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Posted in: ANA serves up in-flight Ippudo ramen See in context

The name of the CEO is SHIGEMI Kawahara, not Narumi!

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Posted in: What Japanese women discreetly check out when on a hunt for a husband See in context

J women are like a Sporty Ferrari. Sure they look nice and go well at first, but they'll cripple you with constant problems, breakdowns and repair bills

If you get yourself a Ferrari you know that you get an expensive and delicate thing. It's then up to you to treat it nicely and take good care of it in order to enjoy the speed and fun for years and years to come.

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Posted in: Noose tightens around WikiLeaks' Assange See in context

I am glad that he is releasing all of this information because it puts all of the governments around the world in their place and creates a way for the people to know what is really going on behind closed doors.

What? The governments around the world do what we all do in our daily life, they check-out the people they are dealing with. In all aspects of (economic) life, we want to know who we are dealing with and we try to google our new clients, find out their preferences etc. Who is surprised that the govt. is doing the same? Writing it down and being careless enough to have the docs leak, that's another story.

What do these documents now bring to the world or Mr. A? Nothing! (but maybe harm due to distrust and a stall in many important negotiations) They only satisfy some of the "docu-soap" lovers and fit perfectly into the voyeurism-loving world of facebook etc.

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Posted in: Obama, Democrats reach out to female voters See in context

It's about getting American exceptionalism back, through private sector industry; not government owned industry. Cutting taxes and regulations on business. It is stifling confidence, growth, and hiring...

The "American exceptionalism" and it's private sector almost led to a collapse of more than just the US economy. The US financial sector (and it's jobs) survived thanks to some of the Government's swift actions. The US car industry (GM) and it's jobs, or at least what's left of it, survived due to the Governements' swift actions. Fannie & Freddie, well you saw the recent news, they barely survive even with the help of the Government. Some sectors definitely need some regulations to avoid a similar situation in the future.

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Posted in: Obama, Democrats reach out to female voters See in context

How typical of the authoritarian Left - - the belief or expectation that even self-organizing populist movements like the tea parties must have uniform beliefs and their members dutifully display the kind of self-censoring "liberals" engage in.

means that you are a bunch of "Against-Obama" with no real ideas on what you would like to do in the future except of winning this election?

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Posted in: One man’s culinary paradise is another’s cultural wasteland See in context

Having a good quality of "ethnic" food means you need a high number of "ethnic" community around to sustain it. That's why you find the good Thai food around the places already mentioned by others. Although having foreign population to some extend, Japan has still relatively little such communities.

THe author may have better done some homework before coming to Japan and compare cities that grew on immigration or colonization(Vancouver, Seattle, London etc.) up to a certain extend.

By focusing on the curriculum for elementary school, he also must have missed some classes in economics. As a restaurant owner/chef you cater to the community and deliver what they want (and what pays the bills, salary etc.)

Try to find the good Japanese food places all around Tokyo and use your holidays to hop on a plane to taste real Indian, Malay etc.

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Posted in: Where has the wonder of innovation gone? See in context

Being born less than 40 years ago, I still remember greatly the excitement when actually writing a letter, sending it by post and waiting for 2 - 3 weeks for an answer from my loved ones far away. I still keep a lot of those letters and I am sure this is one thing I will show my grand children in the future. I think the internet has shaped AND defined our lives much more than we want to realize and admit. Especially as an editor of a online newspaper I'm surprised that you, Chris, are not more aware of it.

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Posted in: Toyota chief apologizes over recalls, accidents in House testimony See in context

Rep Paul Kanjorski, a Democrat, cited “injuries and the damages suffered by innocent Americans ... who like myself have grown up in an atmosphere that we had a great deal of faith in something that was stamped ‘Made in Japan.’”

How many of the cars sold in the US are actually "Made in Japan"?

Surprisingly the problems seem not to occur too much in Europe and the rest of the World who also drive Toyotas.

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Posted in: Bullying blamed after two 13-yr-old girls jump to their deaths See in context


I hope the parents of the dead girls go after any and all related parties with a vengeance. Sue the parents of the bullies. Sue the school for its negligence in failing to protect the children, and sue the teachers individually so these events follow them around like a bad smell for the rest of their professional careers. When the parents have done this, they should then turn on the local board of education and demand the scalp of everybody who failed to do their duty.

I hope that the parents will not be too busy with blaming others for this and also find time to reflect on their eventual own shortcomings.

Many of us have been bullied during our school time in some way. But as smartacus said, mothers, fathers or other family members need to realize it and help the kids to find their way through it (by strenghten their back and not only by complaining to the school)

We should not be too passive and always delegate everything to the teachers, school boards or whatever. Raising children needs committment and involvement.

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Posted in: Homeless man See in context

Thanks Chessnutroastin! ALthough I believe that most of us would not take them home but your idea has great points and I support it greatly. Flipping a few coins at those poor sould does not make them feel better at all, as it actually just supports their misery and will not get them out from it.

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