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Posted in: Google's Pixel phone: Not much new, but still a standout See in context

Interesting, this is the first negative press release I have seen of the Pixel.

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Posted in: Man arrested over unpaid taxi fare for 850-km trip See in context

What's up with all the hate towards the driver. Thank god we live in a country where people still trust each other.

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Posted in: 87-year-old man arrested for killing bedridden wife See in context

This is a problem that will only increase here in Japan. It's one of the reasons why my wife wanted to move back from London so we can eventually care for her parents.

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Posted in: Foxconn's head pledges turnaround at Sharp after takeover See in context

This could be the best thing for Sharp. They really lost their way in recent years.

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Posted in: Panasonic to recognize employee same-sex marriages See in context

I don't get the negative comments. Japan is not a country where people stick their neck out. This is a great move and due to their size and standing it is now much easier and acceptable for others to follow them. About time.

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Posted in: Japan's farmers eye export push, unfazed by TPP See in context

Can't wait to see affordable fruit in Japan. In Engeland i ate a lot of fruit daily, also this should be the end of season fruit.

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Posted in: Thai police arrest 4 Japanese men over drugs, bribery See in context

Some strange comments above, clearly from people with no real life experience on the matter.

Drug traffickers are there only to meet a demand. Regulate, educate and thus control is a much more effective method.

Last time I checked no drug dealers ever forced a user to buy.

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Posted in: Monk goes nine days without food, water or sleep See in context

I don't know about 9 days but I have been awake for 4 days and never done training so don't see that as being impossible for someone who has trained for years. As for food and water, people have done that around the world much longer during hunger strikes. The article also said the monk needed help walking.

Why you would do all these things is beyond me as it's a huge hit on your health as the body starts wasting away.

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Posted in: Husbands on receiving end of domestic abuse from wives See in context

Judging by the comments I'm guessing no one here is actually married. I have experienced first hand several of these cases. Not that it matters as there is always a good reason why the woman is doing this...

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Posted in: 'Children of the aggressors' - Japanese war babies adopted by China See in context

This story clearly illustrates that people as individuals often try to do good but as soon as they represent a large group things go bad. This is why we need regulations to make sure people in power serve the people that elected then instead of playing these dumb power struggle games.

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Posted in: Toshiba to release wristband-like biological sensor See in context

85k? is it made of gold? Why are smart devices so insane expensive or not even available in Japan?

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Posted in: 21-year-old man arrested for abusing 3-month-old daughter See in context

A slap on the head seems to be normal and accepted here. I have had many arguments about this with my Japanese wife. There is no need, I simply place my hand on my child's head, big warm hand sends enough of a message.

I wish people were required a License before having kids.

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Posted in: Japan posts photos of Chinese platforms in East China Sea See in context

Neither should be drilling. Japan is the land of the rising sun, stick solar on every roof top and never use fosile fuel again.

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Posted in: Man found dead in Hokkaido apartment See in context

I have taken up drinking just in case I ever need to kill someone.

Kidding aside, this is sad beyond words and means the system and society is failing people in need.

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Posted in: Man dead after setting himself on fire in bullet train; woman passenger also dies See in context

"the businessman quickly left as he smelled gasoline" I see a problem right there. If some dude was pouring gasoline on a train I was on I would hit the emergency button and try to grab the guy.

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Posted in: Gov't to speed up return of Fukushima area evacuees See in context

Bit of a side note but why do peyote live anywhere near a nuclear plant? I'm sure there were people living there before the power plant but I reckon many more moved there after it was build, why?

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Posted in: 4 women jailed for beating acquaintance to death See in context

Yes very save country. While there are extreme cases like these three overall crime rates are low.

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Posted in: Man arrested for assaulting common-law wife's 6-year-old son See in context

People like that make new puke. Guess the death penalty is not such a bad idea after all?

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Posted in: 15-year-old boy turns himself in after killing mother, grandmother See in context

Bruinfan makes a great point. We often see this horror stories on JapanToday as the stories break but never a follow up when more details emerge.

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Posted in: Number of children in Japan falls to new low See in context

We would love more kids but are struggling to survive on our income.

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Posted in: Lesbian couple hold symbolic wedding ceremony in Tokyo See in context

Some of the comments above make me truly sad. I'm a white guy married to a Japanese girl and that was considered wrong not so long ago.

Two people going into a commitment to care for each other for the rest of their lives is something to be applauded and their gender should not be an issue.

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Posted in: Mother leaps to death with 1-year-old twin daughters See in context

I'm a Chiba resident and curios what's up with all these suicides here.

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Posted in: Abe unveils plans for fund to tackle child poverty See in context

The poverty here is the biggest surprise I got when I moved here. The issue is not handing out more cash but rather fix the job situation. Almost everyone I know is struggling to survive on 1 income resulting in the full time parent taking a part time job just to make ends meet.

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Posted in: Tokyo ward 1st in Japan to recognize same sex marriage See in context

Sure hope this is true, if it's an April fools joke it would be a horrible one.

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Posted in: Chiba convenience store robbed of Y1 mil See in context

This really worries me, my wife works night shifts at Big-A and this is the 3rd time they hit a Chiba store!

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Posted in: Miyagi driving school ordered to pay damages over students' tsunami deaths See in context

I think people forget that here in Japan there are a lot of earthquake and tsunami warnings and alarms. Most of not all do no require evacuation. Especially when you are 750 meters from the sea side.

Its very tragic but taking a school to court is not going to fix anything.

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Posted in: Two 15-year-old girls on minibike crash after police chase; one dead See in context

I'm confused why there are comments blaming the police? It is their job to uphold the law, these girls broke several and might have endangered the public that the police have to protect.

Of course this is tragic, let's use it as an example for young people that motorbikes are not toys.

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Posted in: Aso says wage hikes key to 'Abenomics' success See in context

I'm up for that. Right now we simply can't survive on our income.

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Posted in: N Korea proposes joint probe with U.S. over Sony hacking See in context

America saying North Korea did this has nothing to do with action against north Korea and everything with what Obama said about regulating the Internet.

This whole thing is a white flag to take away or only free information tool.

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Posted in: Elderly couple stabbed by intruder in their Maebashi home See in context

Praise whoever that the death penalty is still in effect in Japan. This is one of those moments that it makes perfect crystal clear sense.

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