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Posted in: Zheng overpowers Osaka on grass with salvo of aces See in context

Why, when covering Osaka's campaigns, is there a constant reference to "returning from giving birth?"

The general public are well aware of this fact.

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Posted in: Husband dead, wife in critical condition after being found beaten at home in Tokyo See in context

"police will wait until she recovers before questioning her"

Probably appropriate to wait.

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Posted in: Man arrested for entering women’s toilet in park, says he wanted to see their buttocks See in context

These cretins never cease to amaze,

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Posted in: Political turmoil in France won't affect Paris Games, IOC head says See in context

But it might affect the amount in the brown paper bag being passed under the table.

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Posted in: U.S. comedian Jimmy Kimmel says he was blown away by Japan’s bathrooms See in context

Jimmy Kimmel is a comedian? Now that is a good joke.

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Posted in: S Korea says N Korea has fired intermediate range missile into its eastern waters See in context

"Kim Jung Un supervised ........."

He couldn't organise a pub raffle.

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Posted in: New Zealand accuses China of hacking parliament See in context

It is an industry in Pandaland.

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Posted in: Putin says Islamic extremists raided concert hall but attack masterminds yet to be found See in context

JJE @ 7.14am

"The purpose is to.........." Seems that thriving on conspiracy theories is your speciality.

"the terroists were escaping at speed towards Ukraine" It suits the Russian narrative to say that.

The interesting thing here is the complete failure of intelligence by the Russian security operatives to detect the threat. Assume some bodies will be nervous in anticipation before they are headed to colder climes.

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Posted in: Ohtani says he never bet on sports; claims interpreter Mizuhara stole money, told lies See in context

High grade naivety.

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Posted in: N Korea v Japan World Cup qualifier off over 'unforeseen circumstances' See in context

@ Protestant 7.53am

Because the rent-a-crowd are told to or else.

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Posted in: Gov't to require sex offense checks for those applying to work with children See in context

Why would a sex offender have records expunged after time.

Once on, you should stay on, no ifs or buts.

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Posted in: N Korea fires multiple ballistic missiles toward eastern waters See in context

So they took 7 hours to cover the distance?

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Posted in: New Zealand seizes black boxes from LATAM Boeing 787 after more than 50 injured during flight See in context

It is not rocket science to utilise the seatbelt.

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Posted in: Sabalenka, Gauff advance; Osaka ousted at Indian Wells See in context

Why is it that every report involving Naomi Osaka includes the byline "returning after giving birth." Is there anyone on the planet not aware of that?

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Posted in: Haley suspends her campaign, leaving Trump as last major Republican candidate See in context

Are there no young, credible intellectuals in U.S. politics?

Two 80 plus candidates in charge- what a joke.

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Posted in: Israel's Olympic status not in question says IOC president Bach amid frustration with Russia See in context

Caption for the Bach/Putin photo- "Corruption x 2"

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Posted in: Japan defeats N Korea 2-1 to reach women's soccer tournament at Paris Olympics See in context

Obviously thinking about a world of pain coming up on the horizon.

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Posted in: Moldovan breakaway region appeals to Russia as spat with pro-Western government worsens See in context

@Thuban 7.12am

A la Chechnya?

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Posted in: N Korean women seek Olympic 'glory' in qualifying showdown with Japan See in context

"draw power from representing our country."

More likely the fear of consequences should they fail.

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Posted in: New families sought for children with disabilities via adoption See in context

There are hidden pockets of genuine kindness in this tumultous world.

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Posted in: Kim's powerful sister says N Korea, Japan can open 'new future' See in context

Is that a semblance of a smile? just about a hanging offence in NK.

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Posted in: 'You need to calm down': Swift-mania hits Australia See in context

@GuruMick @ 6.26pm

Not sure which is worse, the prune juice or Perry Como.

Now, if it was The Rolling Stones, Joe Cocker, Slade or The Hollies, that's a different story.

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Posted in: Parents arrested over fatal poisoning, drugging of 4-year-old daughter in Tokyo See in context

How can so many red flags appear without a proper investigation?

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Posted in: N Korean leader Kim vows to 'put an end' to South if attacked See in context

Obviously has scant regard for the future of his daughter.

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Posted in: Osaka trying not to feel 'a failure' after early Abu Dhabi exit See in context

"I'm less confident but not too unconfident." What?

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Posted in: Why Taylor Swift's globe-trotting in private jets is getting scrutinized See in context

@Moira 6.45am


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Posted in: Taylor Swift could make it from Tokyo to Super Bowl. Parking her private jet could be tricky See in context

Hold the presses! We have a news story about Taylor Swift. I am overcome with emotion.

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Posted in: Hong Kong convicts four over 2019 legislature storming See in context

Well that was a surprise !

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Posted in: 2024 Grammys preview: Five big questions ahead of Sunday’s award show See in context

It's on pay TV- they pay you to watch it!

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Posted in: ANA planes collide at Osaka airport; no one hurt See in context

Obvious;y some eyesight issues here.

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