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It's a beautiful looking plane, but unfortunately Mock-ups do not fly. Just ask Boeing. They have a long way to go to make this thing happen. But the white seats will have to go....

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I think if it was my relatives grave I would have issue with it. But if it was his family members' grave his call.

Enough with the right vs wrong posts about the Japan salary man porn manga readers, who are you too judge, chill out or go home.

Again JT, it's difficult to be objective without seeing a sample shot.

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Canada was impacted like just about every other by 9/11. We stepped in and supported throughout even when Afghanistan stopped being the priority and we lost boys to friendly fire.. I don't believe anything involving war should be unconditional. So we need to start thinking about bringing these guys home. If any of you have every drove on the Highway of Heroes when one of our fallen comes back, I doubt you would disagree.

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I heard this was near the Rokubancho intersection. An area for of multi-nationalities including numerous Brasilian shops etc. Could very likely be non-Japanese involved. I don't care who it is, I just want them caught and punished.

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