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Posted in: Sofia Coppola, Bill Murray to reunite for 'On the Rocks' See in context

Funny how you remember people as how they looked when they were younger. Ingrained in your memory I guess. High definition photography doesn't help of course. Myself included.

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Posted in: Chinese ambassador warns Canada to stop rallying allies See in context

How dare those backstabbing Canadians rally allies. Jeez, China is really starting shove it's weight around. Not cool.

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Posted in: Blistering barnacles! Tintin rides again... aged 90 See in context

Billions of bilious blue blistering barnacles in a thundering typhoon! Captain Haddock should be there too!

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Posted in: Coca-Cola to raise prices in Japan for first time in 27 years See in context

Hold on a sec. If the main reason for raising the price is soaring distribution costs then shouldn't pretty much every similar product be going up. Scary thought. Or is it cost because coke can. We shall see.

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Posted in: Xi makes his day: Kim boosted by China talks, say analysts See in context

You've been a good little boy so now now you can go out and play - with your missiles.

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Posted in: Chinese newspaper warns U.S. not to push too hard on trade See in context

I'm no fan of Trump at all but why shouldn't the US push hard when the Chinese continuously rip off US technology. I give kudos to the Chinese negotiating tactics. Don't push us too hard - or else. Inviting Kim to town is a masterstroke.

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Posted in: 'CALM DOWN,' Trump tells detractors in New Year's message See in context

Trump is a failed businessman turned entertainer and I'm lovin it. Let the tweets flow. Yes. Calm down everyone and just accept that nobody knows what 2019 will bring. As he often says "We'll see" = he doesn't know

Vote for A: a war B. a wall C. market collapse D: impeachment or even E: Total Armageddon

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Posted in: Abe hopes to have specific discussion with Putin on peace treaty See in context

Think Abe would have a better chance asking Santa Claus, not Putin. If Abe really thinks Putin is going to hand over the islands he's already living in a fantasy world. However, at least this would be consistent with the outcomes from his economic and social policies.

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Posted in: New Zealand to hold 'reeferendum' on legalizing pot in 2020 See in context

Wouldn't be so sure it will pass. There are a lot of fairly conservative people who don't like change and will be out in force voting against it. There were a lot of good reasons to change the flag a few years ago and that didn't happen.

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Posted in: Christmas tree growers combat popularity of artificial trees See in context

Given commercialism replaced real Christmas spirit and traditions some time ago IMO it seems strangely appropriate to have fake Xmas trees to go with it these days. In the not too distant future almost everyone will just download the app to get the tree, presents, virtual partner or family (if you need one), coke and KFC - all based on your preferences and conveniently delivered to your door by some dude wearing a Santa cap. Anyway, peace on Earth and goodwill to all everyone. Happy holidays.

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Posted in: Heavy screen time appears to impact childrens' brains: study See in context

The medium is the ......duh.

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Posted in: As Japan OKs law to let more foreigners in, tiny rural town wants to go further See in context

The truth of the matter is the central government is not basing acceptance of foreign workers on the premise of long-term residence

Lots of casual workers on short-term contracts who will only stay (or be allowed to stay) if the work is there. That's the plan. Not to let them stay permanently or give them proper jobs. The real gain will be to those Japanese who can make money from cheap labor, not rural Japan.

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Posted in: Brazilian consul: Ghosn is healthy, wants thrillers See in context

Hollowed out book with keys to get out of cell, disguise, cash, fake passport etc to get out of the country. Now that would be thrilling.

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Posted in: Sharp shifted some production to China before nearly 3,000 foreign job cuts See in context

Get foreign workers through subcontractors and then cut them whenever convenient. Lovely. And this is from one their biggest companies. Word of warning to those thinking of coming to Japan for work. Consider your alternatives wisely because discrimination is an acceptable practice and is alive and well in Japan.

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Posted in: U.S. expects immediate action from China on trade commitments See in context

Make an agreement with no concrete details or timeline. Is that in The Art of the Deal? It's a bit like what Trump got out of NK - basically nothing but a photo opportunity. Expect the same from China. They are no fools and know they've just been given a 6 month free pass for nothing. They wouldn't have been able to match the US with further tariffs and now have no real reason to give ground.

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Posted in: Gov't plans to raise working age limit to 70 See in context

The government plans to maintain the principle of awarding public pensions from age 65, although it aims to give people a new choice of starting to receive the money after age 70.

This part is especially suspect. So, here is something closer to the truth.

Dear All,

We don't have any money to pay pensions. Well, actually, to tell the truth, we are drowning in debt so would you kindly please keep working until you die. You know - it's just kind of like sabisuzankyo. We'd like to give you something after 70 but don't take our word on that.


Abe & co

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Posted in: Abe told Putin no U.S. bases on disputed isles if handed over, paper reports See in context

There won't be any bases built on the islands because they won't be handed over (at least the big ones) - ever. Time for Japan to accept this reality. Perhaps too much for the right-wing hardliners to swallow. When you lose a war (especially with Russia) you lose land. You don't hear Germany asking for Prussia back.

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Posted in: Cybersecurity minister contradicts comment he 'has never used a computer' See in context

Bit fishy How can you use a computer and not know what a USB is? Unless he's using something more than about 15 years old which wouldn't completely surprise me. What's equally amazing is how he got the job at all. Anoth

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Posted in: Jones tells Japan to 'pray' ahead of England clash See in context

I'm sure he'd like to wallop Japan but given the intensity of the last few weeks my gut feeling is those English players will ready to hit the sake. Should take a leaf from NZ and play the B team (giving fringe players a chance / experience and all that).

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Posted in: Abe calls for public works spending plan to help economy See in context

Whats that definition of doing the same thing over and over and over and over and over again expecting a different result called?

It's called stupidity.

In a few years time they'll be calling for another tax rate increase to help pay interest on spiraling debt caused by years of wasted public works spending.

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Posted in: Gov't considering Y10 trillion stimulus to offset sales tax hike: sources See in context

Some of the funds would go toward measures previously announced, such as tax breaks for car purchases and shopping vouchers to help low-income households, the sources said.

But most of the funds will be wasted on public works spending supporting companies and individuals who are politically connected and support us, the LDP. Some of those companies and individuals will of course have to pay back the political establishment in time-honored traditions such as by entertaining us at lavish restaurants, offering us cushy jobs and contributing to our election fundraising so that we can stay in power.

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Posted in: Moody injury forces All Blacks coach Hansen to tweak strongest side See in context

Agreed. SBW is a bit of a wildcard. Think I would've played him against Japan and put Laumape on the bench. And not sure about leaving Naholo off the list. Got a feeling size will matter on the wing.

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Posted in: Dan Carter tips Japan to reach Rugby World Cup knockout stage See in context

Good luck to them. They did attack well last Sat but they will have to be much better on defense to have a chance at knocking over Scotland. He's right - not impossible. Just unlikely from what I saw. They fall off tackles and their scrum was not so great.

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Posted in: Germany attempts to make it to its first-ever Rugby World Cup See in context

Sorry to tell you this German fans but don't get too excited. If you get through you will probably face the All Black B team as Japan did last Saturday.

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Posted in: Click-on bionic arm could help amputees do simple things See in context

It took six weeks for the implanted nerves to grow into his muscles and he can now control six different functions of his robotic arm

Made me think if the six million dollar man. Hope it didn't cost that much.

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Posted in: Detainee dies after choking on food in Saitama police station cell See in context

46 is not so old. Agreed it's a bad way to go. Have to wonder if he was on something. That probably wouldn't have helped.

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Posted in: Many U.S. firms in China eyeing relocation as trade war bites See in context

Not seems like a good idea. It is a good idea to get the trade side of the relationship right before China gets too big and strong. Be better if all countries (EU etc) with unfair trade relationships with China stood up now. I believe if they did China would make a deal.

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Posted in: China says its army will act 'at any cost' to prevent Taiwan split See in context

The pretext for future provocation and a warning to the US. China is preparing the groundwork for when push comes to shove. If I were Taiwanese I would seriously be considering residency abroad. I would start by moving my financial assets out. Not safe in the long term.

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Posted in: Keio University student arrested for alleged sexual assault, claims he was drunk See in context

Say you were completely drunk. Then say you don't remember a thing, but half-heartedly announce that you are very sorry for the trouble you caused others. Pretend it's all just a regrettable misunderstanding. Then bow deeply a few times and hope it will all be soon forgotten. Pay a small fine and carry on as if nothing happened. That's probably what's going to happen if he's well connected. I guess he could have a career as a leader in politics or business but the scumbag should be doing some time for his crime.

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Posted in: Overlooked by All Blacks, Akira Ioane gets Maori call-up See in context

Agreed. At least he'll probably get a full game against the US than maybe 20 min or so against Japan (if he comes of the bench). Think that's what Hansen was suggesting. Not that much difference between Japan and US in terms of ranking. I reckon Nehe MS should play a full game against them too.

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