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Posted in: Biden: Racism in U.S. is institutional, 'white man's problem' See in context

Like Joe Biden says, racism is a “white man’s problem” -- a manifestation that we are scared. But once we figure out that the fear is unfounded, it all vanishes -- and takes racism with it.

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Posted in: Japanese carmakers make fresh push on hydrogen stations See in context

With scientist developing a ceramic membrane that makes hydrogen from methane -- 87% of natural gas is methane -- we don’t need to worry about a hydrogen infrastructure anymore; the gas lines are already there. Indeed, the new membrane makes the hydrogen in compressed form -- and makes electricity as well.

"Our investigations show that it is possible to generate compressed hydrogen in just one step with high efficiency from electricity and methane gas or biogas and, simultaneously, isolate the CO2 and not release it into the atmosphere. Our method allows for the hydrogen to be produced at high pressure in a distributed manner, which means it could be produced in petrol stations, residential areas, garages or farms. By using electricity from renewable sources, our system allows us to generate hydrogen with a very low carbon footprint. We can also store the leftover renewable energy in the form of compressed hydrogen for a later use when the electrical demand is higher, or as fuel for vehicles." -- Manuel Serra

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Posted in: Toyota to build fuel-cell plant in California See in context

No Tesla BS at Toyota: “We only announce what we are sure of. More pilot test vehicles will come, and then we scale up quickly." -- Andrew Lund

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Posted in: EU aims to show Brexit lesson learned See in context

Britain got it wrong with Brexit, but is way too proud to admit it. The European Union should help save face. Doing nothing for now might be the best course for both sides.

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