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genesys comments

Posted in: Tokyo reports 8,226 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 51,913 See in context

@Jon Noun Here are the test numbers:


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Posted in: China virus epicenter Wuhan raises death toll 50% See in context

My Chinese gf’s parents in China told us China has stopped testing..

Regarding numbers, the educated Chinese don’t believe the government’s news.

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Posted in: Sony Bank launches new English online banking service See in context

I’m using Shinsei and as said above am looking for alternatives now that they charge for withdrawals. Anyone know a bank that doesn’t?

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Posted in: Test marathon gives Tokyo a taste of what to expect at 2020 Games See in context

Hello people, that’s why the race started later in the day so the temperature would be similar to that of August at 6am. Think about it before commenting plz..

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Posted in: Spicy Mexican flavor added to KFC Japan’s fried chicken lineup See in context

Commandeer, it says Mex flavor not Mex food. Chill dude. As a fast food snack it might taste good.

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Posted in: Toyota Boshoku develops optical fiber-woven cloth See in context

Optical fiber used as woof

LOL I know it's supposed to be "roof", but that made me chuckle!

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Posted in: Speeding bullet See in context

@Dan Lewis

Japan is always pushing the technological boundaries with their trains, instead of sitting on their laurels like the USA. I'm from the San Francisco Bay Area and we've had basically the same BART trains for the past 40 years. Though it's a commuter train and not a Shinkansen, it sure could use some investment...


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Posted in: Japan plans to send its largest warship to South China Sea See in context

If China sends military ships to the area at that time, there could be an unprecedented standoff.

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Posted in: Why appetizers are giving tourists and restaurant owners in Japan a headache See in context

Dirk T, that would be worse. Would need to then explain why the English language menu is more expensive, which may come across as discrimination.

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Posted in: Aeon interested in buying Tesco's Malaysia unit See in context

@Wakarimasen, maybe you should learn to read to the end of an article: "Sime Darby’s latest annual report showed Tesco operates 49 stores throughout Malaysia. Net profit rose 73% to 82.2 million ringgit ($21.6 million) last year, on revenue that rose 1.1% to 4.65 billion ringgit, the report showed. "

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Posted in: Record iPhone weekend sales top 10 million: Apple See in context

I went to the Softbank store today. With the campaigns going on till the end of Oct., I can actually pay LESS per month if I trade in my iPhone 5. People, take a look. I usually only upgrade every 3-4 years but this is different.

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Posted in: Super-mini LCD video camera See in context

Commonly used in sports/outdoor activities these days. This one being so light and compact, should be a hit.

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Posted in: China warns Japan against stationing workers on disputed isles See in context

"If the Japanese side recklessly makes provocative moves, it will have to accept the consequences"

Starting to sound more and more like N Korea. Sharing the same speech script, I suppose.

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Posted in: This could be your dream home – if you’re a goldfish See in context

Shows what can be done when you think outside of the tank.

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