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Posted in: 'Tony' Yasumura reveals all about his not-naked shtick and its origins in Japanese comedy See in context

I watched his comedy show on Youtube channel of God of talent. I watched repeatedly over and over again. He is really brilliant and original. Simon said Tony is most outstanding challenger in whole year. I am exactly proud of his as Japanese comedian.

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Posted in: Japan's winning World Baseball Classic team visits Kishida See in context

I watched every game on TV. Most memorable moment is semi-final game between team Japan and team Mexico at 9th inning. Big thank you for player of team japan!! I am really proud of you. Congratulations!!

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Posted in: Kishida, in Ukraine, assures Zelenskyy of continued support See in context

He is beyond our expectation. At the same time, Chinese prime minister Xi Jinping visited Russia. That is contrast situation and really worth. I think Kishida was able to send a strong message to all of the world.

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Posted in: Kishida in India to announce new Indo-Pacific plan See in context

Against Chinese theart, it is quite important Kishida encouraged India to solidate a partnership between Japan and India. India is one of the influencial country in Asia in terms of emerging- business and huge population. In my personal view, Kishida should be agressive to ask Indian prime minister to give benefit to Japan, because Japan support them a lot such as rail project in the past. I do not want him to compromise.

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Posted in: Youth arrested after knife attack on teacher at school in Saitama See in context

That is brutal. Students at school must be afraid. I am really interested in the reason of slashing a teacher and trespassing at school. He is too young, he took actions on impluse or intentionally? Recently, there are many brutal news happened by young men.

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Posted in: Celtic wins Scottish League Cup final with 2 goals from Furuhashi See in context

Congratulations!! I usually watch the game of Celtic. I’m really proud of them as Japanese player Daisen, Furuhashi and Hatate. Their performance give me a brave. I Really believe they are improve a levels of soccer in Japan.

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Posted in: NASA details plans to bring back Mars rock samples See in context

I am not familiar with space project among the Europe, but in my personal view, I hope to discover something new from rocks found in the Mars.

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Posted in: Japan postpones decision to approve 1st domestic oral COVID-19 drug See in context

Japanese government said they will manage to be possible for people to use the oral medicine against Cov-19 last year as the manifest.

it is much needed in Japan right now. I hope they will hurry to do medical test and approve to use it.

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Posted in: Japan, Saudi Arabia vow to work together for stable international oil market See in context

That negotiation between Japan and Saudi Arabia is truest important for Japanese people. I hope it will influence positively to Japanese oil market and amount of oil provides.

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Posted in: Record torrential rain continues in wide areas of Japan See in context

Because of climate change? The record of  torrential rain is broken annually. From tomorrow, I will come back to the office from Cov-19. I will turn down the motivation to commute because of the stormy rain.

I hope the company strongly recommend the remote work, when a torrential rain will be come.

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Posted in: 'True balance': Japan's quiet telework revolution See in context

It depends on the job whether it is possible to do remote work or not.

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Posted in: Japan walks tightrope between no COVID restrictions, hospital strain See in context

Human immunity have been improving gradually with facing to Cov-19. Even though someone infected, it is easy to recover. Those kind of cases have been increasing,so I accept Japanese govermment decision.

However, Worry is hospital capacity during pandemic. Many local hospital cannot afford to accepting lots of patients, because of lack of capacity. I hope local goverment will keep doing an effort with hospital to make a better acceptance system.

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