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I know some tourists do not respect the places they visit. Throwing garbage, not respecting the rules and the culture of the countries they visit. But Japan must seek a balance in wanting tourism to help the economy but also realizing not everyone thinks the same way. I am a Canadian married to a Japanese and I resent that I would have to pay extra for places I go or visit. I go to Japan regularly to visit my family, occasionally we travel to areas of the country to visit friends, visit an Onsen or something no differently than many other Japanese do. But it hurts to think that I would be treated so differently because I am not Japanese but married into a Japanese family.

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Posted in: We know late-night screens are bad for sleep. How do you stop doomscrolling in bed? See in context

Turn off your phone, turn off your light, be strong, take a deep breath and go to sleep!!

You can do it!

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Posted in: New Tokyo restaurant charges higher prices to foreign tourists than Japanese locals See in context

I am married to a Japanese National, We go back home to visit the family regularly yet I am considered an outsider. I go to Japan to visit my family not as a tourist. I resent paying a higher price just because I have a different passport but my family can pay regular price? Be careful how you define tourist and outsider and how do you make the decision at time of purchase. Japan businesses cried to have tourists come back for survival, now some are complaining it is to busy? You can't have it both ways!

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Posted in: How safe are cockpits? Aviation experts weigh in after security scare on board Horizon Air flight See in context

This is completely Preventable. The only people allowed to sit in Jump seats (unused seats in flight deck) are those of active employees in transit, or travelling usually domestically only for pleasure. The employee must have their airline security pass with them at all times in order to do so. If not they must sit in the regular passenger seats. No pass, non-active employees can ever sit there. To completely prevent the incident is to not allow anyone except the pilots operating the flight or when needed the flight Director. Then they are the only persons that you'd have to worry about.

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