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Gerald F. Shields Jr. comments

Posted in: 5 life-altering mistakes foreigners make when living in Japan See in context

Honestly, I wish I can go to Japan if just to have the opportunity to make those mistakes . . . or not! (LOL)

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Posted in: Wallets, cell phones of 170 students stolen at Nagano hotel See in context

"The surveillance cameras showed nothing suspicious, police said, adding that the office had not been ransacked."

Which means an employee may had done this. Employees would know where the money is and how the security was and could exploit any observed security weaknesses at will.

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Posted in: Japan detects no radiation following N Korean nuclear test See in context

North Korea bull**** us again.

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Posted in: U.S., Japan, S Korea vow tough response to N Korea See in context

You might as well count China in too (Through they are loathe to admit so).

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Posted in: S Korea's Park urges public to support WWII sex slave deal See in context

Compromise is often a dirty word, but in truth, that word make sense given that no one will be satisfied with the deal.

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Posted in: Relief, anger, indifference over S Korea-Japan sex slave deal See in context

I hate to say this, but it's time to move on. This subject was one of those toxic, radioactive subjects were whatever the outcome, no-one will be either satisfied nor happy. Moreover, there's a lot more pressing problems between these two countries that need more attention. It's sad that this happened in history and no money will ever be complete atonement for what happened. However, it's time to turn the page. The victims don't have to forgive or forget, thus.

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Posted in: Japan's stationery sector rocked by pencil supply crisis See in context

Okay, so buy some pencils from overseas! Problem solved.

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Posted in: NRA may be losing its grip on the public's imagination See in context

I don't buy it. This is one of those subjects where deeds haven't outran words. Stop talking about passing sensible gun control laws and do it already!

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Posted in: The figures don't lie: Smartphones hurt kids' grades See in context

I don't buy it. In the end, it's about the apps and what you use the phone for. There are plenty of apps I use for my iPhone that are of immense help to me and my studies at a college I'm attending. It isn't all Facebook or Line. The other day, I was using an app called Office Lens to snap shots of what my instructor was writing on the whiteboard so I can remember what the lecture was about. Also, I was "experimenting" with Evernote to take notes that I can share and collaborate with my fellow students. Thus, nice try.

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Posted in: What is the most effective way to deal with the groping problem on trains? See in context

To be honest, speaking as someone who's never been to Japan, I don't think there's a definitive solution. Where I live, we have some "Nut to Butt" Mass Transit crowding too, but we don't often have the issues that Japan seems to have. Part of the problem to me is that there aren't more trains and buses arriving and departing within a certain span of hours. Less of that and you end up with a lot of people crowding up a bus or/and a train and then you have to opportunity to misbehave. Less crowding and there's some space and thus less opportunity to grope.

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Posted in: New cabinet minister seeks to stem shrinking population See in context

Well, the solutions are fairly simple: Make it "brain-dead" inexpensive for families to have and raise babies or/and support more immigration. I doubt the later will happen though. The Japanese fear of foreigners is legendary.

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Posted in: Abe: Japan must fix domestic problems before taking in refugees See in context

Wow. Just make more babies huh? Easier said than done with regards to Japan! ;)

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Posted in: Use of selfie sticks banned at 1,195 stations in Japan See in context

Taking selfies isn't necessarily a problem. Moreover, one shouldn't look at the logic and motive in taking selfies. However, people do need to practice some common sense. Naturally, if you're going to take a selfie, you should glance at the environment around you before you do so and if you're, say in an unstable environment or location, there are other things to think about besides satisfying one's narcissism.

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Posted in: Japan passes controversial security bills into law See in context

To be honest, it was bad day in Japan. However, it was most probably for the best. For decades, Japan has been neglecting their own national security and has effectively used American Armed Forces as a " Defensive Crutch". The so-called "Pacifism" that the those protesters are expressing comes at a price: American military bases in Okinawa and Sasebo. Folks in this forum have describing Prime Minister Abe as a "American Pawn". This from a guy who's been wanting to militarize Japan again?! I hate to say this, but if that really did happen, then why the need for American military installations?

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Posted in: Iran nuclear deal survives: Democrats block disapproval vote See in context

Damn Republicans! They are wasting time. To be honest, anyone who says the Iranians do not want peace don't know what they are talking about.

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Posted in: Okinawan governor to revoke permit for U.S. base relocation work See in context

I hate to say this, but it doesn't really matter where the U.S. bases are in Japan. In a perfect world, there wouldn't be any military bases at all. However, the world isn't perfect and in a war, there isn't any "safe place" at all. Also, I understand why the people of Okinawa wouldn't want any U.S. Military installation at all. It would take an awesome event to "undo" the last 70 years of crime, jet noise, and militarism and almost all of that was unpunished due to the SOFA. To be honest, if the Japanese were to remove the words "Self-Defense" from their armed forces labels, it would go a long way towards getting rid of those bases.

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Posted in: Visiting a shrine to pray is different from being religious. It has nothing to do with religion. Most Japanese, including me, don’t think about whether we’re religious or not. See in context

But we don't pray to it. How can you separate religion from prayer? I mean, if you don't believe in God, who are you praying to then?

Yourself, your friend, your family etc.? However, I don't buy into Japan being one of the least religious countries. Shinto and Buddhism are Japan's two major religions, with Confucianism and Christianity taking up the rear. Also, there's the Bahá'í Faith, Taoism, Judaism and Islam as well some "folk" religions in the Ryukyuan (Okinawa) and Ainu (Hokkaido) regions of the country.

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Posted in: University student arrested over movie theater bomb threat See in context

Kinda reminds me of an old Furuhata Ninzaburō episode in which a bomb expert who taught at a university decided to bomb a Ferris Wheel in a amusement park because it blocked the view of a university watchtower he liked. The only time in which Furahata-san assualted (heck, he "bitchslapped" the bitch!) a suspect in the series!

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Posted in: Do you think the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki were morally justifiable? See in context

Honestly, it's basically silly to talk about an event that (1) Occurred before most anyone here were born and (2) Anything that happened in a war before yours or almost anyone's time. War by it's very nature is stupid. It's something that you learn about in history and hope you, your friends and even your enemies don't have to experience. I'd rather think about today and tomorrow. Those you do have some control over.

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Posted in: Couple found dead in Tokyo apartment See in context

Weird. Death by mishap.

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Posted in: China says it has every right to drill in East China Sea See in context

Drilling is one thing, but 'slanted drilling [aka horizontal drilling]': Okay, your drilling in somebody's 'back yard" from your yard. Isn't that illegal?

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Posted in: Abe mocked on Twitter over use of props to explain security bills See in context

The props were ridiculous, but IMHO, the whole "security" thing is about China and not helping the U.S. Moreover, to be blunt: If the U.S. bases weren't there in Japan, would there be any resistance to Abe's moves? If the United States weren't there, they're would there be such a thing as the "Japanese Self-Defense Forces"! No. It would be a Japanese Army and Navy and those bases in Okinawa would be occupied by said Army and Navy.

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Posted in: Ruling bloc pushes security bills through lower house panel See in context

Wow, these folks are talking about Japan being entangled in US-led wars? Never mind that they could pull US in with the issues concerning China ;)

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Posted in: Man jumps out of moving car after argument with girlfriend See in context

Well, on the positive side, it's better than him hitting his G.F. ! ;)

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Posted in: Toyota exec in Japan resigns over drug arrest See in context

This is a good example for folks to make good "cultural" and "litigation" checks before going to Japan or any other country. From the prospective of an American like me, this seems to be a crazy thing that the Japanese authorities did. But it doesn't seem that way either to the Japanese or the expats living there. Live, learn and don't do what this person did ; I'll always say.

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Posted in: Abe's ratings slip amid doubts over his security policy See in context

@trinklets2, @toshiko: To be honest, I don't want a war to happen either ; No one does. However, Japan has a military; a very good one by the way and war is part of the job that any military does. I find it extremely baffling that the people in Japan (with Okinawa leading the way) complain about the U.S. Military presence and the U.S.–Japan Status of Forces Agreement (SOFA) (Though I conceed some of those complaints are valid.), but then won't "take ownership" of their nation's security needs by making said military "More Offensive and Less Defensive", if you understand that meaning.

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Posted in: Tokyo police, train operators launch campaign against deviant behavior See in context

I've always wondered if it's just better to run more trains? More trains means less crowding and less crowding means less opportunity to grope.

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Posted in: Group of teenage Thai actors punished for dancing on Japanese train See in context

What?! They were punished for that?! They were just "clowning"!!!

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Posted in: Phallus Festival See in context

Life is just plain unfair at times . . .

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Posted in: Youth in toothpick prank videos sent to juvenile correctional facility See in context

What a jerk.

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