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I'm always looking for a new place to stay every time I visit Tokyo. This will surely be on my short list. Thanks for the post!!!

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Thanks for sharing this article! As a former Sake Educator in the US, it's a great feeling to see how much international acceptance Sake has received. And with fun and interesting events like this to promote the long tradition of Sake, I can see more people falling in love with the beverage. Kanpai!

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Very informative article, and thank you for including the technical language for the aging of foods. I really appreciate the extra pieces of information as it gives me better understanding to exactly what is happening to these proteins and vegetables.

I’ve noticed many star chefs (such as Rene Redzepi and David Chang) around the world apply these aging techniques to accelerate ripening and tenderizing of ingredients.

It is fascinating to see a Japanese approach to mold and probiotic applications.

I will surely visit this establishment the next time I’m in Tokyo.

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