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Posted in: Japan in 7th coronavirus wave, but no restrictions needed: Omi See in context

DAAMEE! DAAMEE! Come on Nihon I thought you had it under controrru! I need to be able to go home so open uppu!!

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Posted in: Curry and lassi ice creams: Like eating cubes of frozen curry roux See in context

Sounds oishi!! I want to try it because they call me curry-man!

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Posted in: 6 dead, 30 wounded in shooting at Chicago-area July 4 parade; man detained See in context

WARUI WARUI!! This is why I want to move back to my Nihon home where its nice and safe!!

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Posted in: Unheard of croissant oden combo has Japanese eaters bewildered See in context

Sugoi Oishisou!!

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Posted in: Japan eases travel advisory for 34 nations, including China, S Korea See in context

YATTA YATTA!! Nihon is openingu uppu!! I can't wait to go back home!!

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Posted in: Japan begins 3-month energy-saving period to conserve electricity See in context

So when I go back home to Nihon I don't have to wear a mask outdoors anymore?? YATTA YATTA!!

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Posted in: Unagi-flavored natto See in context

Sounds oishisou! Tabetai!!

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Posted in: 1,300 apply to come to Japan on guided tours since reentry rules eased See in context

WOOHOO!! Such great newsu!! NIHON IS OPENINGUU!! I will patiently wait to return to my home!!

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Posted in: Travel firms thrown into confusion over rules as Japan reopens to foreign tourists See in context

YATTA YATTA!! ITS HAPPENINGU!! I just want to be able to go back to my homeland I don't care if I have to be tracked because NIHON IS OPENINGU!!

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Posted in: Cold curry? Mujirushi makes one of our favorite hot meals chilly, but does that make it good? See in context

This looks so chou very oishisou because I'm curry man lol! Weebtastic!!

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Posted in: Mister Donut’s new Angel Fruit series elevates angel cream doughnuts See in context

WOW!! Looks so chou very yummy! Why oh why can't we have these here?? Weebtastic!!

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Posted in: Frozen Japanese sake: A fantastic way to make easy summer cocktails See in context

Wow looks yummy and Weebtastic!!

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Posted in: Japan to resume accepting guided foreign tour groups from June 10 See in context

YATTA!! Its happeningu!! Nihon is opening!! Its Weebtastic!! #Weebuanimu

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Posted in: Japan to trial small group tours from 4 countries See in context

YATTA!! It's happeningu! Japan is finally opening up again! #WEEBUANIMU

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Posted in: 'Super Fan' prepares for Tokyo Olympics without overseas fans See in context

Don't worry we'll all be attending the Olympics virtually, just like we've already been doing for everything else all year. Instead of complaining, residents of Japan should feel lucky they get a chance to attend in-person when they wouldn't otherwise.

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Posted in: Actor Iseya gets suspended sentence for cannabis possession See in context

Wow so glad I didn't move back to Japan lol

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Posted in: Does hemp have a home in Japan? See in context

hemp is legal in Japan what are you talking about?

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Posted in: Half of telecommuters in Japan work longer hours than before pandemic: Rengo See in context

So glad I didn't work for a Japanese company lol

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Posted in: Nintendo says it is working with Tencent to release Switch in China See in context

Its fine to sell in china but please make the systems in Japan like you used to

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Posted in: Trump says sees possibility of U.S.-Japan trade deal by May See in context

What did we see this week? Kim meeting with putin and Trump meeting with Abe. Its no coincidence

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Posted in: Trump says sees possibility of U.S.-Japan trade deal by May See in context

Lol, Trump should've stayed in TPP and now anything they agree upon can be undone what an unskilled person. Just rude it out Abe, the Japan USA alliance deserves more than this unskilled person understands.

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Posted in: Smoking strong pot daily raises psychosis risk, study finds See in context

Legalize it

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Posted in: 5 tips on what to do with unwanted stuff See in context

Lol i thought she didn't like boxes, i guess just those from competing brands that she doesn't like lol

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Posted in: Closing time? Japan's convenience stores pressed to end 24-7 model amid labor crunch See in context

Don't let amazon in whatever you do

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Posted in: Abe may meet Trump in April: officials, media See in context

Yuck, waste of time

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Posted in: Japan urged to stop requiring transgender sterilization See in context

japan needs to step up on this, its just plain wrong

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Posted in: Vietnamese workers, streaming to Japan, face risks as labor system opens up See in context

I know its not perfect, but at least they're working on immigration policy unlike here in US

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Posted in: Tokyo Olympic organizers unveil torch for 2020 games See in context

Wow looks cool

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Posted in: Railways to extend operating hours during 2020 Tokyo Olympics See in context

Nice! Can’t wait!

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Posted in: Commemorative Tokyo 2020 Olympic stamps go on sale See in context

I want some! Hope it’s still available later this month

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