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A few comments about dolls - Dolls have been an important cultural part of Japan since year 1000 or so. They have a doll festival every year, more widely known as girls day. (Learned this from Wikipedia.) So as far as cultural norms go, Japan is much more "pro-doll" than America.

Second, I researched Orient Industries petite series. They are NOT child bodied, 3 foot tall representations of an eight year old, which is what I think some people on this forum think. They simply have smaller boobs and more child like faces. They fit in with all the XXX TEEN XXX that the US offers constantly; only in Japan, there is no actual teen being taken advantage of. The phenomenon of child faces on mature bodies is not unique to Japan - look at some of the fashion dolls produced in the US prior to Barbie.

Third, the wet/dry owner thing was in reference to emotional attachment, not whether or not one has sex with dolls. Every person in this world has had an emotional investment in an inanimate object. It is a normal part of the human condition. Some men love their cars more than their wife! O.o

Fourth, I love dolls and I have for as long as I can remember. I make soft dolls, rag dolls, collect ball joint dolls, make doll houses... and I don't think this makes me weird or takes place of human relationships. Being able to share with other people at doll meets lets doll owners make new friends. It's like any other hobby - it opens doors to the world. I certainly don't think people who collect BJD or even love dolls live their life in a closet, interacting with no one but their dolls. Like most of the population, they probably have good friends, go to the movies, go to work and school, etc.

And remember, the first doll they talked about in the article had to go because the owner got married. So some of those Japanese guys actually have some time to interact with others. ;)

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