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Posted in: Do you consider the A-bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki to be war crimes? See in context

They were NOT war crimes period.

Japan was given PLENTY of opportunities to surrender UNCONDITIONALLY, they REFUSED! Japan was in NO position to BARGAIN period!

I don't think I've ever seen a comment in my life where someone twists a situation, replaces it with a simplified fact, and then points to the simplified fact to show that they are actually right.

With that logic, anyone would have the right to use similar weapons on anyone who refused to surrender. Imagine a situation where Japan had nuclear weapons, attacked Pearl Harbor, and gave the US an ultimatum to surrender. Japan would then have used nukes with the understanding that the US could have surrendered unconditionally but didn't, and by not surrendering the use of nukes on civilians was legitimate and actually shortened the war and saved lives.

Does that make sense? No, it does not.

Using weapons on civilians and arguing that the military refused to surrender is simply taking defenseless civilians hostage. Not even giving them the option to evacuate, just killing civilians with the hope that maybe then the government or the military will come to their senses.

That is just absurd.

Killing civilians is a war crime and it doesn't matter what fallacious arguments are put forward to justify it. And it doesn't matter what side is doing the killing and what side the civilians are on

As @Robert Cikki said.

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Posted in: City in Hyogo Prefecture loses memory drive with info on all 460,000 residents See in context

I'm rather surprised he didn't lose the papers with the data that were ready to be faxed. The fact that he lost the USB flash is absolutely astonishing and shocking to me, because I could not imagine such a level of technical maturity here... OK, sarcasm..

I bet the USB drive was not encrypted and the data were not in some extra container ala Veracrypt.

Unless they're just trying to hide that it wasn't secured in any way at all, then it's more likely to be a password protected Excel file. Which will be more likely if it really was passed between multiple places as mentioned. Because here as we know, no one is using any standard for communicating across the government so everyone has their own system (even most 区役所 in one city are using different systems) and in order to transfer it somewhere else and open it there, it has to be open in something that absolutely everyone has. And here it is - yes, the popular Excel.

Now they've apologized and no one is going to ask what's next, how this leak is going to be dealt with. If this happened somewhere in Europe or in countries where they have GDPR and generally high data protection at the state level, heads would already roll. And an apology would be the first and last thing anyone would do.

But yeah, 申し訳ございません、しょうがない、大変ですね。

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