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Posted in: Tokyo reports 78 new coronavirus cases See in context

There seems to be a lot of variation in numbers day by day. Is it because of numbers tested? No doubt tomorrow will be over two hundred.

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Posted in: Taiwan's leader hopes for reduced tensions with China See in context

Somehow I doubt mainland China will seriously listen to Taiwan's concerns or alter it's approach. Their plan is domination. Best bet for Taiwan is to beef up their military and strengthen alliances. IMO the US should sell F-35s to Taiwan.

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Posted in: Taylor Swift endorses Biden for president See in context

We are never, ever, ever getting a debate together.

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Posted in: Nvidia building UK supercomputer to boost COVID-19 research See in context

Nvidia's supercomputer to help researchers solve pressing medical challenges, including those related to COVID-19,... and play Crysis.

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Posted in: New Zealand PM says 'we beat the virus again' See in context

The virus is no match for Super-Kiwi-socialistic-extra-nice Jacinda. If you don't believe me see it for yourself on Spitting Image.

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Posted in: New Zealand says Super Rugby must adapt quickly after South Africa bombshell See in context

Agreed. Really good time to revamp it. IMO 12 teams at max if you want quality. 5 NZ 4 Aus 2 Arg and 1 Pacifica. Not even sure about Argentina given time zone difference. I wonder if Sanzaar will look to the USA or even Japan again for the audience. The audience down under is just not big enough to bring in the money - especially now SA is gone. Will miss you SA. Some good games. Beeeaaaast

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Posted in: Consortium to develop simultaneous interpretation software See in context

Good luck with that. For AI to be able to achieve simultaneous interpretation accurately it would require AI to understand context (social, historical, political etc.) and be a mind reader (to be able to get intention, nuance etc.) as well as be something of a fortune teller (to know future goals etc.). That's why Google translate is good at translating simple single sentences but becomes garbled beyond that in most complex situations. The human brain with its senses is far superior for now. When AI does gets that powerful one day it probably won't be bothered translating for us because it will already be running everything.

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Posted in: Suga instructs minister to achieve lower mobile phone fees See in context

I'm paying a lot for using phones and tablets that, especially these days, are used almost entirely through wi-fi via apps. There should be considerably lower fees if you are using little to no data. Plans include ridiculous fees and costs, especially if you want to to cancel contracts or switch carriers. Hopefully Suga can shake things up in this uncompetitive business, but I wouldn't be too hopeful given the LDP's track record on swift bureaucratic change. I'll give Suga brownie points for trying, but I really wonder how the people below him, especially those with close ties and vested interests in the industry will follow through. When I read language like 'make effort' or 'aim', it doesn't, from my experience, necessarily mean anything concrete. Rather, it would be better to actually hear from him specifically what is going to change and when. To me, at this point, this is just a pre electioneering sound bite for public consumption.

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Posted in: New Zealand economy shrinks record 12% See in context

Inevitable outcome of closing their borders to tourists, but that will bounce back later. It is bad for some for sure. One quarter won't tell the whole story. Exports are still good. Property and share prices are holding up. I wonder if the informal economy did a bit better. A lot of people I know are busy doing DIY stuff.

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Posted in: Vietnam Airlines to resume flights to Japan from Hanoi and Saigon on Sept 18 See in context

Must be a few Japanese willing to go there on holiday since it's relatively free of Covid-19. Not many other options in the world these days. Wonder if you have to quarantine when you get there?

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Posted in: Asian stocks gain after Wall Street rebounds from tech slump See in context

With interest rates basically zero stocks are where the best possibly of a return & gain can be made. Starting to look very bubbly. Put your money in gold?

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Posted in: New Zealand's ruling party plans higher tax for top earners if re-elected See in context

I think it's fair enough since they didn't introduce capital gains and there is no inheritance tax. Don't think the top 2% will complain too loudly cause it's been a pretty good run in the past five years with property and shares prices in NZ. And they don't usually vote Labour anyway so it's a bit of a no-brainer for Jacinda. No way Winston Peters will be happy about it at all but she's probably figuring Labour will get enough seats to govern without him. I wonder what they will call it - The Smoking Rich Tax Amendment Bill.

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Posted in: Pandas' new home See in context

If they could train them to do kung fu I would go.

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Posted in: Japan's economy sinks deeper into worst postwar contraction in Q2 See in context

Th problem is lack of consumer spending. Instead of giving truckloads of cash to well-connected companies, give everyone 100,000 yen (or more) in shopping vouchers. Can't be that hard to do.

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Posted in: China's rise takes the world into uncharted waters See in context

I think the Chinese leadership is pretty smart and understands the limitations of their military and economic power and influence. I think they will be cautious for perhaps up to another decade before becoming fully confrontational with their ambitions, territorial and political. Whoever gets in the White house next should start preparing for this eventuality.

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Posted in: Roppongi reminder See in context

Hmmm. I know that place. That sign is right nearby where I would I sometimes have a can (with famichiki). Somehow I think bar owners are behind this.

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Posted in: Japan considers offering COVID-19 vaccines for free to all residents See in context

Yes. It will be unprecedented. But the real reason they can develop vaccines much faster is because of other factors such as funding, technology and the ability to test the vaccine easily because the virus is rampant in some countries. Yes. The first people who get it (doctors, etc.,) will be taking it before the normal completion of stage 3 trials. Yes. There will be a very slight risk. But, by that time the relevant authorities will have enough data to know with high enough confidence the efficacy and safety of the vaccine. In this situation, it should not take months for bureaucratic decisions to be made because doctors, elderly etc, will die. That's why they will release it to select few. The average person will not get the vaccine for some time after, and by that time all results will be very clear on safety. By that time, if you still think side effects are worse than the virus, think again.

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Posted in: Asian shares mixed after U.S. rally, positive data See in context

I have no idea why they have to do the 'person walks by' thing? Surely they could wait until that person goes past. I also have no idea why shares prices are reaching highs (famous last words) during a pandemic, an uncertain US election and a looming global depression on the horizon.

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Posted in: Japanese grandmothers create 'Monkey Busters' group to fight primates with airguns See in context

I'm a bit surprised they allow airguns like that one that looks like an M-16 in Japan. I bet if I waved it around everyone but the monkeys would run away.

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Posted in: Spies called in as cyberattacks again halt NZ stock exchange See in context

NZX reaches all-time high while being cyberattacked four days running. Strange times. Maybe a good time to cash in me thinks.

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Posted in: Christchurch mosque gunman gets New Zealand's 1st life without parole sentence See in context

The right decision made. He never deserved, or will deserve, any leniency given what he's done.

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Posted in: New virus cases decline in U.S. and experts credit masks See in context

Face masks are a very simple, cheap and effective means of reducing infection rates. If the Trump administration had been strongly promoting the use of masks much earlier, you have to wonder how differently things could have turned out. Seems the national character with regard to masks is beginning to finally change. Good.

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Posted in: Harry Potter theme park to open in Tokyo in 2023 See in context

I bet they will be hoping more Harry Potter movies come out, and I'm sure in a few years they will. Sequel, Prequel, Spin off, Reboot..No doubt in my mind Warner Brothers will return to that cash cow in the not.

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Posted in: New Zealand PM hits back at Trump's comments on coronavirus 'big surge' See in context

Taking the differences in population into account, the US has 70 times the daily rate of infections that NZ currently has. So, according to Trump, if the so-called-surge in NZ is just terrible, how should he describe the situation in the US? Answer - Great. Why? - cause he lives in a completely different realty.

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Posted in: New Zealand extends Auckland lockdown as virus cluster grows See in context

theResident, I think you've got it completely wrong. The fact they did a successful, and yes, a harsh lockdown meant they have been able to operate businesses at 100% for 102 days. That's why the economy recovered, confidence returned along with the stockmarket and NZ dollar reaching 6-months highs, and unemployment of only around 5%. And now they only have a mere handful of cases to deal with rather than tens of thousands. Far better IMO than in Japan with increasing cases, business confidence sliding and many smaller businesses struggling by with no end in sight. The cost of a short lockdown is lower in the long term. Wait another 3-6 months to see. As for NZ can't afford another lockdown, utter nonsense - it is not comparable to the Philippines. They only thing I agree with you on is a great depression could happen, probably next year.

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Posted in: Puzzling New Zealand coronavirus outbreak grows to 17 cases See in context

A lot of debate about the lockdown and the damage it does to the economy. IMO the damage will be much greater in the long term if NZ don't lockdown now. The sooner they get rid of it and are able to get businesses running at 100% again the better. We haven't seen the mass bankruptcies yet, but if many businesses like restaurants etc, continue operating on less than half capacity like they are in Japan, many will fail. Business failures cascade. Then it will cost the government considerably more.

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Posted in: Hong Kong activist Agnes Chow thanks Japanese for support See in context

Yes. She should be thankful and very proud of herself. Very brave IMO. With international public support and being in the spotlight she has so far avoided the fate being whisked away into China where the less fortunate sometimes do a disappearing act. Let's hope the title Goddess of Democracy will protect her.

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Posted in: Hong Kong media mogul Jimmy Lai arrested under security law See in context

This is the final chapter of the independence of HK as it was known. I'm sure the communists will inevitably follow up with further arrests, most of which will go unreported. Here comes the new cold war. And instead of being watched on your tv in your living rooms, it will be online and interactive. Am I wrong Ping An? But, I don't want you to misinterpret. Quite the opposite. I have made handsome capital gains because of the likes of you. Keep it up.

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Posted in: Aso warns against rapid rise in the yen See in context

It's not really the case of the Yen getting stronger. The US dollar is falling against many currencies, including China. For Japanese companies who compete with Chinese / Korean makers it won't really make a big difference. However, if Japan and other countries jump on the devaluation bandwagon, they will get that short-term competitive advantage. That's what I think Aso is watching closely.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 260 new coronavirus cases See in context

I don't think the daily figure means a great deal, especially on a weekend or holiday. Perhaps Abe or Koike could show us how effective they are as leaders by urging the number lower when they go back to work next week.

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