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Posted in: Woman arrested after bursting into classroom with knife See in context

her son wont be bullied now....

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Posted in: Nova founder's 2-year prison sentence upheld See in context

**"Foreigners with little or no language-teaching skills or experience were able to make a comfortable living teaching in Japan at the height of the 1980s economic boom and beyond"

How many of these foreigners were actually trained/certified as english teachers in there native country, A tiny minority at the best. As one poster commented on a similar article, "English teaching is a billion dollar industry in japan, the party does not go on forever".Speaking a language is one thing, specialization in the language is all together a different story.

You dont have to have a the papers to be a good english Teaching... It helps if you arent a good teacher...

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Posted in: Club boss caught on camera beating elderly taxi driver See in context

where the link for youtube.... I wanna see

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Posted in: Taiwan busts massive drug smuggling ring See in context

20 years doesnt seem enough.. this guy would of helped destroy a lot of lives for the greed of making easy money... Needs to send a good message.... Life....... No out.....

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Posted in: Give it your best shot See in context

FUNNY PICTURE.... Silva TKO's Okami in the second round.. but JT puts up a picture of Okami punching Silva... good one JT!!!

The title says "give it your best shot" and Silva is just playing with him... So JT put a good photo there.. Anyone can see who the winner is by the photo and the title....

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Posted in: Elderly woman transfers Y29 million to man posing as son in trouble See in context

she must be a bit thick. Come one 65 years old is not that old.. Didnt she talk about anything else with all the calls... Didnt she question anything.....

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Posted in: Belgian soccer match halted after Fukushima taunts See in context

Soccer fans are too obsessed about that game. Very sore losers. Any hint of their team losing and they will resort to anything for a win. SCUM...

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Posted in: Man arrested for posing as doctor in earthquake-affected area See in context

I always wanted to be a doctor.... so he became one...... Funny story...

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Posted in: Nigerian who used bank accounts in Japan extradited to U.S. over $31 mil fraud See in context

greedy lawyers got scammed... Why put your own money in. wait for the check to clear....The greed got in the way of their smarts.

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Posted in: Parents of 4 children in bus swept away by tsunami sue kindergarten See in context

As for the parents how do they dare to put a "price/value" on their loved/lost ones, how low can you get? If I lost my son there is NO amount that would compensate me nor can replace him.

Of course no amount can replace a son or daughter.. everyone knows that..... but if someone is at fault why should they just walk away scott free.. Money is a way to make them pay for their life changing bad decision... next time they could save lives... If they messed up they should pay somehow... and if families get money...why not.. they just lost a kid so why shouldnt their life be a little easier without any money problems. Imagine losing a kid and your house has gone and no money.... At least they can rebuild with less pressure...

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Posted in: Shoplifter injures four in knife attack in Kumamoto See in context

times are tough in Japan at the moment.. you got to take any ride you can get.... I wonder if he paid...

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Posted in: Japanese driver in fatal U.S. bus crash gets less than a year in jail See in context

It isn't intentional, give the guy a break!

No it wasnt but smoking weed was his decision .... The same as a drunk driver crashing... it wasnt intentional either.... but the drinks were their decision....

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Posted in: Fukushima cop suspended for stealing gasoline See in context

economize........ well I guess free is economizing.......

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Posted in: Hawkers 'pleased' with life sentence for Ichihashi See in context

this guy wont get parole...... he will have simliar Parolle board members as Mark Chapman has......

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Posted in: Looking smart See in context

I had a window PC friend that had a Iphone.. got it stolen so he thought he would try a Windoze 7 phone to match his wonderful virus filled PC... Well guess what he gave the Windoze 7 phone away to his Daughter and bought an Iphone again... Said it was useless compared to the Iphone. Go Apple!!!! I agree....

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Posted in: Strong earthquake rattles tsunami-weary Japan See in context

Japanese officials predicted the quake could generate tsunami of up to 20 inches (50 centimeters), but the initial waves were only about 4 inches (10 centimeters).

Why is this reported in inches and miles then brackets in KM. Nothing to do with the USA so why report in their old out dated system.... Isnt the whole world metric now.. and what I dont understand is why is the US still on this old system.... Anyway back to the earthquake.. glad there was not much damage in Japan.... they don't need that now.....

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Posted in: Slim calculator See in context

I dont get it.. a calculator for couch potatoes? or one armed people? I dont think people will be rushing to buy this.

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Posted in: Protest See in context

one million yen..sounds large in Yen but its only chicken feed these days. about $12,000 People in that area need a lot more than that from these greedy companies.....

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Posted in: Farmers protest in front of TEPCO's Tokyo headquarters See in context

one million yen..sounds large in Yen but its only chicken feed these days. about $12,000 People in that area need a lot more than that from these greedy companies.....

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Posted in: Kylie Minogue See in context

Good on ya Kylie....A true Blue Aussie for ya!!!!

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Posted in: Cleanup See in context

it's not a crane..' it's a mini Excavator with a claw attachment put on. Japanese call them Power Shovels. So I guess this one would be a mini power shovel.

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Posted in: Signs of the times See in context

good to see the kids helping out. Sometimes when disasters like this happen you see people become better people. Good things can start to happen. Need to get that positive energy to drive the Nuclear Energy away....

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Posted in: Police warn of bogus e-mails, phone calls seeking earthquake donations See in context

Yeah they should be made an Example.... Just the scammers.. Not the people selling products at a higher price... Look at Travel agents.. Holiday time prices double... But the scammers that call and email asking for money should get hard Jail time.... Very hard Jail time... So scammers think twice before they scam....

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Posted in: Parents jailed over death of 4-year-old son due to malnutrition See in context

they should be fed Charlie Bucket Cabbage Water for their time in prison.....

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Posted in: Rescue team See in context

good to see. Good on ya!!

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Posted in: Women file suit to keep their surnames after they marry See in context

The 113-year-old law requires married couples to choose just one surname for the man and woman to share, and custom means it’s usually the man’s.

People can choose the womens surname if you want.. so whats the fuss about. If these strong willed woman get married they can have their last name as the surname.

My mother once knew a woman who hated her name. "Nora Bone" then she finally got married to a guy with the last name "Round" Poor lady couldnt get away from it. Imagine if she kept both names. heheh

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Posted in: Message for Mubarak See in context

Protest like an Egyptian!!!

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Posted in: Praemium Imperiale laureates See in context

is she wearing a mask?

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Posted in: Tom Cruise goes with the flow See in context

Cruise in Cruise out

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Posted in: Universal values See in context

Nice set.......of wheels.

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