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genkigaijingirl comments

Posted in: The next fashion trend is clothes that don't exist See in context

Matrix says hello millenials - so many ways to avoid the reality, interact with others in a real world, rely on real self to attract others. Bravo, COVID-19 pandemic! Make young people even more.. autistic and inept in their real interactions.

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Posted in: Venice film fest returns with another blockbuster lineup See in context

I certainly do not turn to Japan Today for art news, but the article is not too insighful and the title is outright weird. "But Venice still has serious arthouse chops» is deep, deep insight, congrats!

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Posted in: Russian man who swam to Japan was reportedly kicked out of Japan in 2011 for visa violation See in context

The dude is quite a character - tireless traveller. Was kicked out of Bali as well and I read from one other S-E Asian country too. If all that is a cover-up for a spy, it’s .. too much.

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Posted in: Thousands flock to walk-in youth vaccination site in Tokyo See in context

So, that crowd of young Japanese willing to get vaccinated is a proof of shameless hipocrisy of Tokyo government to conceal vaccine shortage and attempt to place the blame on public group?

«Unwillingness» to get vaccinated amidst pandemic Mrs Koike shamelessly spoke about in frnt of media 2-3 weeks ago is ... blatant manipulation, no?

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 4,227 coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 24,200 See in context

100% agree with audioboy77Today. One would expect mass vaccination to be available to citizens and residents at any time in the 3rd biggest world economy...

Can’t Japan afford offering vaccines on a wider scale to its own people asap with all its taxpayers money?! That vaccination center in Shibuya Mrs Koike announced can only handle close to 200 youths a day. Great pr, but speed and scale is what matters now.

I am sick of being stuck Kanto and want to travel to other regions (am vaccinated), but am endlessly postponing... Would hate to increase chances I unknowingly will help the virus spread and it hits someone vulnerable in a beautiful Japanese countryside..

audioboy77Today  06:13 pm JST

Having said that, unless they get most people vaccinated asap, it will start rising again soon as people will inevitably start to relax again now (thats been the pattern of every wave so far here). And of course new mutations could be round the corner.

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Posted in: Japan and disabilities: Will the Tokyo Paralympics bring change? See in context

wanderlust - Can you remember that hotel name, please? "installing some barrier-free facilities, but would remove them once the games were over» is appalling - although admittedly I don’t know the details and should not rush to conclusions.

wanderlustToday  09:17 am JST

A few years ago, when barrier-free facilities were being pushed by the IOC as an Olympic requirement; one of the Tokyo hotels wrote that they were installing some barrier-free facilities, but would remove them once the games were over, as they were troublesome for business!

So...no change.

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Posted in: Japan and disabilities: Will the Tokyo Paralympics bring change? See in context

Yes - it will change. But not before today's kids who see this Paralympic Games (and if they don’t catch Delta version of COVID19) grow up and replace utterly disgusting oyaji dinosaurs like that Mori - for whom even female colleagues are «disabled». And thousands of Mori-like characters. So be patient everyone :)

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Posted in: Russian police detain journalists who back media freedom See in context

precisely. Don’t see anything on Guantamo prison tortures though in the comments of sufferers for freedom in other countries. None of Yugoslavia bombings ignoring UN. Syria incidents organized by US for independent journalists and civilians to get killed.

Democracy and glorification of human rights in the US?

Love the comments from people who hardly read anything in their life beyond forums, clad in cotton T-shirts from cotton US brands or Japanese UNIQLO imported from China’s slave laborers with their smartphones assembled in China. As if Uyhgur minority forced labour issue is new to global corporations.

Sweep at your doorstep first, dear American sufferers for freedom in other countries

AsakazeAug. 22  04:37 pm JST

What's the fuss about? Read the article: "The Justice Ministry acted under a law that is used to designate as “foreign agents” non-governmental organizations and individuals who receive funding from abroad".

Here is the question to @ulysses, @stormcrow and other sufferers for freedom in other countries - how would U.S. authorities react to neewspapers, radio stations and other media otlets in America that receive funding from foreign organizations and meddle in U.S. domestic politics? Please tell us how media with Chinese, Iranian and North Korean funding freely work in the U.S.

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Posted in: New Zealand concedes 'COVID zero' strategy no longer viable as Delta outbreak grows See in context

Some countries like Japan is not even trying hard any more to "push it down our throats about great they were doing with COVID». And "really important country" USA is absolute world champion for COVID infection cases. And will remain at that important anti-record position.

Simian LaneToday  02:35 pm JST

Another self-important country who like Australia, pushed it down our throats about great they were doing with COVID. The media too.

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Posted in: Half of Japan's population has received at least 1 dose of COVID-19 vaccine See in context

It is strange you blame it on vaccine and do not bother to mention WHY your student was hospitalized, with which symptoms.

Fyi, it takes minimum 2 weeks - ideally 3 weeks - for first vaccine to work as protection from COVID and (in case protection is breached) from most acute symptoms of COVID.

danAug. 19  08:47 am JST

My student was hospitalised for a week after her first Moderna dose..It weakened her immune system and made her seriously ill.

vaccine no thanks!!

I have two friends who both lost their mothers in a matter of a week - who were unvaccinated. At the same time at least 10 people I know who got vaccinated early on and had to continue working to exposure to COVID infections did not get sick. One out of 10 tested positively for COVID but did not develop any symptoms and is teleworking now.

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Posted in: Tokyo robot cafe offers new spin on disability inclusion See in context

I wonder how come that Japan with its carefully crafted for many years image of a leader in robotics failed to employ this expertise tackling pandemic crisis - in a way advanced technology would make a difference.

This cafe with robots is nice, right. But overworked nurses and doctors need robots more to help them with menial tasks. Urgently. Like now, when thousands are waiting to be hospitalized. They could not care less about stupid use of (very) expensive technology for entertainment. Use them at obsolete healthcare institutions!

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Posted in: Foot traffic still high despite state of emergency See in context

I wish Japan has a leader like New Zealand prime-minister - she would make a difference in this alarming situation in a matter of few months. Really effective measures rather than quasi-tatemae and affirmations of daijobu when things culd hardly be worse after 18 months since COVID arrived in the country.

Although no NZ in their right mind would swap for any of Japan’s high-profile «problem solvers»...

Excuse me my fantasies - well, if Japanese officials allow themselves to say aloud fantasies like 1 million of vaccine shots a day (?) without any consequences for their careers when they miserably fail to deliver...

letsberealisticToday  06:39 am JST

What a contrast to NZ (and ostensibly Australia) where there is nobody on the streets as a result of a sudden lockdown due to one COVID case.

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Posted in: Hackers steal $97 mil from Japanese crypto exchange See in context

Don’t forget to blame this on Russians or Chinese. Japanese could not possibly be involved in this THEFT crime :), right?

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