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Posted in: 16-year-old girl arrested for beheading classmate in Sasebo See in context

I must also admonish her for closing her classmate's book with little logic. Their interactions not only with each other, bust also society through all means, including digital varieties, deserved and still do a thorough investigation from an objective third party, as the gov't clearly failed in this regard by not heeding that psych's advice for what reason? his is continuing education for mankind's management of self and neighbor. She is now 19? Better help her as a child rather than mop after her as an adult, for everyone's benefit, except maybe your wallets? 1.4M Y=$14K=1yr@Open Level Employment Status, w/~254 900 numbered and progressive tax in a global tech and entertainment powerhouse with free range on downloadable games, ut fixing that issue, while reducing these events, will not flatten them as much as heavily offered psych treatment, with a focus off drugs, as they only cage the core problems with greed. I, in both responses, meant PSYCHOLOGICAL treatment.

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Posted in: Japanese men take out 'groper insurance' against false accusations See in context

This is petty, avaricious rearing towards a true psych warzone. Best option, cameras and underage and gender-specific sections.

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