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Gerard Michael Sugrue comments

Posted in: Man fired for lying on resume by saying he had less education than he really does See in context

The boss is under treat and thinks he or she will have to pull his or her socks up to survive so gets rid of the competition.

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Posted in: Japan protests after N Korea fires missile over Hokkaido See in context

North Korea is pulling the whiskers of a sleeping giant, with its provocative missile tests me thinks, a Giant I would sooner slumber, for all our sakes.

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Posted in: Potted plant that grows tiny leaping dolphins enchants Japan See in context

I'm wondering if this plant was posted as a Japanese April fools day Joke>? If Not I'm sure the plant could be sold as house- plant all over the world.

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Posted in: Japan's 2nd big helicopter carrier enters service See in context

use or Develop the Ku-go death ray developed to some extent in japan in 1936 think it was called the Magnetron japanese death ray .

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Posted in: New Zealand says U.S. invokes immunity for embassy staffer See in context

NewZealand is home to Chinese, Japanese, middle eastern take your pick. NweZealand could be the Casablanca of the south pacific? The plot thickens

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Posted in: Sikh, told to leave country, shot in Washington state See in context

Look up "The battle of Saragarhi' on Wikipedia 21 SIKHS HELD OFF 10,000 Afghans when fighting for the British Raj one of the famous last stands, like modern day spartan's they are fiercely loyal to their allies, people should read history before belittling such noble beings,

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Posted in: Sikh, told to leave country, shot in Washington state See in context

in New- Zealand, we have found Sikhs to be reliable and loyal to their adopted country. .

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Posted in: 26 N Koreans rescued as cargo ship sinks off Japan See in context

personal thanks, from Kim Jong- Un No Bomb till next Week.

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Posted in: Abe says TPP would be 'meaningless' without U.S. See in context

The USA will get left behind in dumping TPP, the population of the TPP trading group is large, America is destined to become the new world Spain a once huge trading nation that gathered wealth without effort,now tethered to Europe.As American states are now tethered, to The Wilms of the Donald Trump.

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Posted in: Man arrested for stealing cash from company president's wallet during job interview See in context

Yes ! he slipped whilst pickpocketing, only if the theft charge is more serious.

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Posted in: Man found innocent of molesting charges by claiming he was pickpocketing See in context

It seems like a case of pick- pocket billiards was being played out y the judge on sentencing this verdict , now every Molester is going to say O! I was only trying to pick her pockets and my hand slipped on a pink Rabbit.

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Posted in: Trump and Clinton offer two kinds of Syria policy: bad and worse See in context

I would like the US of A to pin to the marst just to whom they are backing in the middle east so every one is left in no doubt as to who is playing silly buggers in the middle east. Is it Russia that is preserving civilization as we know it .

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Posted in: Germany warns Facebook of penalties over online hate speech See in context

A sword hangs over germany and its of their own making of non democratic blustering.and penny pinching undermining the power of the unions by the elephant in the room, undermining of the labour market .

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Posted in: Gov't to import 4,000 tons of butter to ease shortage See in context

New zealand Farmers buy alot of toyota hylux, uts and 4x4 farm bikes, this is a win win trade for Japan and NewZealand, rember Newzealand has a free trade with China and their motor industry is improving, didnt the chinese just buy volvo. An industrial nation like Japan pairs perfectly with New zealand and we have sister city relationships with Japan, and the japanese have built a good amount of respect with new zealand over the years

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Posted in: Abe demands world find new way to stop N Korean nuclear threat See in context

Dust off the 1944 planes for the "ko- Jo" and microwave these rockets an his hair do if he keeps do this nuke stuff

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Posted in: 10-year-old girl chokes to death on frankfurter See in context

i have seen the Heimlich maneuver save the lives of two people and the maneuver was applied by every day people ,in both cases people were chocking on boiled lollies.

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Posted in: Irish Olympic executive arrested over illegal ticket sale scheme See in context

poor old irish in the gun again they have alot of catching up to do to the lot who exploited them, over the years ,reo let him go home with a kick up the bum and a pint of ginnus

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Posted in: Woman in motorized wheelchair hit, killed by truck See in context

Its time to bring out the big mac the mother of all wheelchairs

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Posted in: Australia hit again: computer, shirts stolen at Rio Olympics See in context

was it an inside Job

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Posted in: Can 'nekonomics' save Japan’s economy? See in context

as a NewZealander , The pet food industry is a important way to sell meat and meat products to Japanese consumers so we can buy my favourite car Toyota brand .

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