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Posted in: Man arrested for kissing woman during overnight bus trip in Shimane See in context

good thing i wasn't there, if she passed the phone to me i'd probably think she wanted me to take their pic.

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Posted in: Miss World Japan goes for the crown See in context

dang, i can imagine a massive application of eye shadow and mascara during the presentation night.

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Posted in: Dalai Lama raps China over Tibet issue See in context

what do you expect? China wouldn't even allow its own people to practice religion.

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Posted in: U.S. serviceman breaks into love hotel room See in context

dang, he's so stupid it's so funny.

You're so right on cplyut!

Of course since we police our own, we're gonna throw the book at him. I'd like to see what punishment a Japanese man gets for the same crime. They'd probably say that he suffered enough from the humiliation of getting caught and let him go free.

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Posted in: Body of newborn baby found in coin locker at train station in Tokyo See in context

I hope they'd find the irresponsible parents asap.. Japan do have DNA database right?

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Posted in: 7 arrested for trading counterfeit brand-name products in Yamagata See in context

I feel bad for those ladies who shell off tons of money for fake Hermes. Authentic and fake louis vuitton's aren't really hard to notice.

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Posted in: Ex-Filipino hostesses become caregivers See in context

I'm also a Filipino and it's sad reading some of the comments being written here. This article is supposed to be taken on a positive light, giving chances to the unfortunate "hostesses" from being corrupted for a measly change. At least that would give them the opportunity to better themselves and help their family back in the Philippines as well.

As for "stealing the jobs" there will always be Japanese who would feel that way, same with Americans vis-a-visa Mexicans.

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Posted in: Afghan officials accuse U.S. fighters of hitting wedding party, killing up to 27 See in context

why not just bomb the whole forbidden place and get over it? its cheaper that way.

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Posted in: 55-year-old woman arrested for strangling 80-year-old mother in Tokyo See in context

"It is impossible for me to take care of her forever because she will never get better."

Her mother is 80, she could've just waited it out nutso.

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Posted in: Man slashes schoolgirl with knife in Nagoya See in context

I see a lot of school kids coming home from school as late as 8:30pm here in northern japan, DST is a good idea or at let the kids be home earlier than that, it would at least get them away from danger. Not to overgeneralize but majority of crimes happens at night.

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