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Posted in: Noose tightens around WikiLeaks' Assange See in context

I agree with apecNetworks,

But I am curious as how Assange is still alive. I am sure there have been people who have bee "silenced" for lesser crimes that have not been reported. Furthermore, "if" the documents were so sensitive in the first place, it would not be difficult for any of the government agencies to shut down the DNS servers at which wikileaks is running from. You can pin point server locations quite easily with sniffing software, and quickly shut them down, or hack into with relative ease to eliminate the information. Case in point, please see the Chinese hackers response to the Iranian hackers last year. If by chance people have forgotten, the chinese hackers hacked the iranian website back within a matter of days, and the site was rendered useless for several months. And I am certain there are hackers of equal or greater caliber working in the government agencies. Just go to your local hacker conference to see what they can really do. But I digress; Aside from hacking or denying the wikileaks DNS address, there are other things they can do as well, as in deny any domain name with "wiki" in it or "leaks" in it, so that when you type in the domain, it just reroutes your pc to another site.

So "if" this information is so sensitive, why has it been up for so long? Julian Assange maybe a hacker, but I know one thing for sure, if he was he would have been hunted and criminalized very very quickly. Case and point please see stories of real hackers living in the US back in the 80's and 90's. And better yet, Please read on Gary Mckinnon.

Interesting to note, there is a rumor circulating around the net where, this maybe the excuse the world governments needs to begin regulating the Internet heavily, and break the supposed Net Neutrality Agreement that was put in place a couple of years back.

But ApecNetworks: I do agree death is in the air, but the death of what?

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Posted in: How bad do you think tensions between Japan and China are going to get over the disputed islands? Is Japan's detention of the Chinese fishing boat skipper the proverbial straw that breaks the camel's See in context

Honestly this is a really stupid question.

This is just a diversion from real issues that China and Japan are facing internally too keep everybody's attention focused elsewhere while they sweep their major economic issues which are threatening to end business and jobs and internal problems under the carpet.

How easily people are fooled.

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