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Actually, the US federal government did adopted metric in 1975 as the nation's "preferred measurement system" and established the United States Metric Board to manage the transition then in 1988, Congress required that all government agencies be metric by 1992 to the extent "feasible." In most US government organizations, particularly ones that has scientific and international operations, like NASA and Department of Defense are all but fully on metric. Then you got the Department of Education who deferred to the states to decide. And then there's the private sector. Between the perceived costs of converting to metric and outright fear of government-mandated change and xenophobia, conversion has been slow. Source:

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I hate to break this to the Chinese, but they need to move on. Moreover, it would be nice to have one of those "bidet kits" for a toilet. Very sanitary.

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I remember not too recently, I was at a bus stop outside Seattle and I've accidentally got into a conversation with a young Japanese girl that just got off the plane at SeaTac Airport the day before. I wondered aloud how she'd came to the U.S. Did she fail the college entrance exams in Japan and the U.S. was "Plan B"? or was it something else entirely? It seems that going to college is totally "Cut-Throat, Life or Death" there. Here, it's like we can get 2nd, 3rd, 4th or whatever chances! (LOL)

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Welcome to our world Japan. A world filled with bad, unhealthy, lab-conceived food.

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heynong said:

"In fact, US bases are not only in Okinawa. Near by Philippines and Taiwan as well before. Subic and Clark air bases from Philippines have been shut down their shops back in 1990s. Life goes on for unemployed Filipinos back then. Reality is those bases were risky for Volcanic eruption and US left voluntarily. Not because of local protest and resentment. Now they are free as birds and some even prospered without US presence. Why not Okinawa can close some bases? It will be not end of the world as doom and gloom saying posters posted."

Actually, the U.S is in the process of moving back in to the old Subic Naval Base ( This was a place I've hated going to ; A place that I personally wanted shut down even when I was in the Navy. And now because of China . . .

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To be honest, I'm actually very torn when I read about stuff like this. Though I've never visited Okinawa or was stationed there when I was in the Navy, I knew enough about the place to avoid it at all costs when I was a sailor. Simply put, the people that live there have a good reason not to want American forces or SOFA personnel there. Our forces did some terrible, dumb things there between the end of WWII and today and nothing short of the elimination of the military bases will satiate them. The bad news is that where are those bases going to go? To Hawaii? Guam? Yokosuka? The Senkaku/Diaoyu Islands?! Get real. Moreover, I doubt that the Japanese people as a whole will desire to spend billions of yen to build up their armed forces to placate China. A lot of them tend to underestimate them, but there is fairly strong opposition to turn those folks into a real, offensive army, navy, air force, etc. That will most assuredly happen if our forces leave Okinawa.

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I don't want to seem mean, but when you smoke, it's not just affecting the smoker, it's affecting everyone around the smoker. Folks are starting to figure that out now, hence the haters.

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True, there are some security issues and users would have to be careful in how they use any Public Wi-Fi hot spots. However, the rewards more than outweigh the risks. It's always nice for a salaryman to be able to do some work while en-route to work (Though I recommend using a VPN connection for more secure access). School kids also can study while going to school. And there's always someone who's going to purchase stuff online.

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Wow. Remember the good ole' days when a Japanese CEO would rather cut his pay than the pay of his workers?

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