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Posted in: Turkey's Erdogan talks to Swedish, Finnish leaders on NATO See in context

Erdogan is the enemy within NATO, a Trojan Horse. Even though his evil behaviours and attitudes have already been shown, the real Erdogan has yet to be revealed. NATO should use this as an oppertunity to get rid of Erdogan and take in Sweeden and Finland. The gaul of Erdogan. He is not fit to wipe the shoes of such renowned and respected humanitarian states as Sweden and Finland.

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Posted in: Johnson urges end to Northern Ireland deadlock; spars with EU See in context

If Brexit is chalenging such Peace agreements then Brexit has to change not those Peace agreements, because they came first and they are politically/sociologically absolutely crucial to keeping the peace, whereas Brexit is an economic option.

Also the current situation regarding imorts/exports was a compromise that the EU made to facilitate the UK, which itself presented it as a solution.

It looks like the EU is coming around to realising that the British government are taking the you know what out of them.

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Posted in: First image of black hole at Milky Way's center revealed See in context

Kinda scary not knowing whats in there and how tiny we are in comparison.

Oh, if only such evidence would make earths war-addicts realise the relative pettiness of human conflict on our little rock called earth.

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Posted in: UK warns 'no choice but to act' to change Brexit deal See in context

"undermining Northern Ireland's Good Friday peace agreement by.......creating a trade barrier in the Irish Sea."

That's a desperate makie-uppie fake-connestion.

And the actual threat to "peace and security" is only coming from the British governments threat to "legislate to override parts of the peace agreements and extreme unionist uncooperative behavior and some street-corner loyalists petty-criminal threats, not from the current mild import "checks for some goods, such as meat and eggs." There is no shortage of meat and eggs there, in fact they are exporters of meat and eggs to...Britain (and btw europe where they have been availing of special bespoke preferential treatment that are the envy of many other countries, including UK nations Wales and Scotland).

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Posted in: Northern Ireland parties urged to work together after Sinn Fein win See in context

The "Democratic" Unionist Party need to look at that key word in their own name "DEMOCRATIC" . The people have spoken "democratically". The voters "democratic" wishes must be respected. Because that's "democracy" even if the DUP don't like it. The DUP are obliged to accept the "democratic" results, take their seats and respect their "democratically" altered role as second-minister to Shinn Fein's first minister. If they don't, then de facto they are not "democratic."

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Posted in: Sinn Fein hails 'new era' as it wins Northern Ireland vote See in context

Its easy to just throw in numbers that are not factual e.g. writing that "They’ve actually lost a seat compared to the previous 3 assemblies." Thats simply untrue.

Here are the actual, simple, correct and verifiable facts about that election that I have checked and double-cheked.

Sinn Fein entered the Stormont election a little over 1,000 first preference votes behind the DUP and emerged around 66,000 ahead of its unionist rivals.

Sinn Fein ended the election with the same number of seats it started with – 27, but Sinn Fein’s vote share was up more than one point to 29%. .

The DUP vote shared dropped by 6.7 to 21.3%. Its first preference votes were down by around 40,000 on 2017.

It dropped three seats from the 28 it won in 2017, ending the election with 25 (it entered the election with 27 after one sitting MLA quit the party last year).

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Posted in: 'No amount of money' will tempt Fury back into the ring See in context

Fury says: "I'm happy, I'm healthy, I've still got my brains, I can still talk. I've got a beautiful wife, I've got six kids.

"I've got umpteen belts, I've got plenty of money. I've got success, fame, glory. What more am I doing it for?"

Sounds convincing to me. More power to him but no coverage of Katie Taylor's win in Madison Square Garden here? Why? It was a better fight.

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Posted in: Trial set for member of IS 'Beatles' kidnap-and-murder cell See in context

They should stop using the term Beatles" for such deeply depraved evil people. And "Their Captives" didnt apply that name.

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Posted in: Jamaica PM tells royal couple island will seek independence See in context

Big Yen, so called "Irish" slave owners were few and were not rewarded as "Irish" in Ireland but British. They were Unionists and part of the British take-over class in Ireland. Most came from Britain or their ancestors came from Britain and almost all were protestant, anglicized pro-British. I am sure such people existed in every country Britain colonized. Those who rebelled against British rule in Ireland were actually some of the first slaves brought to the Caribbean.

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Posted in: Turkey builds massive bridge linking Europe and Asia See in context

Hi Mark. You write "amazing what PEACE can bring to those who wish it."

But reading the article it is obvious that peace has nothing to do with Erdogan's intent. Just look at this line in the above article:

"The inauguration was timed to coincide with the 107th anniversary of Turkey’s World War I naval victory over a joint British and French fleet attacking the Dardanelles." Enough said.

Everything about Erdogan is about war and conquest, even a new bridge. He is as bad as Putin. I have no doubt he dreams of his tanks rolling over it on their way to Europe sometime in the future.

BTW, I have nipped across from Istanbul's European side to its Asian side many times and it takes approx. 30/40 mins by ferry. This new bridge is only an improvement on the drive option.

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Posted in: Japan, Turkey condemn Russia invasion of Ukraine See in context

DT you say: "Russia is building Turkey's first nuclear reactor."

If thats true Russia are likely to be the first targets of any development of Nuclear Weapons and itis further proof that Putin is loosing his judgment.

Turkey have always gotten away with absolutely everything (e.g. Kurdish & Armenian genocide). They have absolutely no standing to criticise anyone. Another Nuclear power benefiting from Putin's insane Ukraine invasion is Saudi. They get the Oil price boost, while they annihilate a third-world African country - and guess what- they get away with it too. We wont mention China.

World gets hysterical with one country (and its right to criticise Russia) but there are several other imperialist countries who need to be equally criticized.

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Posted in: Recovery work continues in northeast Japan after quake cuts water supply See in context

Japanese people are so resilient.

There is an old expression that the photo reminds me of,

It goes, "Water, Water everywhere, but not a drop to drink."

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Posted in: Liverpool beats Chelsea 11-10 on penalties to win League Cup See in context

Liverpool Goalkeper star of the show.

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Posted in: Experts to visit Fukushima plant to check water release plan See in context

It is insane and puts Japanese people in danger.

The British also release contaminated water from Sellafield Nuclear Plant into the Irish Sea ongoing. Such abuse of the Seas should stop.

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Posted in: Russia moves naval exercise that rattled Ireland See in context

Ireland is not part of NATO. But, Ireland is never going to make representations to any American president on behalf of any enemies of their friends, particularly their friends/family in the USA. Like most intelligent people they can see that Russia is justifiably concerned about NATO's ambitions in eastern Europe. The Russian decision to move is no crude "diplomacy by proxy," rather it is an intelligent sign that displays scope for compromise all round. Hopefully compromise will win out over posturing and threats. Give peace a chance.

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