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Posted in: Japan ruling bloc election win could be too big for markets to swallow See in context

As i expected and predicted before-according to technical analysis-Yen is gonna reach 100 against Dollar,now it happened already.Markets know that government will do nothing till elections end,i expect to rebound after election,but wont be able to exceed 103 against Dollar,then goes up again to break 100Yen level to try 98.97(Fibonacci ratio).government wont take an action to intervene without arranging with States,but it sounds no way to avoid,The result of election-in case LDP bloc won majority-above mentioned scenario will happen.

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Posted in: More than 2.5 million and rising sign UK petition for new EU referendum See in context

The problem now is not Britons referendum,but the coming-for sure-referendum in Scotland,north Ireland and Similar European ones,its Domino.Now Greece problem will be more complicated,Germany alone cant help Greece alone,even though there should be greater power and role for Germany as a leader of EU in return.Now strong voices calling for leaving Europe,no one wanna keep pumping money in troubled economies such as Greece,Italy,Spain and Portugal.We will see wonders in coming years!!

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EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED1that would be the most suitable headline for what happened.Now Scotland will urge-as threatened before-for voting to leave UK in case they vote yes for leaving EU,for sure this time they will vote for leaving UK.In any way-frankly speaking-EU ship is sinking,sooner or later it will sink,maybe British voting just pulled trigger. Among global economic chaos,i believe there should be new world economic order,otherwise stock markets and currencies Chaos will go on for long term.Uncertainty and misty will be outlines for coming period.Will this have an effect on American presidential election? i guess yes,but in which way,try to guess!!

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Posted in: Yen soars as BOJ holds fire on stimulus See in context

Actually,government is waiting for British ref,because the affect on Currencies will be big,hats why they wait,but i would bet ref,will show NO to leave EU,same as happened with Scotland ref,that means Yen will go down-in a technical movement-to try 107,maybe goes little above,but wont be able to continue,and goes up again in short term to 100 yen against USD.So for traders,best time to make profit are these days till ref result announced.Good luck for traders:)

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i predicted and expected before-according to technical analysis-Yen will go reach 100yen against dollar,if breaks 106.63,which is Fibonacci level.It did and confirmed,it will try to again to reach 107,but wont succeed,which means go straight to 100 against Dollar.Government is waiting for Britain ref.about leaving EU to take an action,if vote will be leaving,yen will jump up in a rocket way.I personally dont think vote will be for favor of leaving EU,but i guess if not happens this time,it will be a preparation for coming one,same as what happened with Scotland ref,to leave or stay within UK.

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Posted in: Japan revises first-quarter GDP growth up to 0.5% See in context

Good news Abe Shinzo,but as i always say,those ever angry will not be satisfied.Its funny how they react )) Who cares Abe.Those left wingers-MAINLY FOREIGNERS are masters of easy say!! we do trust wisdom and realism of Japanese when voting on July 10th elections. About Fitch rating,i have very simple question,Where have you been,Fitch and other rating agencies,when L.Brothers bank collapsed in a big bang,though it was given top rating level,TRIPLE A Positive??!!!You are all GANGSTERS!

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Posted in: U.S. agrees to waive restrictions on Japanese military component imports See in context

Good news for Japan.Go a head and find your proper place deserved in 21century.Its Abe and LDP all behind.Who else did what Abe did,doing and will do as Abe?!

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Posted in: Boxing legend Muhammad Ali dies at 74 See in context

Ali was not only boxing iconic legend,but a master of technique.The strategy he used to beat Foreman,the brutal unbeatable boxer was amazing,no one else did one even imagine he could beat the horrible Foreman,but he did it and it was a shock and a miracle.Rest in peace Ali.All time iconic legendary boxer,its a sad day.

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Posted in: Abe postpones sales tax hike until October 2019 See in context

Abe hard choice!Actually he did what should be done,though economists and some officials do not agree.Yes,this will degrade Japan economy,with side affects expected,but in any way it will be temporary effects.Postponing consumption tax is a must in such chilly uncertain economic situation,not mainly because of Summer elections.Poor Abe,if he hike tax,he will be criticized and attacked for destroying economy,and if he postpone it,he will be criticized and attacked for working on his favor for Summer elections!!Abe Shinzo,you will never ever satisfy ever angry left wingers simply because as far as you are in the office and LDP leader,they have no chance in any elections.GOOD LUCK ABE SHINZO:)

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Posted in: Searchers struggle with lack of clues to fate of missing 7-year-old boy See in context

All above posts make no sense now,lets find the boy first as top priority,then we can say what we want.

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Posted in: Abe honors war dead at Chidorigafuchi cemetery See in context

Abe,you always prove to be amazing,and great,you are the embodiment of glory of Japan and Japanese.This is-to whom do not and cant understand-why i support you,and LDP in a limitless way.This is why i always say-and still confirm-you are the most exceptional,magnificent,distinguished Japanese Prime minister and politician in the modern history of Japan.God bless you Abe.

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Posted in: Abe points to 2008 crisis as G-7 leaders debate global risk See in context

Master stroke Abe Shinzo!Yes,you are right"you hope the Shrine visit will provide an insight to Japan culture"You always proves to be smart and exceptional.All the best Abe Shinzo.

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Posted in: Clinton email server broke government rules, watchdog finds See in context

Good news!I hope,wish,look forward to,never to see Hilary in the oval office.i hope this is a beginning to an end,though i know very well big lobbies and cartels will back her to the end,but always remember"never say never"and "expect the unexpected".

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Posted in: Abe has no plans to visit Pearl Harbor; Obama offers condolences over Okinawan woman's murder See in context

I totally agree with Abe Shinzo in his rejection to visit Pearl Harbor,either for time being or in the future.You are always smart Abe.

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Posted in: U.S. pressures Japan not to devalue yen See in context

What does USA expect from Japan to do when Yen goes rocket high by SPECULATIONS?What Japan supposed to do when export is badly damaged by these SPECULATIONS?Japan has to intervene in a certain time strongly,otherwise export will go with the wind.

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Posted in: 8 years into 'konkatsu' boom, lifelong single population continues to grow See in context

Its not mainly economical reasons-though its important-but the way how men and women see family or family life differed totally.Divorce rate getting very high,many,prefer to live as a single,and enjoy life-mainly males-away from headache of family and marriage.I have lots of young guys living in this way,never bothered.Classifying the problem as an economic one is not in any way the main reason.

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Posted in: 8 years into 'konkatsu' boom, lifelong single population continues to grow See in context

Casual relations are ok.Marriage is a headache and God damn boring.I dont see what they are talking about as a problem.Young generation -as i can see and experienced-do not have same visions about marriage as old ones,i do agree with them.

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Despite all what has been said,Japanese still vote for LDP,and approval rate of Abe and his cabinet raised by 3%,what does this mean?A question doesnt need an answer:)

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Posted in: Here’s what Japanese men and women think about cheating See in context

Thanks God am not married,thats why am happy:).Actually i can never understand how can i live with a wife or even girlfriend for life,Jesus Maria!!its almost like prison sentence,for sure its boring and unbearable.Cheating-i dont think its a proper word-is the only option sometimes to continue life with a partner,it happens everywhere in the world-Japan is among-for same reasons.I prefer casual relations from very beginning,its fair and lovely:)

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For sure no one intervenes when things go on his favor.Japan main and basic source of income is export,this is well known,so we can imagine how catastrophic it is,when Yen goes up to 106 let alone hurry on down more,106.63 definitely is very crucial-already broken down this week-because it means yen is going to 100 against dollar more fast than bullet train!!Why should Abe and BOJ intervene?simply because whats going on,is mere speculations,has nothing to do with economy.If its really has something to do with economy,yen should be now no less than 125 against dollar in such troubled situation.For sure this is not whats going on,but the opposite.Its so clear.Why not BOJ intervene?what against?what other options in such a catastrophic situation?all suggestions,ideas,and opinion wont be an alternative to export sector as a main source of Japan economy.Yes it makes sense somehow,but never enough or an alternative. Do not blame Abe,LDP,or BOJ, unless you are in their situation,because its always easy to talk.

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BOJ must intervene,its aggressive speculations,it has nothing to do with Japan economy.All opinions shown are not true.i would appreciate if you can have a look on technical analysis of yen first for better understanding.

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Posted in: Merkel, Abe differ on how to fix world economy See in context


I mentioned,Abe is doing good job as usual,on purpose,because i was pretty sure,many posters will forget about what i said,and just concentrate on whatever about Abe,hunting as usual and attacking,just to attack,but non-answer my posts in an objective technical way as i did,simply they have no answer.ok,i understand that.,can see ABE COMPLEX as well.You asked me to give example of Abe good job,yes?i would appreciate as well if you can answer objectively and technically my post,if you have an economic background,but if not,then its fair enough.

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Thon taddeo

Am afraid your talk about 30%down and opposite high up,has nothing to do with technical analysis in any way.My question is like that,if Japan economy is troubled,how comes yen is high rocketing?it should be hurry on down down down,but is this the case now?sure not,ok.What does it mean?simply,mere speculations.What should be done in such a case?sure Government should,must,and have to intervene,this is not for discussion. Tina didnt let Taro Aso do math for her,but i wonder who made your math,because it has nothing to do with economy or stock markets.

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Posted in: Merkel, Abe differ on how to fix world economy See in context


I strongly agree with you,Yes Abe is right when saying"we are watching currency markets,and if needed we will act" yes Abe,its needed needed urgently and badly now to act.Now means now!What does it mean on earth,yen goes up as a rocket,while what should happen is the opposite?!i prefer to talk in an objective technical way.Yen as i indicated several times before-according to technical analysis-will reach level of 100 yen against Dollar in the near future,once it breaks vibonacci ratio level of 106.63,already happened this week.Economists agreed before down level of 115 means beginning of hardship to Japan economy,now its below 106,not 115,its clearly and simply catastrophic situation.BOJ must intervene,no other solution and urgently.All other suggestions,ideas,or opinion wont be a substitute to intervene,simply because export sector is the biggest and most important source of Japanese income.i would appreciate if i can read an objective technical specialized talk,not just colorful ideas.i would appreciate as well if those who attacks Abe and his cabinet would tell us in a realistic way,what should be done in such a situation,but again,i dont wanna read romantic opinions has nothing to do with reality or facts on the ground.Abe is doing good job as usual.ALL the best for him in his mission in Russia.

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Though its well known yen-according to technical analysis-will go up to 100 against Dollar,but Abe government cant intervene before its too crucial and catastrophic,which i believe below 115 against dollar,but now its unbearable.Export is the most important sector of Japan economy and income,it couldnt be replaced by domestic consumption in anyway.Yes,it can help,but never ever an alternative.The business environment psychology-not objectively-is weak and suffers uncertainty and cautious.Thats understood anyway,but isnt an excuse.BOJ made interest below zero to encourage business,what more could be done? What you suggest makes sense,but wont help that much,nor compensate. What makes BOJ intervene an obligation,and a must,is that whats going on with Yen,is absolutely opposite to what should happen normally with a troubled economy.Yen should be hell down,but never flying rocket!!its mere speculations.Its hard times and hard choices for Abe and LDP.I express deep concern,but still support Abe and LDP and confident they will handle it in a proper way.

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QE was never the free choice of Abe and his government,but the world big financial crisis or Tsunami,came as usual from WALL STREET.even Europe up till now still doing same,let alone States which did it in up normal way,and had biggest dept in the world.As you see reacted not acted,and has no other choices like Europe or even States. Yes,BOJ must intervene,this is not a question,nor for discussion,no matter if the affect will be temporary or long lasted one.It is WALL STREET SPECULATIONS MAFIA,not Abe or his government,am involved in stock markets long ago and talking technically.I analyzed before and expected-according to technical analysis-yen will go up to 100yen against dollar in near future i n case it breaks Vibonacci ratio or level of 106.63.which happened this week.So its well known time ago.BOJ and LDP cabinet are aware of it.Now they have to intervene.Now means now,not a day later!! Up till now,i couldnt find objective post,all attack just to attack Abe and LDP.i posted my presentation technically and objectively,hope some one could answer me in same way.

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I appreciate your post and agree with you.

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Posted in: Cruz drops out of GOP race after Indiana loss to Trump See in context

Good luck Trump,i wish you all the best.Do it Trump,wipe Hillary,kick her out.All the best Trump.

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Posted in: Recent rise in yen extremely worrying, says Aso See in context

BOJ has no choices left,but to intervene strongly and urgently to weaken Yen,to stand up to SPECULATIONS WAR against yen.115 yen against dollar was considered to be hardship for export,how about now-below 105?its catastrophic.Its hard times to Japan economy and Abe government,though he has nothing to do with Wall street speculators Mafia.Who-and how-can anyone blames BOJ if intervenes?What is he supposed to do in such a catastrophic situation?anyone can attack easily,but almost no one can tell us what is supposed to be done!

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Stupid Republican front runners,why didnt they support Trump from very beginning and backing him,instead of this shameful war against him,even though they failed- as expected-to introduce themselves as alternatives.Am sure they will keep fighting Trump more fierce than Hillary,just because of jealousy,he did what they all failed to do.

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