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The first meaningful article in your recent journalism. Finally something helpful info, instead of panic releasing stuff.

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Fortunately enough in our Government there are people who can predict potential hazards of any events more accurately than most of us. In influenza infection such cases are common, just ask a medical person. Sadly, no one reports infants killed by influenza or other viruses in the news. Now corona is trending.

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WHO and medical statisticians please answer why in last 40 years or so you simply added most corona virus cases to seasonal flu statistical data: in an ordinary year in US 20000 death, in another worse year 60000. No one really knows how many deaths were caused by influenza and how many by corona virus or other viruses. At the moment around 1000 death in NY. So calm down, we are all bewitched by a statistical switch of counting. And stop dreaming about vaccines, for such a mutant virus like corona it is impossible to make a safe vaccine. Rely on your good immune system and follow basic sanitary instructions you have learnt in primary school.

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Dear Media, I would like to kindly ask you to publish scientifically described facts. Yesterday 68 new cases today 78. You say it is an increase. Please study statistics before you publish such a panic releasing nonsense. First you need to know how many tests were carried out each day in Tokyo. The proportion between test numbers and test results yield a percentage of rate, then different days can be compared and we can make an assumption of increase, decrease or remain.

Further why don't you publish parallel the cases of influenza infections and death rates with your coronavirus stories in Japan? You would be ashamed to see that meanwhile about 20000 death from influenza per year versus your 50 plus coronavirus could not become a headline story anymore.

As Roald Dahl once said writers can kill people with their writings. You, at the moment, are doing this to ordinary and vulnerable people who have lost their jobs and their businesses because you can now sell your coronavirus stories as biscuits. Shame on the media! Go back to university and study hard in order to contribute to the society!

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