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Posted in: Mother suffocates 4-month-old daughter to death See in context

Obvious all comments from people living outside of Japan. The stress of keeping your kids calm and quiet is insane. I have seen families pestered out of their houses by elderly neighbours because of kids.

No excuse but there is always a cause behind bad things.

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Posted in: Japan's looming benefit cuts an unspoken, unsettling election theme See in context

Might I suggest raising incomes? My wife works full time, lots of over time yet we are barely scraping by. To me that's madness, how can you not live on a full time wage?

History has shown that people earning a decent living spend and thus feed the economy.

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Posted in: Aging Japan struggles to make immigrants feel at home See in context

Interesting comments. I moved here 3 years ago because my Japanese wife wanted to go home. I have found the people supper friendly and everyone seems to love my mixed race kids.

That said it's a hard place to be if you do not speak Japanese. While in the West packaging on food is in multiple languages here its Japanese only. Same goes for public transport, hospitals, dental places and city hall. Also due to not being used to their own language with an accent its hard to communicate if you don't speak flawless Japanese. I have given up trying as all got was "nani?" meaning "what? "

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Posted in: Mother holding 1-year-old baby jumps in front of train in Tokyo See in context

I guess many people commenting do not live in Japan. Depression and mental illness is largely ignored here. Is truly sad.

As for the child, thanks to the culture of not adopting a child that is not blood related it will end up in a government run place till its an adult.

So sad. My heart goes out to the woman who was so distressed that death seemed the only way out.

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Posted in: Parents arrested for chaining 8-year-old son inside house See in context

Why jojo thinks it's cool to joke about child abuse is beyond me.

I talk to my kids. In fact I found they hate the lengthy talks much more than a smack on the backside and try to avoid these long talks from dad at all cost.

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Posted in: Woman arrested after placing dead infant in Kumamoto baby hatch See in context

There is not enough info to judge this women either way. We all know that Japan is seriously lacking when it comes to dealing with people that are struggling with emotional problems.

There is aa reason why this country has the highest cuicide rate in the world.

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Posted in: Chiba woman kills 13-year-old daughter See in context

I think people underestimate the depression that can come with not having enough money to live on, this depression can lead to doing things your normally would not.

Failure is not an option in Japan so people that are financially or emotionally failing get ignored.

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Posted in: Lowest number of elementary and junior high school students ever as birthrate continue to decline See in context

I'm a stay at home dad in Japan and the reality is very different. Most of my female friends have 2, 3 and sometimes 4 kids because as soon as a woman has a child get career is over, men do not stay home with the kids, result, women no longer want any kids, even staying single so they can avoid the mother house wife trap.

Also don't know where this crowed class room thing comes from as in my area they keep closing schools due to lack of kids to fill them. My daughters kindergarten has only 6 kids in year 1 and my son's elementary school had merged with 3 schools just so they can fill up the class rooms. The site that had the previous school is now going to have a senior citizens home.

If they want things to change they have to make it that men can take time off work to care for kids to give women a break. Also do something so that companies create flexible part time jobs which women can take. When we moved back here from London my wife had a real hard time getting a job due to having children. They refused to believe that her husband would care for the kids and a such might need days off for the kids.

Lastly there is also the medical cost. We had both our kids in London as all medical things baby related were 100% free. Here you have to pay for everything, safe receipts and then get some of it back later. Most people simply can't afford to have a child. My wife would love more kids but we simply can't afford it.

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Posted in: Father arrested after 14-year-old son commits suicide See in context

The domestic violence is one of the things I dislike the most after moving to Japan.

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Posted in: How to eat for free, get free lodging and free entertainment See in context

I would be up for the living with a farmer to learn the trade!

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Posted in: Father of TV 'talent' Rola arrested for fraud See in context

But poor that Japan Today put talent between quotes.

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Posted in: Japan's child poverty rate hits record high See in context

Yup, my wife works while I stay home with the kids and this sounds about right. How companies get away with posting so little is beyond me.

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Posted in: Imagine 10,000 people with dementia going missing and never being found See in context

My son wears a GPS unit so I can always find where he is. These things are insane cheap. Why not get them for the elderly?

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Posted in: How to treat pet cancer: Do nothing, says one doctor See in context

Bit black and white if you ask me. If cancer is found early is a quick op to cut it out and you can lead a long and healthy life.

Do agree on long chemo, I rather due than go through that. Seen too many people suffer from treatment only to die at the end of it.

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Posted in: Sagawa Express to hire 10,000 housewives as part-time staff See in context

I'm a house husband, can I apply?

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Posted in: Japan says it had S Korean input on 'comfort women' apology See in context

I don't understand what the big deal is. Check history and you will see that every invading force looted and plundered local resources, that includes humans.

I'm confused aasti what south Korea wants. More cash? Paperwork that says the government and military ordered this? Most of the people involved are dead so the cost thing would not be huge. Saying in black and white they did something wrong, would not hold my breath. The Japanese are simply too proud.

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Posted in: Rola looking for boyfriend: 'That’s why I dress in skimpy outfits' See in context

Wow, why all the Rola hate? You guys do realise that the way she acts is just that, an act. Her job is to promote products and services and she just did that, she told women they can attract men with what they wear.

Also any guy who says he was only attracted to the inner being of his wife or girlfriend is lying.

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Posted in: 79-yr-old driver who lost control of car due to heatstroke indicted over fatal accident See in context

Interesting comments. I think anyone over 65 should do a yearly health check that includes a part to see if you are still fit to drive a car. Maybe a simple 1 hour test with a drivers instructor.

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Posted in: Sony to stop selling PlayStation Portable See in context

Anyone got a link for this discount? Only thing that stopped me getting a vita is lack of funds.

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Posted in: Man arrested after child's skeletal remains found in apartment See in context

I think the sadest part is how he died. Starvation... That takes a long time and is very painful. Stuff like this makes the death penalty a worthy punishment.

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Posted in: 6 former 'comfort women' demand apology from Japan See in context

How about both sides are right? It was a horrible thing the Japanese army did but while it was horrible it is also being milked.

I think forced prostitution is just one of the many horrible things an invading or liberating force does.

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Posted in: Putin says Russia ready for talks with Japan over disputed islands See in context

Now this is interesting. The USA has an aliance with Japan in order to have a military presence next to China, Russia and North Korea. If Japan does a deal for all the islands we would get a very different dynamic. It would also play into Abe desire to ramp up the Japanese army.

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Posted in: Japan racks up record deficit; lowers growth estimate See in context

Japan needs to go global. With that I mean business needs to speak foreign languages and companies need to create products for outside Japan.

Also please restart the reactors while slowly phasing them out. What's up with this all or nothing attitude? Just make no sense. Feels like reacting instead of planning.

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Posted in: Biden urges Japan to open auto, farm markets See in context

What no one talks about is the "taking into account fast-changing sectors such as intellectual property". The idea is that media companies will have more powers with regards to piracy, or anything they see as piracy.

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Posted in: School textbooks to be revised to reflect gov't view on history See in context

" adopting moral education" to me that read as they want to explain what disputes are all about.

As with regards to Abe wanting to invest in the military. We sit next to China and North Korea while being dependant on the US for defence. That's not healthy.

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Posted in: Yes, we spy on allies. Want to make something of it? See in context

The spying is not the issue here. The level of detail is. Yes spying is as old as humanity but it was usually confined to what you put out there. Now with electronics you can capture movements, all communications and even what the other person eats.

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Posted in: Osaka man turns himself in over death of baby daughter See in context

Japan is a stressful place to live as a parent. In the UK I was never worried if my child cried in public or at home. Here you have people giving you the look of death or banging on your walls if they cry. It's super stressful.

Obviously being stressed should not result in murder but we all have different limits till we snap.

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Posted in: Car crash victim dies after paramedics, police fail to notice her See in context

I think many of the commenter above do not live here in Japan.

With small parking spaces and high tax on big cars most people can't afford big cars. Also they suck for the environment.

Police is very strict when it comes to seat belts. My wife got 1 point on her license and a fine for a passenger in the back not wearing it correctly. Few points means goodbye license.

To me this is an emergency staff fault. Only 5 cars. Check front and back would have taken only a few minutes. Someone dropped the ball. Should they be fired? No, reprimanded and retraining sounds much more sensible.

Also she did not deserve to die because she did not wear a seatbelt. No one deserves to die.

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Posted in: Internet addict almost drowns infant son by mistake See in context

I bathed both my kids in a full sized bath, difference being that I was in the bath with them. Leaving an infant in any level of water is irresponsible.

The whole Internet addiction is just to make a juicy story. Irresponsible mum leaves infant to drown is not a catchy title.

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Posted in: Abe pledges global focus on women's rights in U.N. speech See in context

I really wish people could look at the future. Yes the Japanese ARMY did horrible things during the war but this is now and we have enough problems to deal with now. I'm one of the rare men who stays at home while my wife works so I interact with a lot of housewives and their position in society sucks, anything that can be done to improve that is good news.

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