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Posted in: Kishida grateful to N Korean leader for quake sympathy message See in context

And to all the English teachers living in Japan, I apologize for my mistake. *Kim's shoes. O Genki de.

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Posted in: Kishida grateful to N Korean leader for quake sympathy message See in context

This is quite wonderful. A moment of Humanity. Maybe because he knows Trump will be president again and Kim anticipates good relations with Japan. To all the naysays, walk a mile in Kims shoes. Though the drunk uncle comment made me literally laugh out loud. Thank you Laguna san :)

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Posted in: Man held after spraying substance on female employees at Osaka Prefecture food distribution center See in context

Kazuaki san, calm it :) you must be really good at your job but this is not a place for vitriol.

That being said, Kazuaki, if you do a little searching around, it is speculated that it is diluted semen that was sprayed on the victims.

If I were in Law, that would change my case a bit ;)

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Posted in: Over 80% of Japanese adults find tobacco smoke unpleasant: survey See in context

No, Japan will be a smokers haven thanks to the almighty JT for a long time to come people. So don’t get your hopes up. Enjoying a nice relaxing Hope Short as I type this in one of my favorite Izakaya with a cold beer and some sticks. God I love this country! Long live JT.

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Posted in: Australian man arrested over Osaka supermarket robbery See in context

He got caught… g’day mate..

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Posted in: Netflix employee fired in wake of Chappelle special furor See in context

So a trans person, surly the the one who released the information, doesn’t need to honor an NDA or contractual agreement now? I am speculating of course, but whomever that was was fired rightfully. Do your job and honor your contract, or get fired. Race, creed, gender, sexual preference etc. should not even be an issue. It really feels worse than the original BLADERUNNER already.

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Posted in: Strike averted with deal between film and TV crews, studios See in context

Did anybody notice or hold their breath on this?

Umm.. yea. The tens of thousands of people behind anything you see in any form of moving entertainment. But hey, I don’t know or care what you do for a living so it’s understandable. I do belive this is news worthy however. #unionstrong

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Posted in: Stunts, cats and crime: Sliwa's colorful run for NYC mayor See in context

This isn't the 'Warriors' 1979 but if he's better than Rudy Guiliani then yes.

Let me guess.. Westchester or Upper East Side... actually you sound like your from CT so... yea.

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Posted in: Stunts, cats and crime: Sliwa's colorful run for NYC mayor See in context

His analysis of New York is, in some ways, very antiquated and I think a lot of voters see him as a vestige of old New York, with his red beret and I would say racialized understanding of how the city operates, which I don’t think many New Yorkers are interested in right now,

dude, go back to Fordham.. you don’t hear the shots outside your window nearly every night in Flatbush like we do.

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Posted in: Golden Globes to go ahead despite TV blackout over diversity row See in context

Yawn. Old news.

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Posted in: Islamic State claims responsibility for mosque bombing in south Afghanistan See in context

TheAvengenger: So glad Biden got us out of there.No more US Flag draped coffins coming back from the region. Thanks, Joe!

It was Trump actually... so... yea. Read up a little more.

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Posted in: Ban on 'Soul Cap' spotlights lack of diversity in swimming See in context

Oh come ON. YMCAs have pools and are free to join for people with low income. It’s not racism... Gym memberships cost fees. No complaints there?

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Posted in: AI is taking over job hiring, but can it be racist? See in context


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Posted in: Harrison exits 'Bachelor' in wake of racial insensitivity See in context

Oh my god I’m so tired of this...

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Posted in: Photos show Chinese rover on dusty, rocky Martian surface See in context

Whipeout.. question for you. When was photoshop released?

“Sharp: high quality optical lenses were developed for telescopes and microscopes over 400 years ago, high resolution photography over 150 years ago.”

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Posted in: Photos show Chinese rover on dusty, rocky Martian surface See in context

That Olympic flag is a little tactless and rotten, no? Oh.. wait, this is China? Well then that makes sense. Strike that.

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Posted in: Seiko Hashimoto takes over as Tokyo Olympic president See in context

And it’s sad that this will all be for nothing, as the games will almost certainly be canceled. However, nice political move Japan! All eyes on you :)

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Posted in: U.S. Marine, in custody for assault, also charged with attempted murder of woman See in context

If he is as dumb as he looks in the picture of him that is circulating, he will say something that will seal his fate for jail time here. Animal.

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Posted in: Californian student remains in detention 8 months after breaking lamp in Tokyo bar See in context

He deserves every ounce of his punishment. He gives Americans a gad name.

Gotta play by the rules when you are a guest in Japan, pal : )

It’s good to make him an example.

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Posted in: High school teacher disciplined over sexual harassment after serving alcohol to girl See in context

She could have been 18, in which case this is not a crime. Accountability on both parties.

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Posted in: Migrant caravan members reject offer to stay in Mexico See in context

I can’t wait to watch this unfold. Excited :))

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Posted in: Dench says she 'can't approve' of cutting Spacey from Hollywood film See in context

Ugh, Anthony Rapp was talentless and forgotten and was looking for attention. Its a shame it had to come to this.

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Posted in: Japanese government separated families by deporting 47 Vietnamese See in context

Gotta play by the rules. See ya!

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Posted in: Japan to set up immigration agency to cope with influx of foreigners See in context

They will be limited to a 5 year stay and prohibited from bringing their families. Still will change the face of the nation. More in-depth coverage here:

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Posted in: American man arrested for urinating on another passenger on flight to Japan See in context

People Magazine reported his name as Denish Kishorchandra Parekh.

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Posted in: South Koreans enter North to reunite with kin split by war See in context

Amazing progress. Thank you President Trump. Unorthodox though his actions may have been, I doubt we would have seen this happen had it not been for the summit.

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Posted in: James Woods suggests his agent dropped him over politics See in context

Kyronstavic, I truly appreciate your comment. The bit about keeping ones head down is more true than you know.

As a full time Entertainment Professional in NYC with right-leaning views, I have become isolated, and live in fear of relaying my opinions to anyone in my professional circle due to the treat of loosing work.

To some degree, it feels like a sort of reverse McCarthyism.

I respect and admire the Left’s passion and incredible call to arms, but I feel as though I must remain silent if I ‘ever want to work in this town again’.

I hope that some members on the Left come to Jame’s defense.

Gersh is powerful, but there are plenty more fish in the sea. Do any of them have the balls to pick Woods up after this? Time will tell.

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Posted in: Energy-saving LEDs boost light pollution worldwide See in context

This article is pulled from a French Publication. Please take in to account this is not written by an Ex-Pat who lives in Japan. I am a native Japanese. This is my first post on JapanToday’s forum. Please forgive me for my forwardness.

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