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Posted in: Man arrested for forcing his pet cat to swim See in context

Slow news day at JT?

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Posted in: Australia accuses China of undermining world trade See in context

Can't wait for the rhetoric that will explode from the bowels of the Global Times. For China to say the sanctions against Australia are not politically motivated demonstrates the warped mindset of their Govt. Hope all their constituents enjoy the cold winter which, by banning coal imports, will bring unnecessary hardship upon the lives of millions. Still, as long as the hierachy are warm and cosy in their plush surroundings all is well.

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Posted in: Rolling Stones drop hit 'Brown Sugar' from U.S. tour See in context

The woke warriors strike again.

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Posted in: Olympics VP says China human rights 'not within' IOC mandate See in context

Watching his speech at the National Press Club reinforced the concept of what a bumbling pawn of the IOC Coates is. Can only imagine the kicking and screaming performance that will ensue when another attempt to oust him as Australia's representative surfaces.

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Posted in: Chinese developer Fantasia fails to make debt payments See in context

You reap what you sow Mr Xi.

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Posted in: Osaka out of top 10 for first time since 2018 See in context

Tell somebody who cares!

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Posted in: Hosts China face possible exclusion from Olympic ice hockey See in context

As if the CCP will allow them to suffer humiliation at the hands of USA/Canada.

Would be worth enjoying though!

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Posted in: Osaka feels 'itch' to make tennis return 'soon' See in context

Excuse me, say the sponsors could you please make a court appearance to justify our commitment to you?

Scenario: She wins her first match- "I'm happy with the world again!" She loses her second game, "I'm stressed, I need a break." Drama queens belong on Broadway, not centre courts.

So just do everyone a favour and fade gracefully into the background.

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Posted in: Man Utd crash out of League Cup, Spurs, Chelsea advance See in context

Memo to OGS- if you want to win, you have to play your best team. They are paid millions to play, not sit and watch.

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Posted in: Osaka withdraws from Indian Wells tournament See in context

She obviously was not too stressed at the recent Emmy Awards.

Have her sponsors jumped on her bandwagon too early? Do her contractual arrangements have a "no play no pay" clause? I think not.

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Posted in: Australian PM says Macron not taking his calls See in context

You just have to realise when to cut your losses. If it puts their noses out of joint, so be it. Lengthy delays, cost blowouts are not acceptable when a contract states a time frame and expenditure.

Besides, they have never gotten over Australia producing higher quality champagne. They whinged so much that Australia was forced to rename to "sparkling wine." Cancelling a cocktail party just means that the taxpayers of France have saved some money.

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Posted in: Rare earthquake triggers panic in Melbourne See in context

Matej 10.28am

Emergency repairs are not off limits - keep your information factual.

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Posted in: Melbourne shuts construction sites after violent anti-vax protest See in context

So John Setka can identify everyone that is not a CMFEU member? Not many people can remember 30,000 faces that are registered as CMFEU members. Must be discomforting for him to realise that he is actually not god's gift to the union movement. Maybe he could donate some of his excessive salary to those who have had to stand down. (Pigs might fly too!)

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Posted in: Australian PM rejects Chinese criticism of nuclear sub deal See in context

Zhao Lijian, the quintessential spokesman, reading what is written for him, refusing to answer any questions deemed to be critical and with the oratory skills of a lump of granite. A ladder climber in the true sense of Chinese characteristics.

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Posted in: Medvedev ends Djokovic's bid for year Slam at U.S. Open See in context

Smashing tennis racquets seems to be Novak's choice of expression. God knows what will happen if the umpires have the intestinal fortitude to issue a game penalty. Time to penalise these tantrums with more appropriate measures.

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Posted in: Osaka should take whatever time off she needs See in context

If you are unhappy when you win or lose, time to put your cue in the rack. Do some volunteer work to gain a different perspective on life. Often, the pressures of life come from those close to you who see a personal benefit from your own success. Time to reassess your goals.

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Posted in: 27-year-old man arrested over sister's death in Kawasaki See in context

The police did not arrive until after 11am. Did the daughter normally sleep in that late? The mother did not check? There are more questions than answers here.

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Posted in: Osaka makes winning return; Murray tumbles out of U.S. Open against Tsitsipas See in context

The world is all rosy again. (Until the next defeat, when we will all have to endure the tears and self-pity again.)

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Posted in: New island discovered south of Tokyo after submarine volcano erupts See in context

Monday - island emerges, capsizing 30 Chinese illegal fishing boats.

Tuesday - the CCP enact a State of Emergency, fuel up nuclear weaponry.

Wednesday - the WHO send an emissary to investigate if this was the source of Covid.

Thursday - PLA paratroopers arrive and plant rice.

Friday - North Korea request rice importing rights.

Saturday/ Sunday - the island submerges, everybody goes home for the weekend.

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Posted in: Lionel Messi signs 2-year contract with Paris Saint-Germain See in context

Just how much money does he need? Hopefully, he is a generous philanthropic guy who doesn't publicise this aspect. Millions of euros certainly changed his mood quickly.

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Posted in: After Tokyo, Olympians hanker for 2024 Games See in context

To those privileged few who complain how tough it was, you were no doubt informed of the limitations before you went, so the choice was yours. Just be thankful that you had an opportunity to display your talent, with all expenses paid.

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Posted in: Sayonara Tokyo, bonjour Paris: Summer Olympic focus switches to 2024 See in context

Be interesting to see the fate of any Chinese athlete who did not win gold. Anything less is considerable an abject failure and unleashes their social media bad mouthing.

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Posted in: Duchess of Sussex launches mentoring project on her 40th See in context

40 minutes, I mean seriously? What a sacrifice. maybe she should invite them to her million $$$$$$$ mansion for a coffee and chat.

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Posted in: Australian Olympic athletes under fire for rowdy, drunken flight home See in context

No cabin crew should have to put up with that crap behaviour. Federal police in Sydney must have been on a tea break. Fine them, shame them and ban them.

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Posted in: 2 high school girls, 50-year-old man found dead in car in apparent joint suicide See in context

There are a multiple reasons why this occurs. The bottom line however is that three lives have tragically been lost. Having no obvious connection between them strengthens the assertation that social media may have been involved, which raises various scenarios. The beckoning question is- who wrote the note?

The young can be so vulnerable to online predators, if this is the case. Whatever the situation, three families now have to endure heartache for the rest of their lives and many do not recover. RIP

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