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I will not get the flu shot this year. Going herbal with Neem and Tulsi, cats claw and longevity spinach, star anise, clove tea.

Is there any evidence that the herbs mentioned are effective in preventing an influenza infection? Otherwise, you can substitute the herbs by wearing an amulet from any shrine of your choice. It might have the same effect (i.e. none) and will come cheaper.

However, star anise and cloves are nice for making spiced wine. I would add some cinnamon. You can use it as remedy, after you have got the flu ;-)

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Cited from a comment: "I know 5 people who never received any shot and they are all fine. I wonder if the shots I received was worth it."

I always wonder why mankind invented controlled clinical trials and epidemiology when hearsay and anecdotal reports suffice as evidence.

To those who complain about vaccination and other forms of prevention and treatment of infectious diseases, I recommend taking a look at the past, when such remedies did not exist. Smallpox is just one example.

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