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Posted in: Entertainers mourn death of Johnny Kitagawa at Tokyo Dome memorial event See in context

Extremely satisfying to come here and to see all of these right-minded comments when all you get from the Japanese you speak to is nods, awkward smiles and hushed comments. Like so much else in Japanese society, these allegations - which we all know to be true! - are too uncomfortable for them to face and they would all rather ignore their existence. Shameful, as are the parents who presumably saw fit to put their young sons in harm's way for the promise of possible stardom...

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Posted in: Chinese K-pop stars publicly back Beijing on Hong Kong See in context

No surprise here, surely. They know which side their bread is buttered. China is an important market for them, a few misplaced words and they are banned from entering and playing in China. Needs must when the devil drives....

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Posted in: Father arrested for attempted murder of 30-year-old disabled son See in context

@ AramaTaihenNoYouDidnt

A professor? Shame on you no matter what the excuse is

Professor? Where does it say that? It says he works at a university, he could be a janitor...

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Posted in: China orders Cathay Pacific to suspend staff backing Hong Kong protests See in context

@ Janet Toop

 if you truly cared, money wouldn't be an issue - just take one for the team.

Tell you what, let's me and you swap places, shall we? You obviously have a considerably higher income than do I and probably most on this thread for you talk about taking one for the team this way. Personal finance in issues like this must ALWAYS takes precedence....just not in your ivory tower, I guess.

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Posted in: Suicide jumper flung back onto train platform, injuring 2 See in context

@ Eleonora

 I think we're losing perspective if all we care abut is getting to work on time, rather than thinking about why a man in his 20s decided to kill himself, and what problems in society brought him to do that.

Maybe is this loss of humanity and empathy that brings people to commit suicide...

I have sympathy with those who feel that there is nowhere to turn and that suicide is their only option. What I have NO sympathy for, however, is suicide as performance art. Why is it necessary to commit suicide in such a public manner? My 14 year old son was confronted with the remains of one these individuals on the platform of Seijogakuen-mae station last year. The staff were mopping his remains off the platform and it affected my son badly. Is that the point? Do they want the world to take notice of them in death the way it didn't while they were alive? If they are going to take their lives, as tragic as that is, why can't they do it in the privacy of their homes? And don't tell me that they aren't thinking straight, they are thinking straight enough to leave home, enter the station and choose their moment. Sorry, no sympathy here...

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Posted in: James Cameron salutes 'Endgame' for sinking 'Titanic' record See in context

@ Alex80

if you aren't already into this "endless saga" kind of thing, like the Marvel universe, where all the movies are related between them, you'll never watch these movies despite their popularity.

Umm...well, yes. That's the point of the whole thing in the first place. It isn't for the johnny-come-lately's and all the better for it.

@ Sh1mon M4sada

...the first half of the movie is all mush, and the second half is your typical good evil battle...yawn.

It was the resolution of the whole Infinity Wars saga, that movie was the action. Why do I get the feeling you guys missed the point of it all?

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Posted in: Virgin territory: Study shows heterosexual inexperience rising in Japan See in context


Contrary to “Popular Belief”, there is NOTHING “Wrong” with this.

Really...? Well, unless you've managed to come up with a practical alternative to sex for bringing more babies into the world, I would say that the imminent possibility of the Japanese people going the way of the Dodo is a bad thing and therefore “Wrong”, wouldn't you...?

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Posted in: The biggest hits and misses in Hollywood's 2018 See in context


Black Panther sucked.

No, Black Panther pretty obviously didn't "suck" - I really hate that particularly lazy Americanism - it was far too successful and too many people did like it for it to "suck". So would you care to exercise your opinion a little further and expand your thoughts on the movie? If you have genuine gripes, I'd like to hear them...

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Posted in: Do you enjoy spending Christmas in Japan? See in context

No, absolutely not. Why? Very simple. There is NO Christmas in Japan. Everybody gets up and goes to work on the day and the only concession to the holiday at all is maybe KFC (?) and possibly a cake. Frankly speaking, Japan is just about the most depressing place on earth at Christmas and in 16 years I have only endured two Christmases here. Now, New Year is another thing entirely. I am always back in time for that....

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Posted in: After Canada legalizes pot, industry eyes rest of the world See in context

@ Daniel Donaldson

They are not 'way worse'.

They most certainly are. Look at all of the stories we regularly see here about men committing crimes only to claim they were too drunk to remember. Nobody who has had a puff is going to get involved in criminal acts or violence - they're far to relaxed. Likewise drink driving...

As for cigarettes, evidence suggests that marijuana is not addictive but rather habitual - subtle difference, really - while the nicotine in fags make them highly addictive.

Another interesting question. Would anybody smoking dope in the Canadian embassy in Tokyo be liable for prosecution? Wouldn't that be considered to be sovereign Canadian territory...?

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Posted in: 2-year-old boy hit and killed by car driven by father See in context


If you can't see your kids don't move a 2 ton car! Even if I move my car 3 meters I never lose sight of my kids or put them in the car!

Yes, OK. But sadly we're not all perfect and tragic accidents happen. Not sure what a comment like yours is designed to achieve....

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Posted in: Kumamoto councilwoman who took baby to work kicked out of conference for using cough drop See in context

@ Vince Black

hasnt she stirred the pot enough? Sounds like a troublemaker

Unless I'm much mistaken - and I don't think I am - at least 8 people don't fully understand the true beauty of sarcasm here...

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Posted in: Myanmar's Suu Kyi to visit Fukushima Pref See in context

@ Goodlucktoyou

...she murdered thousands of her people, burnt all their houses and livestock, and forced 700000 the run for their lives to Bangladesh with only the clothes they are wearing

Whilst I agree with the sentiments you express, it isn't fair to say that she herself actually murdered anyone but rather she stood by and let it happen. I wouldn't personally let her in the country...

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Posted in: Most female doctors in poll can understand Tokyo medical school reducing female applicant scores See in context

And there in a nutshell we have Japan's problem. Even confronted with something as heinous as this blatant discrimination, people in Japan act as if they are sedated. The timidity of Japanese people is, at times, breathtaking. The shogenai attitude prevails. Maddening...

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Posted in: Do you think artificial intelligence will contribute to the dumbing down of humans? See in context

Dumbing down if we're lucky. Eradication if we're not so lucky....

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Posted in: Tokyo Medical Univ discriminated against female applicants: sources See in context

Can someone please explain to me why this isn't the TOP STORY on this site?? This is utterly scandalous and, if true, is a new Japanese low....

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Posted in: Videos released of Japanese, Italian captives in Syria See in context

@ Serrano

Many countries in Europe are in danger of becoming countries that will be torn by Islamic extremism. Italy has recently taken steps to prevent that. The U.K. had better step up their efforts.

Your agenda is no less hate filled than theirs. You would have the countries of the West open internment camps and make enemies of peace loving Muslims. Understand that Islam isn't our enemy, extremism is. There are plenty of Christian extremists in the world and I am afraid you are just showing your ignorance of the facts here. But the, facts are inconvenient, aren't they? They just get in the way of quick fixes, don't they...?

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Posted in: Are you for or against the death penalty? See in context

Murder is murder. Whether it's a crime or state sanctioned murder such as capital punishment, it's still murder.

Man has no place killing man. It really couldn't be any simpler. Used the way it is in Japan, it's just vengeance...and vengeance can never be justice. No. 100% no...

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Posted in: Ninja bikini sacrifices stealth for sexy coolness See in context

Maybe next time they could have a go at finding an attractive girl to model it...?

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Posted in: Tidy Japan fans make us proud, says Yoshida See in context

Seriously, who cares? I would rather the Japan team concentrated on winning games than whether or not their fans are tidy.

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Posted in: Video game bar managers arrested for alleged copyright violations See in context

@ MiaTanaka

Thing is, outside of Japan, USA, UK (USA jr), no one really cares.

Wow. Really...? UK (USA jr) ? You need to show a little more respect. Could you be any more insulting...?

Maybe you would like to take time out from what I'm sure is your very busy day spent putting the world to rights to qualify that remark...?

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Posted in: Idol group AKB48 sells 2.5 million copies of new CD; bags full of them end up in trash days later See in context

All shapes and sizes in JP girl groups. South Korea, they look like clones.

Yes, maybe...but they are sexy, adult clones and not unappealing, underage and largely talentless jailbait.

And they can dance...which is more than J Pop groups can manage.

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Posted in: Japanese idol singer to hold memorial concert for 55-year-old fan who died alone and had no funeral See in context

@ commanteer

Here's the thing, Geoff. Nobody cares about your opinion of the idol culture

Quite rightly so, and neither should they. But strangely, they still do, don't they...? You'll appreciate that there is a difference between my posting my opinions and others posting negatively about my opinions, do you? I was not posting in any way negatively about anyone else's opinions because, as you say, I also don't care what anybody else thinks. I was merely reacting honestly to how the story made me feel. seem to have no trouble profiling the deceased in this story. Have a little sympathy. You know nothing of him or his past or even why he was alone

If you look back at my original comments, I merely stated that this guy obviously obsessed over this artist and at least one other like her, going to EVERY EVENT she took part in, and that he died alone and friendless without any family. This is all fact. As for having any sympathy....well, OK, it's all very sad and it's a nice gesture by this girl. The really sad thing is that we all live in a society here in Japan where dying alone in your fifties is possible.

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Posted in: Ex-worker at nursing home sentenced to death for killing 3 residents See in context

Japan is very much a victim of its own success. They manage to keep elderly people alive longer but the infrastructure to take care of them is poor to non-existent. Until the government wakes up to the fact that there is no cheap fix to this problem and puts its hands deep into its pockets for quality care for the elderly, we are going to see more and more distressing stories like this one.

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Posted in: Japanese idol singer to hold memorial concert for 55-year-old fan who died alone and had no funeral See in context

@ Jalapeno

A sour Brit: double check!

Remarkable, you've never met me and it's possible for you to be able to profile me from just a single set of comments. A career hunting down serial killers with the CIA beckons...

In all honesty, I am not the least bit sour, quite the opposite, actually. I just hate the whole idol culture thing. It creeps me out...

@ Thunderbird2

Never ceases to amaze me that some people on here never see anything nice in the world. 

Again, another mystifying leap in logic. Because I find this particular story unpleasant I myself am incapable of seeing nice things in the world? Really? Are you incapable of understanding that not everybody feels the same way about things as you do and that in doing so that person doesn't necessarily torture animals and small children? A little perspective here, people...

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Posted in: Japanese idol singer to hold memorial concert for 55-year-old fan who died alone and had no funeral See in context

This story is, for me, the perfect storm of a story, being as it combines most of the elements about Japan that make me feel a little uncomfortable. Let's tick them off the list, shall we? Deplorable idol culture? Check. Middle aged man obsessing over said culture? Check. Same middle aged man dying alone, seemingly friendless and devoid of family? Check.

Nice story? Not for me, I'm afraid....

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Posted in: Ex-worker at nursing home sentenced to death for killing 3 residents See in context

No evidence and just a confession? Death penalty...?

How easily that veneer of civilisation can be tarnished.

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Posted in: Man on a mission See in context

"The Commuter" (titled "Train Mission" for Japan)...

Why? If there was one country in the world familiar with the word commuter, it must surely be Japan.

I get the feeling distributors in Japan change western movie titles for fun and the Japanese titles are, with VERY few exceptions, inferior and sometimes plain stupid. Time for this practice to stop, methinks...

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Posted in: Japan's isolated older 'hikikomori' shun society for years See in context

"Maybe it's common overseas that grown-up children leave their parents' home, but in Japan, parents let them stay," said Ikeda, the clinical psychologist.

And there we have it in a nutshell, ladies and gentlemen. In that short sentence we have the cure for Japan's ills. Treat your 'adult' children like adults, have them out from under your feet at 18, out in the workplace earning a living. University? Gimme a break, ask any Japanese university graduate what value they place on their education and they'll tell you they did nothing and it was a waste of time. Sure worked for this guy, right?

Parents must take all of the responsibility when their kids can't deal with the outside world and all of its trials and tribulations. A little tough love goes a long way...

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