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Posted in: Japan's retail sales fall for third straight month See in context

I bet spending on pants is down.

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Posted in: 23 health ministry employees party until midnight despite virus restrictions See in context

It's that time of the year. Probably intended to leave earlier, and then the beer started flowing. Now for the ritual of deep bows and mumbled apologies. Tonight we'll probably see the minister of health waffle on about how regrettable it is. But they don't really care - except for getting caught out.

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Posted in: Celebrate 40 years of guitar musicianship with Tak Matsumoto’s anniversary book collection See in context

Photo kinda looks a bit like Neil Young.

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Posted in: Kono says inoculation pace to accelerate in May See in context

Arranged to buy... expected to get... hopefully sometime soon - not exactly instilling confidence is he.

In other words, Japan is reliant on the EU (hence the mask). The way things are going over there together with their production problems I wouldn't be hopeful that they will actually ship 10 million a month. In fact, I doubt if Japan will get a fraction of that and I think he fully knows that. Is he setting up the EU as the fall guy? And Japan is the victim? Another useless politician making vague promises he can't keep. Better pull your finger and get making it locally PRONTO before Japan becomes a laughing stock. Currently, Japan's vaccination rate is above Kazakhstan and below Myanmar - yes, below Myanmar, which is down near the bottom of the table.

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Posted in: Japan gov't long-term debt to top ¥1,000 trillion See in context

Works out to be around 8 million yen per person. No real problem while interest rates remain at zero. Picture will look very different if interest rates go up. No way the govt would stay afloat. Some inflation would help reduce the it in real terms but they haven't much luck there. No doubt J-workers will be asked again to defer retirement and keep working.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 430 coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 2,073 See in context

Bit concerning people in their 20s the highest number. Around 70% of people in their 20s are asymptomatic, and possibly passing it on unaware. Given the low testing rate and reluctance of people with mild symptoms to pay for a test, the real number is probably considerably higher especially in that age group.

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Posted in: North Korea snaps back at Biden over criticism of launches See in context

NK food situation is dire. Recently some soldiers guarding the NK/China border, who are normally better off than most through taking bribes from smuggling, crossed into China as a result of food shortages/starvation rations. The Kim regime, after promising to improve the standard of living, might be launching missiles to drum up local loyalty for the regime as well as to try to get food aid from the new US administration. This strategy did work for them in the past. Long time before the next harvest comes so expect a lot more launches.

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Posted in: Mori makes another offensive remark toward women See in context

I love reading about this guy Mori. He makes me laugh. What comes out of his mouth is absurdly offensive - a bit like Trump. He'll be gone soon too I guess.

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Posted in: Suga to invite Biden to Tokyo Olympics See in context

Suga is no doubt desperate to try and draw as much attention away from all his problems (this festering quagmire of corruption buffoonery - perfectly put stickman1760) in any way he can. Of course Biden will decline. No chance of him coming. He should focus more on leaders who aren't concerned about minor things like corruption. Perhaps he could get his son to invite Xi and Putin by promising lots of lavish dinners at steakhouses, visits to Ginza hostess bars, functions hosted by NTT and lucrative contracts from Dentsu to name a few (the rest we may or may not hear about).

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Posted in: 10 killed in Colorado supermarket shooting See in context

when will they learn? guns DO NOT make people safer!

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Posted in: Markets may see BOJ policy tweaks as signaling change down the road See in context

If there had been substantive measures taken earlier such as significant increases in minimum wages then monetary policy could have been much more effective in raising growth and inflation. But I think those in charge, the haves, were quite content with the way things were going. Now, however, Japan is likely to face imported inflation and negative growth, and monetary tweaking will have ditto effect. Not good at all for those at the bottom.

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Posted in: Team New Zealand wins America's Cup See in context

Feel a bit sorry for the Italians who put up a good fight. They made a few mistakes towards the end but I think at the end of the day the it was the NZ boat that had a slight speed advantage.

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Posted in: China to issue visas to foreigners who have taken Chinese vaccines See in context

So, no Japanese, Americans , Russians, Europeans.... Doesn't sounds like a winning formula to get tourists. Bet it won't last long. Getting the world to agree on the vaccination certificate for travelers will be difficult.

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Posted in: Japan to get 100 million doses of Pfizer vaccine by June See in context

It the headline should read 'Japan might get 100 million doses by June if they are lucky. All depending on EU approval and I'm a bit doubtful they will release it while people in the EU are still waiting. Japan should have started making it locally under license quite some time ago. Political inertia.

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Posted in: Which prefectures take top spots in ‘problem-free’ survey? See in context

No problems for her in that pic except the angle of her left arm.

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Posted in: New Zealand's largest city Auckland starts 7-day lockdown See in context

NZ, and Auckland in particular, is stuck between a rock and a hard place. If they do nothing there will be thousands of cases in no time (it is the UK variant) and if they lockdown the economy takes a hit. Given that mass vaccination is probably another six months away I think they need to swallow the bitter pill. Can't let it take off and get out of control just before autumn/winter.

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Posted in: Jay-Z sells half his champagne brand to LVMH See in context

For a second there I thought he was chugging champagne in the picture.

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Posted in: Demi Lovato says 2018 overdose led to three strokes and heart attack See in context

so what

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Posted in: New Zealand imposes 3-day lockdown on Auckland after 3 new local COVID-19 cases See in context

Never learn? Quite the opposite. NZ has seen how fast the new variants spread and enough deaths overseas that could have been prevented to know better. Bold and fast action leads to results.

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Posted in: Japan eyes Sunday approval of Pfizer vaccine, accelerating schedule See in context

The real speed of the rollout will not be determined by Japanese bureaucracy (however much they would love pretend it is), but rather how much they can get their hands on. It might be rather slow given the greater need in the countries where these vaccines are being made. So, they can go ahead with their own study and any other rather pointless bureaucratic procedures because the truth is they won't be getting enough to give out the general public for quite some time anyway. The irony is that will be determined by foreign politicians and bureaucrats, and they won't give a damn about the Olympics.

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Posted in: Bruce Springsteen faces drunken driving charge in New Jersey See in context

Caught in the U.S.A., I was caught in U.S.A.

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Posted in: COVID-19 infections in Tokyo may have jumped nine-fold, antibody survey shows See in context

This data, although concerning, comes from December and is already out of date. Likely, with the new variants, it is significantly higher by now. But I wonder if the government will be concerned enough to order an immediate larger-scale study. Probably not with the politics of the Olympics. My guess is that they will continue with their dithering head-in-sand approach to Covid.

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Posted in: New Zealand may approve COVID-19 vaccine next week; start general vaccinations mid-year See in context

Yes, it is slow but they know if they make promises they don't keep people will be more than unhappy. Since they don't produce vaccines themselves they are relying on big pharmacy. That's why they say mid-year. And it's not like people are dying there as well.

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Posted in: First Kitchen releases its biggest ever All-Star Burger topped with fried chicken See in context

Mmm... looks very tempting but I wonder if it is actually is big in real life. I'll have to try one to find out. They should all have a bigger bun like the Gigabigmac.

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Posted in: ¥742 bil in reserve funds added to subsidies for restaurants See in context

Before handing out subsidies to smaller restaurants and bars senior officials will have to have a special inspection. Costs part of the subsidy of course.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 1,502 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 6,587 See in context

Meaningless numbers produced daily by clueless officials who are in denial and fudging figures to suit their own political ends. Without widespread testing, which in many countries is free for anyone with symptoms, Japan has no idea at all of the real number of infections which, if you include asymptomatic cases, is probably now in the tens of thousands. They clearly have no plan for containing it, and no idea what to do next.

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Posted in: Japan's Top League rugby on hold over coronavirus outbreak See in context

Predictable. Japan's half-hearted efforts are no match for the virus. The usual last-minute cancelations and apologies will set the model for the Olympics. Would be interested to know their testing rate.

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Posted in: North Korea's Kim takes over party's highest title from late father See in context

Trump must be so envious.

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Posted in: Democrats plan impeachment; Twitter deletes Trump's account See in context

In case you're not sure about his disorders.

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Posted in: Democrats plan impeachment; Twitter deletes Trump's account See in context

I don't think the he planned to incite a riot as part of a precise precise to overturn the election. He is too incompetent to mastermind that. I think inciting the riot was the outcome of his mental disorders, namely narcissistic, histrionic and borderline personality disorders. He should be removed from office and charged with manslaughter. He should not be allowed anywhere near nuclear codes. Seriously.

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