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They way I see i, if people are willing to risk the radioactivity to rescues pets that the owners want back then that is their choice. Many who evacuated I am sure would have taken their pets had they been allowed to do so. If any of the rescued pets die as the result of exposure to radiation at least they will have died rescued and loved not deserted and alone. Compassion and empathy in disasters is just as important as common sense when it comes to living beings, both human and non-human. Perhaps other governments having nuclear power plants in their countries should take a close look at how the Japanese nuclear crisis was handled by the Japanese government. Then they can use that information to make better evacuation plans for both humans and domestic animals in case such an an evacuation was to ever become necessary in their own countries.

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However two dozen people in the US doesn't seem like a lot especially when it is including the staff of the movie and the other cities mentioned have no numbers to go with it. It seems like this issue is losing power and hopefully JT will allow it to die until there is an actual development.

On facebook many photos of demonstrations from all over the world have been posted. There were many more than just 2 dozen protesting. If anything this issue appears to be gaining power. Whatever happened to compassion and empathy? Dolphins are not fish. They are sentient mammals. From my vantage point it appears that the Taiji fisherman are hanging onto 19th and 20th centuries ways. This now being the 21st century they should consider re-evaluating the role of the dolphin presence in the ocean as well as the role of the dolphin hunt in japanese society. They seem to be desperately hanging onto a past which eventually will end. I doubt many young people in Japan want to make careers out of jumping in the Japanese cove waters and stabbing dolphins to death for a living. You would think the Taiji government officials as well as the fishermans union would be more forward thinking and want to prepare their town to provide better careers for future generations. Instead they appear to be hanging on to old ways.

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