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While the rate is high here it is definietly much higher in some other countries. Even South Korea is higher.

Why such broad sweeping statements like "there's something about family here that is disturbing...."? There is nothing in the story to indicate this about family. More likely it is a lack of mental health care available to disturbed, stressed and in-experienced mothers. Maybe it is about poverty. There are plenty of societal reasons other than family, or something else being "wrong" about Japanese society.

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Posted in: 78-year-old woman dies after X-ray at hospital See in context

Been in a few accidents and have a recurring health issue. Have been in hospital plenty of times here. Overall, I find the treatment here very good. I could complain about a few things here and there but they seem tiny to some of the things that happen back home.

This was an an fortunate accident. They happen in every country.

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