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Posted in: Controversial autobiography of 1997 Kobe child killer released See in context

There are many juvenile crimes in Japan such as stealing, violence, and murder. For example, there was a terrible incident that a man killed two children and injured three children eighteen years ago. Then, he published the autobiography recently. What do you think about this news? When I watched this news, I was disappointed. There are two reasons why I was disappointed.

First, it is because the man and the publisher ignored the opinion of the bereaved family. The victim’s father opposed to publish the book. Moreover, the publisher did not notify it beforehand. Are these appropriate attitudes? I’m sure that this answer will be “No.” So, I really despaired of the news.

Second, this man will get money by selling this book. In New York, there is Son of Sam law, but there is no law like that in Japan. Thus, this man will get all money and his life will be richer than ever. However, the bereaved families continue to be suffered from this cruel affair. Their lives will not become affluent by writing this book. Therefore, I depressed when I knew about this news.

In conclusion, I was disgusted by the news because the man who killed the kids and the publisher who did not behave properly will earn money by publishing the autobiography. I think we should never forgive these actions and reject from buying this book even if it has social worth.

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