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Posted in: 6-yr-old girl dies after car plows into schoolchildren in Osaka See in context

OK people, let's be fair here. This type of sad incident goes on all over the world, daily, and mostly they are accidents. Drivers here are no worse than anywhere else and sometimes better, considering all of the obstacles every second. I do agree that better safety measures could be taken around schools; i. e. posted speed limits, flashing lights and bright signs. And, it would indeed help if people were cited often for using keitais while driving, letting kids run around inside the car, holding doggies and children in their laps (sometimes at the wheel), etc. This is sad indeed and I grieve for the parents, siblings, and friends of this child.

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Posted in: Kenya's Kipyego wins Tokyo Marathon See in context

This article failed to mention Atsede Habtamu of Ethiopia's women's course record set in this race by 10 seconds--way to go!

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Posted in: Gap to open 1st Old Navy store in Japan See in context

FYI: Diver City is a play on the English word, diversity. American music group DC Talk's Toby Mac has an album titled, Welcome to Diverse City (2004) with the same idea. As for large sizes, above Marukawa near Odakyu Machida station and, in the Tokyu Twins East 5F, you will find 'XLARGE' Store. Hope this helps!

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Posted in: Santorum's wins shake up Republican race See in context

@Tatanka: I'd vote for Santorum. And, I am a registered Independent that really wants an end to the current administration. I certainly do not want my vote to have to go to Romney, Gingrich, or Paul.

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Posted in: Skymark to order six Airbus A330-300s See in context

GREAT! I fly Skymark in Japan whenever I can AND the more competition, the better. Good news for international travelers too.

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Posted in: What's your favorite hamburger chain? See in context

In Tokyo, Jami Jami Burger in Machida City--YUM!!

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Posted in: Google versus Facebook for dominance of the web. Who has the upper hand? See in context

WRONG. Facebook is EVERYWHERE. Most people are not interested in 'doing it all over again' and making the switch to yet another social network (Google+). Stats show most people are responding to 'no thanks' when invited to get involved away from Facebook to another. I think Facebook will march on. To borrow from Apple, 'it just works.'

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Posted in: Woman killed in hit-and-run involving three cars See in context

As I've been driving here in Tokyo for 8+ years, I still cannot believe how the last 2-3 cars go through nearly every RED light. That may or may not be the case in this accident but is highly likely. I'm all for cameras at the intersections if it will save lives (I'm also an avid runner).

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Posted in: Flu cases increasing rapidly across Japan; Tokai hard hit See in context

Everyone should simply snuggle in at home and rent the movie, Contagion. Very 'comforting' indeed.

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Posted in: Deportation could split up lesbian couple See in context

Glad to see that DOMA is still in place and working the way it is supposed to. If the two ladies feel the need to be together, I am sure they'll find a way, but marriage is not it. By simple design, marriage is one man + one woman, for life.

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Posted in: U.S. Treasury criticizes Japan yen intervention See in context

Well, "poo poo" on them! I am glad someone did something to stop my US$ income here from becoming totally useless like toy money!!

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Posted in: Wendy's Japan See in context

Let me say...I'm glad that we have a fast food burger option here in Machida now, with Burger King recently opened. Flame-broiled and you can certainly tell--yummy! Of course there are Mos Burger and Freshness Burger, but ewwww, they just can't compare. BUT, the best burger to be had here is at Jami Jami, a Japanese independent burger joint--WOW! Now, if they could expand, LOOK OUT, In N' Out Burgers of CA, USA. Anyhow, I am glad that Wendy's is stepping back into the burger game and any kind of competition is healthy, even if burgers are not. Though, I would argue that any day, especially after a 70km bike ride to Yokohama Bay and back! 'Nuff said!!

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Posted in: Korean drama backlash See in context

@WilliB: AGREE! Protest all the food shows--way TOO MANY!!! Now, that's something worth protesting about TV in Japan.

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Posted in: Kit Kat messages encourage students See in context

@Maria: the connection is in Japanese, "kitto" (KIT) means 'certainly'/'for sure' and KAT is short for "katsu", 'to win, gain victory.' Hope this helps jog the memory! :-)

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Posted in: Woman sustains burns after Halloween costume catches fire See in context

...ummm, they infer her costume was a zombie.

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Posted in: Two 18-year-old boys arrested over Sukiya robberies See in context

Commit the crime, do the time. Justice will be served.

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Posted in: Cameron unveils scenes from 'Titanic' in 3D See in context

I am so unimpressed, and generally bored by 3D in movies. To me, it is really not that special, and often, more than not, it's a distraction. Anyone else feel this way?

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Posted in: Japan's public debt to hit record Y1,024 trillion See in context

...and I'm STILL only getting 75yen for a dollar???? Does not make sense, or 'cents' either!

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Posted in: Kindergarten bus driver held over girl's death See in context

Elbuda Mexicano: Ummm, yeah, I have to agree with 'sakurala', your choice of words is probably over the top in this situation. This whole thing stinks, but no one planned it, I'm sure. Regret comes too late. Mom does deserve the bulk of the blame.

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Posted in: Quake recovery funds bring boom to Sendai See in context

Sounds good, but I believe this is temporary relief to deeper hurt that will become more evident as time goes by. I've been traveling to Tohoku from Tokyo since the first week as a volunteer. The loss is unfathomable for most people directly affected by the disaster. Dinner, drinks, entertainment...these can help calm the mind, but something longer lasting is needed. Hope. We have to continue loving on the people of Tohoku...

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Posted in: Adopting English as workplace language in Japan has its downside See in context

Our world is in flux today more than ever. Gone forever is the idea of "Japan, Inc." In order to prosper in the future, Japan must step up and become a global business player. Outside of Japan, our fine language is not used, whereas English is used in many places worldwide. In fact, even to enjoy leisure outside of Japan, one must have an ability to use English. It really opens up the world to us. Any steps toward expanding the use of conversational English and more, are important steps for the future of Japan. Our people are disappearing (very low birthrate), and our language, unfortunately will fade as well. This is simply a numerical fact.

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Posted in: Finance minister wants BOJ to act on strong yen See in context

My pay in US$ is becoming more like Monopoly Game money here in Japan everyday!! Aaaaaggghhhhh!

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Posted in: Junior surfer See in context

T A N E G A S H I M A!!! Not just JAXA, folks.

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