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Geoff Gillespie comments

Posted in: Panda memorial See in context

Utterly ludicrous.

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Posted in: Woman stabbed at Yokohama music arena See in context

@ justasking

Unfortunately, Japan is not as safe as it once was. Prayers for a speedy recovery for this lady.

Why does anybody voicing this opinion here at Japan Today always get voted down when it is plainly a fact? I've lived in Japan for twenty years and is undoubtedly less safe that it was when I first arrived. I'm afraid anyone who says otherwise is in denial.

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Posted in: Do you think there will be many functioning democracies around the world in, say, 20 years from now? See in context

The key word here is functioning. As others here have pointed out, democracy is on the decline and there are currently virtually none that are democracies in any meaningful sense. The majority of western democracies are in reality plutocracies.

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Posted in: Decapitated head found at Sapporo home of arrested doctor, daughter See in context

@Roy SophveasonToday 

Japan has a high rate of mental illness,

It doesn't. The prevalence of CMD in Japan is much lower than in the USA (about a third) and Europe (about half). [Source: https://doi.org/10.1111/pcn.12894]

I think you may be having the wool pulled over your eyes a little here. You are quoting official figures. It is common knowledge that, due to the stigma attached, the vast majority of mental health issues go unreported and therefore undocumented in Japan, rendering these figures meaningless.

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Posted in: 'Oppenheimer' isn't opening in Japan this week, but the country has a long history of cinema about the war See in context

Japan’s cinema industry is savvy enough to take a wait-and-see approach to blockbuster films. If "Oppenheimer" fails at the box office in other markets, then Japan may decide on a quick opening in a smaller number of cinemas. If it is the global hit the producers hope, it may open across the country.

This from a supposed academic, a professor of English, Creative Writing and Film? He knows nothing about Japanese cinema. It has nothing at all to do with wait-and-see, how would that explain a six month delay for John Wick 4, the latest in a very successful franchise starring one of Japan's absolute favourite movie stars, Keanu Reeves? Christopher Nolan's movies are always hugely popular in Japan and it would be very painful for distributors for "Oppenheimer" not to open.

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Posted in: Should NATO open an office in Japan? See in context

Simple answer to this. Would Japan welcome NATO assistance once China moves on Taiwan and Japan becomes a front line target due to its US military bases? If not, then the answer is a resounding no. If they do, the answer is logically yes.

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Posted in: Awa Odori dance festival to sell premium seats for ¥200,000 See in context

I wouldn't spend ¥20 on it....

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Posted in: AI poses 'extinction' risk, say experts See in context

@ Matt

Not at all sure whether or not you‘re being obtuse here but to seriously copare the printing press or the spinning Jenny to AI technology is naive at best and ignorant at worst. Those machines were tools, tools that were operated and controlled by men. As long as AI remains a tool, there's no problem.

And Nobody mentioned anybody smashing things....

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Posted in: AI poses 'extinction' risk, say experts See in context

@ Mat

Standard Luddite fear mongering. 

Tell that to Homo Erectus. As soon as the intellectually superior Homo Sapien appeared, his days were numbered. So has it always been. We are at the beginning of a long road that ends in us having created our replacements. That's not Luddite thinking, that's common sense. For them, no death just software upgrades and spare parts. How long before they realise we are no longer of any practical use to them?

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Posted in: Teacher arrested for groping girl suspected in multiple cases See in context

Purely practical question here ,so please don't collectively bite my head off for asking it, but my understanding is that elementary school in Japan is from ages 6 to 10. Do girls of that age even have 'breasts' to speak of? Whatever, creeps like this should never be allowed anywhere near a school...

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Posted in: Ukraine's Kostyuk booed at French Open after no handshake with Belarus' Sabalenka because of war See in context

@ Thuban

Nobody should be snubbed a handshake for reasons like ethnicity, the country they're born in or the color of their skin.

This type of behavior is rude and unsportsmanlike. Athletes are not politicians.

I wonder if you would feel the same way if it were your home being violated by invaders. Walk a mile in her shoes before you criticize her...

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Posted in: Tokyo company aims to be 1st business to put lander on moon See in context

@ Marc Lowe

....exactly the pioneer spirit that made America the greatest nation on the planet. 

Wow. Seriously...?

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Posted in: 51-year-old man arrested for allegedly paying minor for sex See in context

@ Alongfortheride

So does that mean she will also be arrested for prostitution?

No, no, no...she's the "victim" here, isn't she?

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Posted in: Global broadcasting icon BBC turns 100 See in context

@ sakurasuki

Celebrating 100 years of propaganda service

No, that'll be NHK you're thinking of. The BBC has, on numerous occasions, bitten the hand that supposedly feeds it and has at times been the governments harshest critic. True, there have sometimes been incidents that the beeb would rather forget - the whole Saville affair springs shamefully to mind here! - but overall the BBC has made the world a much better place during its century in existence.

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Posted in: Internet buzzes with sympathy, support, understanding for Abe's accused killer See in context

Seriously? We are expected to show this 'man' sympathy because he's had a tough life and then allow that sympathy to excuse him murdering another human being? This could be very useful if true, I too have had a pretty difficult life, will I be entitled to the same consideration should I kill a public figure? Is everyone who has been dealt a poor hand in life going to be shown the same consideration...?

Yamagami is a cold, calculating murderer guilty of the predetermined assassination of another person. That the person in question was as high profile an individual as Abe is largely irrelevant. Murder is murder is murder and there can be NO justification for it and certainly no excusing it.

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Posted in: Do you think Russia is going to invade Ukraine? See in context

Traditionally, Russia acts first and deals with any consequences later. Take Afghanistan in 1979, for example or the Crimea just a few years ago. If they were going to do it, they would have done it by now. This is Putin flexing his muscles in order to see what the west's reaction will be....

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Posted in: Man arrested for assaulting mother, 6-year-old son on street See in context

@ Oxycodin

Lock the loony in the psychiatric ward for the rest of his life

Yes. Or - and here's a radical idea - they could treat his very obvious mental illness. Of course, locking him up and throwing away the key would be the easy thing to do. So we'll do that then, shall we...?

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Posted in: Man sentenced to life in prison for 2002 murder in Tokyo See in context

@ Larry Lacky

Wow, you are serious? Good thing you are just JT poster. Certainly wouldn’t want you in any position like government or being a cop.

Fascinating. Out of interest, what exactly would your problem be with this concept...?

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Posted in: Classic rock albums turning 50 See in context

'The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars'. Bought it on its release and have bought many copies since. Still the album by which I judge all other. A timeless classic....

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Posted in: 3 stabbed at University of Tokyo ahead of entrance exams See in context

@ Foreigner In Tokyo

Is anyone else disturbed by how much violent crime goes on here? Every other day there is a story about some horrific event, some of which would even make America revile in disgust. Japan may be spared by the lack of guns and related violence caused by them, but there is no shortage of mental illness, anger, and violence brewing under the surface.

My thoughts exactly. It amazes me that, every time anyone posts an opinion like this on this site, it gets voted down. It's almost as if people don't want to face facts here. In the UK, crime is obviously higher but we don't have the number of crazies Japan has. Yes, you are more likely to be mugged for your phone or whatever but you are very unlikely to be stabbed by a suicidal 17 year old. In short, crime in this country is random and senseless. Also, cases of murder within families is astonishingly high here. Almost every day there's a new story about about a son killing his parents, a grandson killing his grandparents, a middle aged stay-at-home man killing his elderly mother...it goes on and on.

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Posted in: There will not be a Season 2 for Netflix’s live-action 'Cowboy Bebop' See in context

As somebody generally ambivalent towards Japan's obsession with anime, I came to this aware of Cowboy Bebop but having never watched it. I really liked it and I can easily imagine that those who didn't simply had too much invested in the anime and couldn't accept anything that didn't stick very closely to it. To succeed, I guess this show and any future shows like it will need to carry a warning along the lines of "Avoid If You Are A Fan Of The Original Animated Series. If You Have An Open Mind, Please Proceed..."

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Posted in: 11-year-old boy dies after falling from 10th-floor apartment balcony See in context

@ Garthgoyle

An 11 year old should not be at home alone.

Why not?

Oh, I dunno. Because he might fall from a balcony 10 floors up...?

Oh...wait a minute.

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Posted in: Takaichi joins race to be next PM; outlines 'Sanaenomics' policy See in context

All the debate here as if she has any chance AT ALL of winning the party leadership and thus the top job - c'mon, people, she's a woman!!!! She stands about as much chance of winning as I do of growing wings and flying. It's Japan....

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Posted in: Man arrested for molesting elementary school girl in bookstore See in context

@ WilliB

Girls with sexy clothing can and do move freely, alone, and at night anywhere in the city. That is NOT something you can say about current cities in e.g. Europe.

Really? I've lived in Tokyo for 18 years and prior to that I was born and raised in London. No women - not one, and that thankfully includes my daughter! - had ever been physically accosted in the UK. Amongst my female students here in Tokyo, something approaching 80% have confided in me that at some point in their lives they have been touched on a train. I actually caught a low life filming up a girl's skirt one evening. Does that fit your image of Japan, because that is the reality.

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Posted in: Man arrested for molesting elementary school girl in bookstore See in context

@ Zaphod

 Isnt this just about the most well-behaved society on the planet?

That's very much what they would like you to believe but in reality, problems of this kind are no less prevalent than elsewhere. And that's no fantasy.

I am starting to believe that the crime figures here in Japan are being massaged in order to fit the image that Japan wants to project to the rest of the world.

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Posted in: Two 19-year-olds arrested for home break-in and robbery See in context

@ Hokkaidoboy

It is terrible from my POV that they cannot be named at 19 for being "minors"

It's nonsense, isn't it? The very idea that, at 19, they are not responsible as adults for their

actions is a blight on Japanese society.

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Posted in: Widow indicted for allegedly killing Japanese 'Don Juan' See in context

While there is a lack of direct evidence, it is believed that the Wakayama District Public Prosecutors Office feels it can establish guilt on the basis of circumstantial evidence.

That sentence leaves me feeling a little uncomfortable.....

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Posted in: Mother in Arizona denies killing 2 children with meat cleaver See in context

@ Scarce

The American prison system will welcome her with open arms. America isn't like the Japanese legal system where she would get 5 years in prison. She will get at least 20 years, with no chance of parole. 

Sounds to me like she'll be claiming diminished responsibility due to some form of mental illness, an insanity plea if you will. Who knows, she may actually be insane, in which case it'll be a cushy enough 20 plus years in a secure facility....

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Posted in: Netflix lands 'Knives Out' sequels in high-priced deal See in context

@ snowymountainhell

So, actually, keeping with the spirit of finding some commonality, will give SW:TLJ a second view, from Your different perspectives.

Good for you. I came here, read your initial remarks and then planned to reply to them in a manner that was bound to spark a flame war of some kind. Then I read the comment above and I have renewed respect for you.

I, too, loved TLJ and, though I can't profess to being a SW fan boy, I very much appreciated Rian Johnson’s attempts to do something new and unexpected with the franchise. The majority of SW fans were not open in any way to this concept but, coming as it did so soon after Rogue One, I felt that it gave the whole shebang a lift that JJ was unable to benefit from. TROS was a dreadful end to the saga. Anyway, I for one look forward to these Netflix movies. Knives Out was a lot of fun...

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