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Posted in: Apple pauses U.S. sale of latest Watch models over patent clash See in context

Apple's got deep pockets; they should have just made a licensing deal with Masimo and they'd be done with it.

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Posted in: U.S. agency to watch unrecalled Takata inflators after one blows apart, injuring driver in Chicago See in context

Whatever recall insurance Takata had, it must be exhausted by now.

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Posted in: Which Park Ji-min? U.S. outlet's BTS error prompts online outrage See in context

Understandable error; Jimin looks more feminine than Park.

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Posted in: What habits have you picked up from living in Japan that you sometimes have to try and stop yourself doing when you go overseas because you don't think it will look right? See in context

Not holding the door open for people coming in (or leaving) behind you.

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