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Posted in: 2 more bodies found as Kagoshima murder suspect says he killed 5 See in context

Unbelievable Happening! Yet there is nothing being done with Mental health care in Japan. 21 Century psychology and counseling sessions are definitely demanding from all citizens. thanks again Geeno Valdez

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Posted in: Trump draws strong reactions in China See in context

Trump card helps none but his own pocket! Growing up in A Rich man's house and got his way at all times! It's a shame that Noisy Dog's like behavior does not friends with American Allies!????

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Posted in: Missing 7-year-old boy left in mountains by parents as punishment See in context

****The same case has happened in Oregon. a logging company with similar working employees. You wonder why? Yup! Every time, Summer Beer's cause accidents????

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Posted in: A-bomb survivors want Obama to meet them, apologize in Hiroshima See in context

**** Dear country of Japan! I'm going to share my perspective on the the upcoming visit to Japan from the American President. War crimes are never forgotten. Did Germany apologize for the ovens used to kill the Jewish people? Did Japan apologize for attacking and killing the innocent people in Pearl Harbor? We know that many soldiers are still sunk with the ships! The PAINS and discrimination are on both countries.If one claims innocent throw the first Stone! The price of Peace was painfully. So, if you ask a Soldier the PAINS of War,Pray for International Peace! However,we are living now in the Economic War's once again!???? Cheers Sensei

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Posted in: The anti-Trump: Obama slowly stepping into the campaign fray See in context

Straight to the establishment, take away his Twitter app and Facebook page. Women have the Republican shifts to battle and support the weight of the Republicans! I'm Independent so,My vote goes to Bernie! Cheers, Sensei

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Posted in: Teenage girl killed by exploding Takata air bag in Texas See in context

Very Sad to have faulty Air Bags! The Japanese country for automotive industry is responsible for delivering unsafety measures for the International Car market. Gomen NE!

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Posted in: 78-year-old man dies after being struck by two cars See in context

Another case of the MIS guided traffic safety guidelines. Cross walks, lighting, and hit and run now to make a criminally case. Happens all the time especially around Obirin University's neighborhood. The insurance will pay for his death or the country of Japan. A great follow up with TV Court will make top news like sports and the stock market.

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Posted in: 'Peeping Tom' police officer questioned after sneaking into house, secretly watching woman bathe See in context

I was a student exchange at Nihon University. One the students asked me to stand guard for the same thing that was happening. I waited and caught him steering in her bed room apartment. No air-conditioning so her Window door would be opened. I rushed to the window yelling to catch up. He escaped through very narrow Walls or must have jumped over the Walls! Very common among the university's in Tokyo. Again, no mental health services. Cheers. Geeno.

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Posted in: Parents arrested for slashing, choking 5-year-old son See in context

**** Japanese family values are old fashioned. We are living in the 21st century. Child psychology is an important part modern Educational Standards. Parents grow up in an inferior complex to become future leaders in all levels Japanese Society. No love expression is shown to praise children's accomplishments. Instead youths receive too much criticism in a none perfect Society.

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Posted in: U.N. condemns N Korean rocket launch; pledges significant new sanctions See in context

Korea needs a lesson in Global Domain. Korea is bad medicine to nearby neighborhood countries. Or face international sanctions. Breaking too many rules.

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Posted in: Japanese cram school under fire over 'sexist' kanji text See in context

**** As a retired University instructor, I am surprised to read about this scandal. Teaching English as a Foreign Language is a business and the publication company's pay international teachers to screen and edit many teaching text books. However, someone must have played a joke on the Conservative Bombusho, with the above mentioned phrases! Unbelievable Rubbish my dear friends. Sensei Valdez.

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Posted in: Abe aims for constitutional revision with help from opposition See in context

Good evening fellow friends! I had the privilege to teach the Keio University Students. Spanish conversation class. One of the workshop groups produced an excellent magazine. Japan would Go to war once again! Perhaps, one of the Asian Tiger Neighbos. 2050? I don't know but someday in the Year of the Monkey. One must never forget the Atomic disasters! Space, oceanography, and volcanic energy areas to research! I vote no to revise the Constitution. Valdez sensei.

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Posted in: Aichi to bid for 2026 Asian Games See in context

***Exceptional choice for the Olympics!

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Posted in: Do the right thing in Japan, always See in context

Correctly, said in fact when it comes to illegal activities your playing with fire! As Foreigners we have a bad reputation. Have fun in Japan, do as the Roman's! Cheers Geeno

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