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Posted in: Mori Building and teamLab open digital art museum See in context

Seems inspired by Yayoi Kusama's work, but still looks pretty cool. I wouldn't mind some of my work getting included!

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Posted in: Fighting game 'Jump Force' pits heroes from Shonen Jump in a crossover brawl of epic proportions See in context

Gonna check it out!

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Posted in: Abenomics' impact fading at sensitive moment for Japanese economy See in context

Raise the minimum wage just like needs to be done in US! Grow a pair!

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Posted in: Gov't to go ahead with sales tax hike in Oct 2019 See in context

This will hurt my wallet when I move to JP but still the cost of quality goods is way cheaper than in US

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Posted in: 60,000 elderly drivers in Japan suspected of having dementia: police See in context

This is one thing that scares me about when I move to Japan, but I think drivers in NYC are still way worse lol

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Posted in: Tourism boom spreads economic benefits to rural Japan: report See in context

Great post Kohaku. Inakas in Japan really are amazing. I can't believe more young people prefer to live in overcrowded cities. Sure theres no jobs there but who wants to work anyway...

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Posted in: 5 anime to binge on Netflix right now See in context

Thanks I'll check some of these out!

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Posted in: Monk sues temple at Mt Koya world heritage site over heavy workload See in context

Sorry he was overworked, but I was one of those visiting Koyasan for the 1,200 year celebration in 2015. Well worth going there though! Its stunningly beautiful there!

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