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I AM worried. I do not believe that officials tell us the truth. One day, all the fish in the sea will be dead. No one seems to say anything about the plutonium that is in MOX fuel (a mixture of Uranium,plus plutonium) that was being used in nuclear reactors. Plutonium kills, and mutates. In fact, it is the most deadly (and for the longest time), substance known to man. There are other ways to generate power. Report: At $8 Billion (US dollars),a plant AND with the transportation and storage of nuclear fuel, why has NO ONE reported on DEEP GEOTHERMAL? There is unlimited, non-polluting energy within 5 miles of everywhere on Earth ... straight down. MIT has done two major comparative studies within the last five years and guess what ... GEOTHERMAL has the least LIFETIME environmental impact and is the most productive of the "alternative" technologies -- INCLUDING WIND AND SOLAR. You don't need Yellowstone, Iceland or Hot Springs to have GEOTHERMAL ... constructed with conventional OIL DRILLING technology [why hasn't the BUSH cabal picked up on this???] and GE steam turbines AND the plants can be put entirely underground. Nuclear is yet another fuel-dependent technology. Geothermal's "fuel" is HEAT, entirely LOCAL and entirely non-polluting. No imports, no trains, no containers. Just clean electricity. Plants and tools are bound only by CONVENTIONAL engineering technology. INVESTORS & TAXPAYERS: Less risk than an oil well. Clean Returns. Short implementation cycle. NON-POLLUTIING. AVAILABLE EVERYWHERE. Ask Santa Rosa, California.

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