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Posted in: Biden, Kishida likely to discuss Texas bullet train project, sources say See in context

Why not the Boston to Washington, DC corridor instead? More potential passengers.

It already has the Acela Express which is technically a bullet train.

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Posted in: Finland is world's happiest country for 7th straight year: study See in context

Japan ranked 31st is the biggest joke of the year! It’s probably closer to 80th to be more realistic!

I would think it should be ranked higher. What's not to be happy about in Japan? It has super advanced technology, great infrastructure, low crime, clean, good healthy food, beautiful scenery, nice weather, so much to see and do. I guess the work culture makes it lose a lot of points.

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Posted in: Japan's tallest skyscraper, at 330 meters, completed in Tokyo See in context

Clearly this person hasn’t travelled much globally or even in Japan! Tokyo is the most overrated city in the world! Overpriced, nothing spectacular, copied architecture from other area, overcrowded to the max, impossible to get a decent restaurant reservation on any given Friday, Saturday or even Sunday, lack of 24 hours supermarket, long long lines everywhere, can’t get seats even at Starbucks, trains packed like sardine cans, apartment sizes are super small and super overpriced and the biggest problem is it’s disaster prone with earthquakes and the inevitable Mount Fuji eruption which will send 2 inches of black ash to Tokyo according to Japan Metrology Agency. There are much more beautiful cities in Japan which are a thousand times better than Tokyo!

I count the suburban prefectures of Kanagawa, Chiba, Saitama, and Western Tokyo Prefecture as "Tokyo" and I'd rather live in one of those areas than within the 23 special wards. Living an hour away from Central Tokyo by train or car is ideal.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 98 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 312 See in context

Just another evidence that Japan is the greatest nation in the world. Like so many other things, Japan handled the virus with efficiency.

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Posted in: Another Tokyo urban landmark closing down, this time the home of Shinjuku’s giant Yunika Vision See in context

I remember when it first opened up as I was living in Tokyo at the time. It was like another Shibuya Crossing/Q-Front.

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Posted in: Heat! What heat? Tokyo Olympics would have been on cool side See in context

This has been a cool summer with the extended rainy season.

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