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Posted in: People in Chinatown, who have supported this city's development over many years, have been suffering great pains over matters related to the new coronavirus. I'm utterly infuriated by the fact that these letters were sent to them. See in context

It is a shame how some people allow their fears to manifest into ignorant anger and frustration! Be afraid of a virus that is new and unknown in its entirety, but it is unfair to dump all your hostility on the general population as a whole. They didn't cause this to happen nor wanted it. Just like you!! This is not the time for blame! I applaud the mayor of Yokohama!! The people of Chinatown contributed economically to Japan and in the midst of a crisis, they are turned on with blinded judgement. As they say, if you can't be a part of the solution, then stop being a part of the problem! Think with common sense and learn your facts! Thank you to the mayor of Yokohama! May the heavens bless you for your kindness to humanity!

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Posted in: S Korea protests over Japan's virus travel restrictions See in context

Japan can do whatever they want. It's their country and they have a right to protect their people. If you want to visit, you have to follow rules. If you don't like it, then choose not to visit at this time. South Koreans need to understand and have some common sense. Your country is already dealing with a lot due to the coronavirus! The ban should have been placed in the beginning. It would have helped much more than now.

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