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Posted in: 9-year-old girl dies two days after being found unconscious in Chiba home See in context

Do people even read the article?

She was found on her stomach by her brother at 3:30pm, she had been home alone since noon so that means something happened between 12:00 and 3:30pm. She had purple skin and a red neck, combined with the multiple organ failure could indicate some sort of poisoning, severe allergic reaction or malnourishment.

Really feel for the poor mum. Sounds like she was a single mother who was working to provide for her family, imagine getting a call at work from the police telling you they found your daughter dead.

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Posted in: Scientists seek permission for experiments with animal-human embryos See in context

I rather would see them looking at organic 3d printing but this is a good stepping stone. Sadly we all know that one again the religious will prevent progresses.

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Posted in: Aichi girl drowns while playing in river with family See in context

I reckon a lot of the people commenting do not have kids. You can not keep your eyes on them all the time nor is it always possible. That said, I would never let me kids play in water that is deeper than they are high.

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Posted in: Police officer leaves loaded firearm in supermarket toilet See in context

This is Japan, while resigning seems strange to us it makes sense here.

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Posted in: Filipino woman to be charged for allowing 3-year-old daughter to starve to death See in context

While I think its very irresponsible to leave 2 kids to fend for themselves with very little funds we do not know enough to suggest she be hanged. As some people above said, she might be suffering from a mental breakdown or have very sick parents that she cares for back home and thus be torn between providing for her children and her parents. Also the article says she often left her kids alone but does not mention what she does in that time. For all we know she works 2 jobs to make ends meet.

Its obvious she needs help and the first step would be to remove the 14 year old and place it in care so this does not happen again.

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Posted in: Guilty and never proven innocent – every male train rider's nightmare in Japan See in context

I have not been on many trains in my 2 years here but several times I have had women grind up to me. Not that I pay to much attention, I'm engrossed in my online world on the smartphone.

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Posted in: Sea Shepherd sues Japanese whalers in Netherlands for piracy See in context

People who think its weird for them to sue are not getting it. For SS any publicity is good publicity. It brings whaling out in the open.

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Posted in: 2 infants die after being left asleep in car See in context

Must be a Japanese thing. My wife wanted to leave my son in the car when popping out to the shop for 10 min and was surprised at my look of horror as we never do that in my native Holland nor my adopted England.

We now moved to Japan and I understand the background a bit better. Kids as young as 6 walk alone to school. There is a TV progr where they follow kids with hidden camera while they go alone shopping for the first time around that same age. Things like that are unthinkable in Europe.

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Posted in: S Korea, China fault Japan on 'comfort women' at U.N. See in context

One would think that carpet bombing Japan followed by two nukes was good punishment. The war was horrible and every country involved did horrible things.

I would rather see people join forces for a better tomorrow than dwell on the past.

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Posted in: First gay wedding held at Tokyo Disney Resort See in context

Reading the many hateful comments above pain me.

Disney is a place for happy events and what is more happy than two human beings loving each other so much that they have decided to spend the rest of their lives supporting each other?

Seriously people, love is between humans, regardless of gender, race or shape. Saying otherwise is small minded beyond belief.

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Posted in: 70-yr-old woman arrested for death of mother in failed murder-suicide bid See in context

Us getting older is a real problem. I'm 41 now. My Japanese in laws are 65. That means by the time they are in their nineties I will be close to 70. To be honest that's a point where I might need care. Giving it at that age sounds like an impossible task.

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Posted in: S Korean 'comfort women' sue Japanese rock band See in context

Who ever translated this and sent it to the centre is at fault. By doing so the person gave emotional distress to the ladies and exposure to a rock band no one had heard off...

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Posted in: 3-year-old girl starves to death after mother leaves country See in context

Most of the comments above show me that most hav never cared for young kids. Having cared for 4 I can tell you a 3 year old can be super stressful. Its one of the reasons why many mothers get depressed.

Now imagine you being a 14 year old teenager, already a difficult age, then imagine you are very poor, not well yourself and your mother loads the responsibility for a 3 year old on you.

Seeing there was a history of neglect and lack of funds for decent care I would not be surprised that both girls were already in bad shape, not having their mother there for 2 weeks might have been the tipping point.

Truly sad. People in charge should have kept an eye on this family, after the kids had been taken away before due to the mother being unable to care for them.

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Posted in: Upside-down desk to use while you snooze See in context

I cant imagine that being comfortable. Your hands would get tired real quick from being in that unnatural position.

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Posted in: Couple claims child care allowance for dead daughter over 6 years See in context

Who cares about the money? Child leaves hospital in good health, dies a week later and is thrown into the sea? Who knows what parents like that are capable off doing to their child?

I would like to see a murder investigation but with no body and 6 years passed that might be difficult.

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Posted in: 2 bodies found in freezer at dried seafood store in Shizuoka See in context

If they find out who did this they should lock that person in a freezer, without stabbing. Let them freeze to death.

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Posted in: Man's body found in Chiba park See in context

Why is everyone so surprised at the height? Both my in-laws are really small too. Also a lot of old people here have bad backs and legs reducing the height further.

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Posted in: Japan support for whaling outweighs opposition: poll See in context

People should not be too worried, whaling will die a natural death. According the International Whaling Commission Japan caught on average 1800 whales a year in the 80's and only 591 on average between 1989 and 2012.

As the report said, a quarter supports it, 18% is against it and the rest have no opinion or keeping it to themselves. I don't know anyone who eats whale meat here in Japan. I was given some by friends of my in-laws as they wanted to see my reaction.

Just let time take its course, not smoking was unthinkable 5 years ago, now smokers are on fast decline, whale meat will follow.

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Posted in: Transsexual celebrity Ayana Tsubaki introduces Coppola's new film See in context

Wow, lot of hateful comments above. Transgender people have the highest suicide rate thanks to idiots I see above. As for Ayana Tsubaki status, she had the full operation and has had her gender legally changed. The only difference between her and a born female is that she can not have children.

Would I date her if I was single? Pfff like she would date me!

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