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Posted in: IS executes scores of Syrian troops; Obama admits he has no strategy See in context

It's high time that we Americans solve our own problems and let others solve their own problems. It makes me sick that we are constantly criticized about our foreign policies but the second something goes wrong in other countries our critics expect us to rush to the rescue and throw our money and resources into fixing what they messed up. I say that we should mind our own business, be there for our allies and fix own house before trying to repair someone else's.

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Posted in: If a country has to have the death penalty, what is the most humane way of carrying it out? See in context

Guillotine with the head crushing attachment.

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Posted in: Man dies after being stung by wasps See in context

The insect of my nightmares is alive and well and living in Japan. These are no so little monsters with wings, even the picture of them makes my skin crawl!

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