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Posted in: NASA details plans to bring back Mars rock samples See in context

I am not familiar with space project among the Europe, but in my personal view, I hope to discover something new from rocks found in the Mars.

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Posted in: Japan postpones decision to approve 1st domestic oral COVID-19 drug See in context

Japanese government said they will manage to be possible for people to use the oral medicine against Cov-19 last year as the manifest.

it is much needed in Japan right now. I hope they will hurry to do medical test and approve to use it.

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Posted in: Japan, Saudi Arabia vow to work together for stable international oil market See in context

That negotiation between Japan and Saudi Arabia is truest important for Japanese people. I hope it will influence positively to Japanese oil market and amount of oil provides.

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Posted in: Record torrential rain continues in wide areas of Japan See in context

Because of climate change? The record of  torrential rain is broken annually. From tomorrow, I will come back to the office from Cov-19. I will turn down the motivation to commute because of the stormy rain.

I hope the company strongly recommend the remote work, when a torrential rain will be come.

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Posted in: 'True balance': Japan's quiet telework revolution See in context

It depends on the job whether it is possible to do remote work or not.

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Posted in: Japan walks tightrope between no COVID restrictions, hospital strain See in context

Human immunity have been improving gradually with facing to Cov-19. Even though someone infected, it is easy to recover. Those kind of cases have been increasing,so I accept Japanese govermment decision.

However, Worry is hospital capacity during pandemic. Many local hospital cannot afford to accepting lots of patients, because of lack of capacity. I hope local goverment will keep doing an effort with hospital to make a better acceptance system.

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