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Posted in: 'Game of Thrones' earns a leading 19 Emmy nods See in context

The Emmy's are a joke now. It's all about popularity and nothing about actual quality.

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Posted in: Abe to visit 5 nations in Latin America, Caribbean See in context

CrazyJoe - You have to remember that many Japanese emigrated to Latin America before and after World War II. There must be several million Latin Americans of Japanese descent there.

Yes. Brazil has the largest Japanese population outside of Japan.

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Posted in: Britain, Brazil each get 6 Int'l Emmy nominations; Japan gets 1 See in context

Hmm, Les Revenants it's not about zombies :s

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Posted in: Itano's 'graduation' from AKB48 leaves only 3 original members See in context

One question. Is the people using "BKA48" traying to make that an insult (an making a fool of themselves in the proces s. SInce, you know ...Mecha Ike)?

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Posted in: Atsuko Maeda makes guest appearance at AKB48 concert See in context

Ok. Sorry to desapoint al of you "she's there to just get AKB to keep their fans" but...... the reason she was there was to promote her new single comming up next month :)

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Posted in: Former AKB48 singer Shinoda performs solo for 1st time since 'graduation' See in context

Ok...Morning Musume has been using the word "graduation" for over 15 years and nobody complains. But when AKB does it you do complain. Seriously. You AKB haters are funny :)

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Posted in: U.S. instruction of students learning English bleak See in context

Interesting but I wouldn't call non english speakers "nonwhites" :s

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Posted in: Pop culture subcommittee formed to show world ‘Cool Japan’ See in context

Not in the least. In fact, AKB has in the past, as with many Japanese 'tarento', been mocked for pushing little girls in underwear as sex objects.

Seriously, how can you keep calling some twenty-something women "little girls" it's beyond me. Shinoda is almost 30 years old for gods sake!

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Posted in: Australia to become first country to enforce first plain-pack cigarettes See in context

You know, it does sound kind of harsh when you read about it but when applied it's not. My country has done the same thing and the results are really positive. Cigarete consumption goes down 4.3% per year (since 2005), and between kids (13 to 17 y/o) it goes down 8% every year.

And the best part is, while it looked kind of scary at first, it only took like a few months for people to get used to it and even smokers agree with the project. It becomes a part of your daily life and you don't even realise is there.

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