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Posted in: 2 men stabbed on Kitakyushu street See in context

And is full of them...

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Posted in: 2 men stabbed on Kitakyushu street See in context

Do they mean Kokura Station? Don't remember an Ogura Station when I lived there, and there are loads of pachinko parlours near Kokura station...translation error?

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Posted in: Miyoko Sumida See in context

What? You can't strangle yourself to death. How did that happen?

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Posted in: Japan angered by French TV host's Fukushima joke about goalkeeper Kawashima See in context

There's nothing wrong with black humour, isn't it covered under freedom of speech? If the Japanese media (including JT) thinks this would be offensive to people in Japan, then why report it? I'm pretty sure most people living in Japan don't watch much French TV.

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Posted in: Demonstrators block delivery of tsunami debris in Kitakyushu See in context

Not much of an overreaction, demonstrators nearby had radiation metres showing values of over 0.6, that's high enough to be concerned.

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Posted in: Japanese beer heads cause Westerners to froth at the mouth See in context

Not only that, but especially in Japan it is not natural froth at the top of beer. They pour the draught beer to a certain level, then push the tap the other way to create the head..."Awa sukoshi kudosai" Japanese I've ever learned.

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Posted in: Super Girl See in context


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Posted in: Bar manager arrested over death of customer due to headlock See in context

Sounds more like a rear naked choke than a headlock.

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Posted in: Man’s skeletonized body found in Saitama apartment See in context

You can go two years without having to pay rent?

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Posted in: Goal! See in context

Why are so many people lying on the ground?...Lazy football.

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Posted in: Osaka to keep register of released child sex offenders See in context

Good on Osaka to take a baby step here, but that's what it is -- a baby step.

@Smithinjapan...C'mon man...'baby steps'...that's in poor taste ;)

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Posted in: Woman arrested for abandoning 12 dogs in house See in context

@ebisen Check your definition of third world.

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Posted in: Jewelry worth Y7.5 mil stolen in Tochigi See in context

No burglar alarms or security cameras? In this day and age? Surely that will void their

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Posted in: Cop arrested for allegedly sexually assaulting two junior high school girls See in context

This is unbecoming for a police officer?!...This is unbecoming for a human being!

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Posted in: Gemba says he feels 'deep emotion' about Pearl Harbor See in context

Well done to JT for acknowledging the one-sided view of history displayed in Japan.

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Posted in: Joji Takahashi, Mika Mifune chosen as 'Partners of the Year' See in context

They met when she was 13? This is super creepy!

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Posted in: 3 youths arrested for bludgeoning mother of female friend See in context

@trinklets2...why go there? Some people are just any state of mind

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Posted in: Aeon starts selling cheap beer See in context

I'm usually a beer snob, but it's not half bad...unlike the entirely undrinkable 'fake beer' that is so popular over here.

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Posted in: Tsunami shot glowing waves into sky See in context

Here's a pic

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Posted in: Gov't bans rice planting in contaminated soil See in context

Surely that is a no-brainer for both the government and the farmers.

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Posted in: 'Cove' director gives free DVDs to Taiji residents See in context

Hikozaemon - Of course they used The Cove to generate publicity, but I cannot honestly say that they set out to portray the people of Taiji as 'gangsters', they were very clear in showing that the people in the movie were the fishermen or city officials and therefore obviously had vested interests in stopping the filming of the activities, and they were not the average person on the street. And I think when the people of Taiji see the movie they will be somewhat shocked at the practise that is part of their 'heritage'.

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Posted in: Nara schoolgirl arrested for drug possession See in context

The idea that he is 'saving her' seems somewhat theatrical, jforce has a point, teenagers aren't saints...they're teenagers, this is when we learn from 'mistakes'.

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