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Posted in: Japan beats Spain 2-1 to advance to last 16 at World Cup See in context

Good stuff! I'm happy Japan won but even happier Germany are heading home after the first round.

Hey Svennie, how far die YOUR country advance in the tournament?

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Posted in: Former Prime Minister Abe dies after being shot while campaigning in Nara See in context

He was a good person and fully dedicated to the wellbeing of his people. I wish I could say the same about most politicians holding key positions in my own country. May his immortal soul dwell in eternal peace. Thank you for your service, Sir.

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Posted in: Yakushima: Exploring Japan’s World Heritage destination from a different perspective See in context

Lucky you, having had so much time to spend and explore by walking. I have been there around 12 years ago. The beauty of this place is simply jaw dropping and leaves you in awe. I found it super easy to venture around by rental car. Toyota Rent A Car staff awaits you right at the ferry pier ( I went by express ferry) oneway and on the way back to Kagoshima by flight. Your list of accomodation options did not mention Jomon no Yado Manten, an onsen ryokan with rotenburo right next to the ferry pier yet in a quiet neighbourhood. I loved it there, a bit upmarket yet cosy, great staff, yumm food. It is impossible to get lost by rental car, as all road signs and signs leading to attractions are super easy to navigate. I hope to be back soon and then take longer hikes with overnight in mountain huts. Would strongly recommend to get a local hiking guide though!! There are quite a few local small tour operatots offering such arrangements. Oh yeah... mind the drainage canals along the roads leading deeper into the hinterland when going by car. They are not covered and a tire could easily get stuck. Just drive slow and you will be good.

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Posted in: Behind the counter: What it’s like to work as All Nippon Airways ground staff See in context

Sindhoor GK kk so LH sucks in business... and how about the national carrier of your country of origin? :P

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Posted in: COVID-19 inoculations in Japan off to snail pace start due to vaccine, syringe shortages See in context

Greetings from Germany. I feel your pain. Similarly shameful situation over here. My momentary interim solution: 酒は百薬の長  Sake is the best of a hundred medicines (old Japanese proverb)

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Posted in: Abe says sorry over political funding case See in context

The guy may not be flawless, but my never failing gut feeling tells me that he is a good, honourable man. To me he represented Japanese values better than quite a few others among his predecessors. Hate me if you wish.

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Posted in: Power spots: The Japanese way to recharge your mind See in context

Kumagaijin, I am totally with you. Sauna for world peace!

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Posted in: Abe declares nationwide state of emergency over virus spread See in context

@Dan Lavender. So true! Never underestimate the resilience of Japanese people. They have been through worse.

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