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Generic Tokyoite comments

Posted in: The redelivery rate for home deliveries is rising as the number of parcels increases due to online shopping. This is placing a growing burden on the logistics industry, which is suffering from a labor shortage. What can be done to alleviate the problem? See in context

Please always put my packages in the delivery box that is designed and exists specifically for that purpose.

"Sorry, we didn't put it in the delivery box because it is our policy to deliver directly to the customer's door unless requested of otherwise."

Then change your policy to:

"Sorry, we didn't deliver directly to your door because it is our policy to put packages in the delivery box, where available, unless requested of otherwise."

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Posted in: Car rams into barricade near Israel Embassy in Tokyo; man detained See in context

Yep. Great idea. Harm totally unrelated innocent people to get attention to the hopeless plight of criticizing harm against innocents. That's surely going change the minds of those, who are already absolutely fine with the concept of collateral damage, to not harm innocents... NOT.

All this does is nullify the moral high ground, undermine the humanitarian plight, and spread hate among communities that do not and should not have anything to do with the issue at all in the first place.

Activists will always argue that, the ends justify the means and their breaking of the law is all hunky dory as long as "it's for a good cause." But the reality is that they are simply opening the doors to a slippery slope where they themselves can be retributed against using the exact same logic. The consequences being that the most morally bereft party with the biggest guns wins.

They are part of the problem. Not the solution.

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Posted in: Tokyo has a new vending machine where everything inside is free See in context

"There is nothing more expensive than free."

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Posted in: Why sugar matters – and how to cut back if you're eating too much of it See in context

Really wish there were some stronger regulation in Japan over disclosure of sugar content in foodstuffs.

All too often it is hidden away, lumped together with other more innocuous labels, or misleadingly advertised using loopholes in the existing law. (e.g. You can declare something as calorie free if it has less than 5 calories per 100 grams... How can intentional deceit like this be of benefit to consumers?)

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Posted in: Publishing exec gets suspended sentence over Tokyo Olympics bribery See in context

If we want to prevent corruption like this, the punishment should involve confiscation of the bribery money plus a penalty charge on top of that for BOTH parties which is a percentage of amount of money used in the bribe.

As long as the benefits outweigh the risks... this will continue. Make it prohibitively costly and you remove the incentive of greed from the equation. A suspended sentence alone is a joke for people who need not work another day in their life and can still live comfortably.

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Posted in: Why do you think some men grope women on trains? Why can't they control the urge? See in context

Why can't they control the urge?

A lack or absence of empathy.

It can be nature or nurture, but the inability (or unwillingness) to incorporate the factor of a victim's potential suffering into the equations that govern self control cognition is at the core of the issue. This goes for any heinous crimes that harm other people.

It is high time that lessons in empathy, social skills, and critical thinking are introduced to the education system.

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Posted in: Operator of major restaurant review site Tabelog ordered to pay damages See in context

Given how widespread the practice of paying for fake reviews (sakura) is in Japan, it's no wonder that companies which do not scrutinize their reviews / reviewers enough need to use "algorithms" to just give the numbers some sense of normality.

On the other hand... Sure, it's difficult for a business to justify spending resources on checking the validity of vast amounts of information, and I have no idea how a consumer could effectively combat this problem beyond only asking the opinion of people you personally trust.

Quite frankly, the average Joe is screwed, and considering all the time and effort that is involved in trying to wade through all the fakeness... I often find that time is better spent just making a delicious meal myself at home.

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Posted in: Japan passes bill to make online insults punishable by jail time See in context

Like many laws in Japan, they exist simply as convenient tools to be enforced only when the powers that be judge that they need to be. Prostitution, gambling, "obscene" pornography, etc. All technically illegal due to ambiguity in the word of law... and yet rampant everywhere.

In Japan, social problems like bullying are quite often not even considered or treated as actual problems until something becomes an inconvenience to someone in power / the authorities... Often as the result of 国民感情 (national sentiment) shoving it in their face long and hard enough for them to... feel the need to save (their) face.

And then "Oh, look at that! How convenient. There is already a law we can use to just apprehend the person / people!" ...and sweep the issue out of the public eye ASAP.

TLDR; This law will have no effect on anyone that isn't going out of their way to harm someone. In fact, it will also likely have little effect at all... EVEN on those that do harbor such malicious intent.

With that said, wishful thinking would hope that it at least works at some level as a "Deterrence."

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