guy who feels so entitled that he can drive at twice the legal speed on a public road, and not on some empty open stretch in the country side, but a crowded urban Street.

Tiger is luckily he doesn’t have the death of innocents on his conscience.

I don’t care if he is never able to play again on any level.

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Posted in: Rapid coronavirus testing centers to open at Tokyo's Haneda airport See in context

1,500 is a drop in the bucket compared to demand.

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Posted in: Do you think self-driving cars will take away the fun of being at the wheel of your vehicle? See in context

NO. They won't take the FUN out of anything. I long for the day where I can punch in Navigation in my RV, get drunk, and wake up in my desired destination. It will be a relief. Not to mention the roads will be safer from senile senior drivers.

That's actually pretty funny.

I enjoy driving when I go back to the states for a while then I think "I could be reading a book instead of trying not get pulled over for speeding."

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Posted in: Crushing poll defeats for South Korea's ruling party See in context

S. Korea seems to swing back and forth between social and foreign policy conservatives that take a harder line on the North and progressives. One wonders if there is no middle ground in the ROK.

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Posted in: Leaders of Russia and China tighten their grips, grow closer See in context

Pic of Tweedle-Dumb and Tweedle-Dumber.

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Posted in: China warns Washington not to boycott Winter Olympics See in context

Boycott the despot games OR have make the US uniform a Winnie the Pooh costume.

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Posted in: Japanese karate official quits over bullying claim See in context

And there’s something particularly disgusting about a senior male who abuses a woman.

I realize that I am a man of a certain age and standards change, but a senior male abusing a a woman is just beyond the pale.

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Posted in: Osaka declares COVID medical emergency with 878 new cases See in context

Is a "medical emergency" stronger than a State of Emergency, or the "strengthened measured"?

But where does it stand compared to Dean Wormer’s DOUBLE-SECRET probation?

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Posted in: Japanese karate official quits over bullying claim See in context

All of my martial arts teachers did techniques hard on me: strikes kicks throws locks.

NONE of them ever intentionally injured me or use a weapon to punish me. And while I have been yelled at, they were never emotionally abusive.

And I’ve never intentionally injured anyone. It’s just not necessary. In fact, it’s counter productive in a civilian environment.

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Posted in: Toshiba receives ¥2 tril acquisition offer from global fund See in context

Imagine the layoffs. Imagine the resistance by mgt. Oh, that would make Nissan look like a cakewalk.

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Posted in: Biden makes all adults eligible for a vaccine on April 19 See in context

Where did the vaccine that “Biden made people eligible for” come from again?

It came from Pfizer which opted out of Warp Speed (Seriously the stupidest name for an operation ever).

And variants are being spread by those who refuse to mask-up, practice social distancing or get vaccinated. That would be primarily Trump-supporters.

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Posted in: Toshiba receives ¥2 tril acquisition offer from global fund See in context

I cannot imagine the Japanese regulators, the main banks, or the management of the firm (who routinely think of it as their company) going along with allowing a foreign fund to take over a tech giant.

And that 300 investors (honestly I thought it was a typo) could amass 162 billion USD in capital shows the extent of wealth inequality, but that is a different issue.

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Posted in: Georgia voting fight sets the stage for Kemp's 2022 run See in context

So the best way to remedy this is moving an economic powerhouse like the MLB All Star Game from one of the Blackest cities in the U.S. with many upon many Black-owned businesses to one of the whitest States in the country. Oh and Colorado requires ID for all voters no matter what color and economic background.

Yep. Because economic pressure works.

And there’s also the fact that the player’s union had made it known that a lot of players just wouldn’t show up.

And your argument is false. Voter ID was only one aspect. Reducing early voting, drop boxes, forbidding handing out water in the hot GA sun while people wait in line for hours, and imposing mail-in restrictions were designed to suppress urban predominantly black voters while not affecting rural (white) predominantly GOP voters to any appreciable extent.

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Posted in: China cautions Japan ahead of U.S.-Japan summit See in context

Yeah, thanks for the advice. Now, get out of the Senkakus. Stop encroaching on Taiwan. Stop breaking the the Hong Kong agreement. Stop mass incarceration of ethnic minorities. Stop stealing our intellectual property and technology.

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Posted in: U.S. weighs Beijing Olympics boycott with partners, allies See in context

I would fully support a boycott of the dictator games. Get as many allies on board as possible.

Beijing will go nuts, and that’s ok. They don’t get to free-ride on the world order while perpetuating one of the worst human rights abuses since the Holocaust. And they certainly don’t get the credibility that comes with hosting the games

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Posted in: Navalny supporters denied prison visit and detained See in context

Vlad wants him dead because he’s an honest political threat to his dictatorship.

Sadly, I think he might get his wish.

This guy had real guts going back. Doubt I would have.

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Posted in: Police official: Chauvin trained to avoid neck pressure See in context

Another banner day for the defense! Chauvin’s lawyer is making what we all know more obvious by the day: he did it. He’s guilty.

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Posted in: Ukraine calls for path into NATO after Russia masses troops See in context

Never mind the fact that according to opinion polls, the vast majority of the population are opposed to joining NATO.

Would that be the same “vast majority” that spilled into the streets and faced down imported Russian snipers to overthrow the previous stooge?

Or perhaps the “overwhelming majority” that voted against his stooge in Belarus only to have the results dismissed?

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Posted in: Georgia voting fight sets the stage for Kemp's 2022 run See in context

Governor voter suppression who is only Governor because he disenfranchised tens of thousands of predominantly black voters in the last election tries to save himself with yet more voter suppression of urban predominantly black voters.

I sure hope that the judicial branch throws this law in the trash where it belongs. I also hope that Georgia continues its blue-shift and sends Kemp out with the trash.

Regardless of policy proposals, the first thing needed from public servants is a willingness to accept basic facts. Fact: there was no organized widespread voter fraud. Zero, zip, nada, nil, none. Trump lost.

Making law based on a lie is disqualifying for public service.

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Posted in: Ukraine calls for path into NATO after Russia masses troops See in context

The funny thing is that vlad’s worst nightmare, NATO on Russia’s Eastern and Southern borders has become a self-fulfilling prophecy. NATO had no interest in adding Ukraine and maybe Georgia to the alliance until Russia decided to invade and occupy portions of both nations and make a poor attempt at a coup in Moldivia.

Vlad has created a host of states eager to join the West in order to live free from his sadistic aggression.

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