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Posted in: An oasis for pizza lovers opens in Tokyo's Azabujuban See in context

Is it smoke free? I don't share the Japanese passion for smoking.

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Posted in: NGOs warn evacuees of possible sexual assaults in shelters See in context

I did not even think of this happening, as it does not happen much in Japan in general.

You must be joking right? What is the point of the women only cars on the trains and subways of Tokyo?

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Posted in: Taiji mayor defends dolphin hunts See in context

I think many people are missing one of the main points here : it's the way the dolphins are being killed. If they want to kill animals, fine go for it, but as a neutral observer the method being used here looks totally barbaric to me.

Second, to Zenny11's comment above : What is the "off limit' area you are referring to? Taiji is not off limits.

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Posted in: What should the U.S. military brass and/or Japanese authorities do to reduce the number of crimes committed by U.S. military personnel in Japan? See in context

Interesting article here on the crime rate (figures from 2008) :


However, to summarise - SOFA-status people accounted for 1.62 percent of all arrests on Okinawa during the year, while they make up 3.28 percent of the island’s population.

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Posted in: SMAP singer Masahiro Nakai to be TBS' main commentator for Winter Olympics See in context

Mao Asada "expected" to come home with gold? I thought the Korean skater Kim Yu-Na was overwhelming favorite in the ladies figure skating. -2009 World Champ, 3 time Grand Prix Final Champion, record holder in short and free skating and that is just a small sampling. Someone ought to let TBS know.... also let them know Japan isn't the only nation competing at the winter olympics. From what I saw of the summer games while it was broadcast here the olympics consists of a week of judo then a week of one swimming event.

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