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Posted in: Man sentenced to life for killing 9-year-old girl in 2004 loses appeal See in context

Society would be far better off using a rope rather than wasting money sustaining him.

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Posted in: Complete list of WWII U.S. internees of Japanese descent unveiled See in context

Michael @ 8.18am

Well said Michael.

To Yubara @ 7.50am- you missed the word "illegal" between "THe and immigrants..."

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Posted in: Putin escalates Ukraine war; issues nuclear threat to West See in context

If Putin wants to bolster his troop numbers, he needs to barricade the airports to stop the exodus. Desperate times call for desperate measures. Or perhaps Mr Puny could don a bullet proof vest and join his comrades in Ukraine and drill them in moving backwards.

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Posted in: Remains of 3 people found in burned-out car in Yokosuka park See in context

Without knowing the facts, it seems like another selfish adult act.

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Posted in: Japanese man sets himself on fire in apparent protest at Abe's state funeral See in context

Meaningless protest.

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Posted in: Kishida calls for U.N. reforms to address Russian aggression See in context

Re-organizing the UN has been long overdue. Time to use "majority rule" procedure. The veto situation virtually means that anything Western countries propose (not always good) are automatically vetoed by Russia & China as a matter of course.

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Posted in: Struggling Osaka aiming to break slump as Pan Pacific Open returns See in context

Jim @ 17th August

"Osaka will reach semi-final of U.S. Open."

That went well, or maybe he omitted to quote the year.

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Posted in: Russia turns to recruiting trucks, big wages to woo volunteer soldiers See in context

Does enlistment also come with a short term insurance policy that benefits their parents?

The selling points for enlistment must be interesting- weaving and ducking practice, how to extinguish tank fires, running (backwards) drills, submerged escape drills (navy), listening to propaganda ad nauseum and artillery practice at civilian targets.

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Posted in: Bizarre bicycle vandalism reported to mayor of Mie town; he admits doing it See in context

It was reported in August and he kept doing it until Sept? (Aug31-Sept 1?)

Apparently he is not the usual stereotype bureaucrat who is content to wallow behind a desk and collect a fat pay check. An authentic hands-on mayoral approach.

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Posted in: Kanye West says he's splitting with Gap after 2 years See in context

Numan @ 10.49

There are more important things in life than accumulating wealth.

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Posted in: Kanye West says he's splitting with Gap after 2 years See in context

Devastating news- the world is broken hearted for Mr. West in his hour of need.

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Posted in: North Korea passes law allowing for nuclear first strike See in context

He obviously doesn't care that it would mean immediate termination of his family's dynasty and all those living under it. Law? Edict more like it.

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Posted in: Tokyo gang breaks no-weapons rule; shows up for fight with rivals carrying spiked bat See in context


Question 1- someone stole their makeup cases.

Question 2- refused to appear on camera without makeup.

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Posted in: Serena Williams advances at U.S. Open, beating No. 2 seed Kontaveit See in context

Fighto @11.53

Looking through rose coloured glasses again?

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Posted in: Australia enlists NBA legend Shaquille O'Neal on Indigenous reform See in context

Just another PR stunt. he is only there because he gets paid to be there. "meet & greet" speaking engagements @ 90,000Y per person. Purely a staged event to improve the ego of Albanese.

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Posted in: Japan national police chief to resign over Abe's assassination See in context

"he took the former p.m.'s death seriously"

Really? I wonder who tapped him on the shoulder and said "time to retire."

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Posted in: Man arrested for punching woman on train because ‘she wasn’t wearing mask’ See in context

Took a lot of courage to assault an 82 year old woman. Now you can practice on a punching bag in prison.

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Posted in: At least 21 killed in Somalia hotel siege; many hostages freed See in context

Those police vehicles obviously don't utilise the car wash in the background.

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Posted in: Venus Williams, Osaka exit Cincinnati in first round See in context

Not having won a match since 2019, and being 42, what is the point of Venus Williams continuing?

Surely she should now be coaching/mentoring young aspirants to reach the heights that she did.

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Posted in: Venus Williams, Osaka exit Cincinnati in first round See in context

No comment Miss Osaka?

Sponsors must be enjoying the ride - not!

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Posted in: Osaka exits opening match at Toronto with back injury See in context

"So all of a sudden....."

Ohtani is part of a team sport, Osaka plays for herself.

"most of you had not heard of her before her first grand slam win"

Not most- all. Should we have known her?

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Posted in: Nicki Minaj to get Video Vanguard Award at MTV Awards See in context

Are we supposed to care?

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Posted in: Obama among international dignitaries expected at Abe state funeral See in context

The govt, is arranging for..........

Just exactly what does that mean? An all expenses paid junket for Obama?

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Posted in: China urges Japan to stay true to nuclear disarmament commitment See in context

The CCP's arrogance and hypocrisy has no bounds.

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Posted in: Gauff thwarts Osaka fightback to reach San Jose WTA quarter-finals See in context

The hype in JT after Osaka's first round win may have been a little premature.

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Posted in: Heavy rain hits northern Japan, 200,000 urged to evacuate See in context

"Do not expect......."

Another extract from the PT Townsend doomsday book.

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Posted in: Hong Kong Sevens fans can drink, but not eat, in stands See in context

"For eating you need to take off your mask..."

Who would have thought.

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Posted in: Tokyo Olympic sponsors deny relationship with exec suspected of bribery See in context

Another extract from the Bach book of corruption.

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Posted in: Al Qaeda leader Zawahiri killed in CIA drone strike in Afghanistan See in context

"and so what?"

A victory that ensures the new leaders will not sleep easy and will be using a kalishnikov as a pillow.

What goes around comes around.

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Posted in: Japan executes prisoner who killed 7 in Tokyo street rampage See in context

One wonders what the cost was of keeping this piece of human trash alive for 14 years?

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