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Posted in: Suga calls on public to watch Olympics on TV as Japan eases state of emergency See in context

Me too. I will not watch it, is is an abomination and a disgrace to humanity to hold these Games now."

Agreed..not watching it either. Is the hypocrat strawberry farmer gonna watch it on TV too or will he be in the VIP stand with the other lords to be followed by fine steaks and booze at Ginza while peasants are told to stay home and drink a can of beer?

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Posted in: Why are Olympics going on despite public opposition, medical warnings? See in context

How have the International Olympic Committee and the Japanese government of Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga been able to bypass strong opposition?" that a serious question.? not giving a damn about public & medical professionals opinion, steamrolling over it and prioritizing money and oyaji pride as was plain to see from the beginning...disgrace. Once the cases start rising again afer the games , watch the "it wasn,t me , it was someone else,s responsibility " dance begin.

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Posted in: Japan looks to ease virus state of emergency ahead of Olympics See in context

“In order to prevent another upsurge, it is crucial to prevent the people from roaming around during the Olympics and summer vacation,” he said."

Yeah, that might be a bit hard to do with 100 thousand foreigners involved in Olympics and tens of thousands of domestic fans daily ( if the arrogant strawberry farmer and his JOC buddies get their way ) mingling inside and outside of Olympic venues.

When will the govt EVER give a damn about the Japanese people!"

Not until the peasants vote out LDP and let them learn a painful electoral defeat lesson will that happpen. Alas chances are very slim indeed as long as the perenial "shooganai" attitude continues here.

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Posted in: Up to 80% of Tokyo Olympics media will be vaccinated, say organizers See in context

he organizers also said every sports delegation arriving in Japan will have a COVID liaison officer coordinating with the organizers 

And if the Covid liaison officer " comesdown with covid?

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Posted in: More than 2,300 companies to vaccinate 11 mil employees, families See in context

I am very excited to go back to usual business, spend the last days until my pension mostly in airplanes, airplane lounges and nice hotels, including bars, all over the world.

Well, I definately envy you that Monty...when you retire can I have your job? :)

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Posted in: According to many polls, the majority of the Japanese public say they want the Tokyo Olympics to be canceled or postponed again. So why haven't opponents of the Games taken to the streets in large numbers to protest? Is it a cultural thing? See in context

 Let's see though, how far can the Japanese remain timid and quiet for long.

Pretty sure they can stay quite " timid and quiet" very long.

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Posted in: Sex, social distancing and dining in the Olympic village See in context

Tokyo Olympic organizers plan to give away about 150,000 condoms at next month's Games, but are telling athletes to take them home 

ROFL...take them home...omiyage...just when you thought the organizers couldnt come up with anything more idiotic, they outdo themselves, haha.

 Now we can call these SugaCon?

SugaCon- good one., lol..actually SugaCon would be a good nickname for the ichigo farmer since hardly an honest word comes out of him.

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Posted in: Gov't considering quasi-state of emergency in Tokyo during Olympics See in context

The official said staging the Olympics and Paralympics has now become an international commitment after leaders of the Group of Seven wealthy democracies expressed support on the weekend for the sporting extravaganza.

Thats some funny Suga goes around the G7 meeting begging for a pledge of "support" from the other leaders and once they give it ( to get rid of him no doubt lol ) J-officials start using this as an excuse that Games are now "an international commitment " and therefore can,t be altered. Freak off.

Will I need to wear a quasi-mask? 

You should already have one...the Abenomask..only covers about a quarter of an adult face.

So bars will be allowed to stay open but serve only low-alcohol drinks in limited quantity, so that customers only get quasi-drunk, and talk only in a quasi-loud voice!

LOL, nice one.

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Posted in: Japan to secure COVID vaccines for 20,000 more Olympic workers See in context

SInce there is curiously no word on where this additional vaccine supply is coming from ( ie not donated by Pfizer as with the first 20 thousand shots for the athletes ) we can assume its being taken away from the general over 65 J-population supply.

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Posted in: Suga says he won support from all G7 leaders for Olympics See in context

Mr Suga has shown the world leaders that the games will be safe and they all agree they should take place." exactly did he show them that?

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Posted in: Suga says he won support from all G7 leaders for Olympics See in context

Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga on Sunday said he had won firm support at a G7 summit meeting in Britain for holding the Tokyo Olympics "

Guess saying -sure Yoshi we support you - was the only way to stop him from following the others around ;)

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Posted in: Suga not ruling out election if no-confidence vote submitted See in context

That photo says it comment needed, this is what passes for "leadership" here.

Japan should be embarrassed by its leadership like the US was the last 4 years!"


Clearly, Suga fumbled the coronavirus like no other world leader, and to speak about it as if he had been focusing on it all these months is an insult to every person who has been subject to his "leadership".

Spot on comment.

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Posted in: G7 leaders agree on vaccines, China and taxing corporations See in context

Priceless ..:) even the protester puppet Suga seems to be the odd one out there, trying to figure out what the heck is going on.

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Posted in: Heatstroke or COVID-19? Similar symptoms could confuse at Olympics See in context

This calls for a new panel of experts to be set up and a series of meetings to be held.

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Posted in: Toshiba colluded with ministry to undermine shareholders, probe finds See in context

Is it possible something similar with Nissan?"

Ya, think?

Suga: "I am absolutely not aware of that. There was nothing of that sort." Well that settles it."

LOL...indeed. rotten apple.

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Posted in: Suga regrets having to take all the heat for hosting Olympics during pandemic See in context

Suga regrets having to take all the heat "

All Japanese I ,ve spoken with seem to regret that inept Suga is a PM.

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Posted in: Japan eyes regional revitalization with transfer of 10,000 workers See in context

LDP is slowly beginning election sound bite usual govt is " eyeing " considering and mulling populist ideas that will be shelved as soon as the election is over.

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Posted in: South Asian nations turn to China, Russia for vaccine help See in context

The mRNA vaccines (Pfizer and Moderna), appear to provide lifetime protection in the recent studies for people who got the virus"

Yep, that must be why Pfizer CEO just talked about the need for a " booster " after 12 months. You can bet big pharma will want this to become an annual shot , just like influenza.

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Posted in: Australia's second-largest city to exit two-week virus lockdown See in context

The videos of police violence against dissidents in Meldbourne could come right out of Beijing.

Oh please...laughable.

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Posted in: Major companies, universities apply for on-site vaccinations See in context

My wife can also get her vaccine at my company. Husbands, wives and children over 18th of all employees are included.

Your company is doing the right thing monty. Nothing happening in my vicinity yet.

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Posted in: U.S. eases 'Do Not Travel' advisory for Japan See in context

As zichi said , this is not US easing advisory on Japan in particular but as part of a wide ranging easing on a bunch of other countries today.

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Posted in: LDP lawmakers seek emergency clause for constitution to deal with crises See in context

"I don't think a lack of an emergency clause is the reason the COVID-19 response has not gone well. The problem is incompetent politicians," said Keio University professor Satoshi Yokodaido.

Should be a quote of the year.!

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Posted in: Members of media from abroad covering Olympics to be tracked by GPS See in context

(While I have the floor, I just have to give a virtual fist bump to Alfie for his avatar. ”Peter, you’ve lost the news!”

Just watched the link..., hillarious , thanks for posting it.

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Posted in: Japan mulls maintaining current order of imperial succession See in context


"If we make this decision too quickly, the all expenses gravey train we have been milking since March will dry up. Let's have another meeting .. . . ."

Spot many more handsomely paid series of meetings on taxpayer ¥¥¥ that in the end recommend no change does this need? Yep, Japan sure is unique.

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Posted in: Half of Japanese people think Olympics will be held this summer: poll See in context

Either you do them or don't and make the decision pronto!

Japan govt / bureaucracy doesn't do "pronto ".


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Posted in: 'You're so cool,' mayor tells Australian softball Olympians See in context

"You're so cool. I've seen the Australian team a few times, you guys are really cool," said Masayoshi Shimizu, mayor of Ota in Gunma Prefecture.

The Aussie girls be like...geez, thanks for that papi, that sounds real genuine.

"Thanks to all of you, Ota City has become famous. I appreciate it," he told the team.

Ota City reputation has been spreading around the world like wildfire since they arrived I hear.

Right. Telling someone you are so cool is not cool. Calling yourself Cool Japan is not cool either.


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Posted in: Controversial art exhibition to open in Tokyo on June 25 See in context

Uyoku will go bananas as usual, wonder if we will see another fake signature campaign as in Nagoya.

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Posted in: Communication the game changer for Tokyo Olympics: ex-IOC marketing chief See in context

the games are very important to mankind

Oh please, they are just sports games...if they were to be postponed to 2022, mankind would survive...

and the Olympics are a sign that we have taken control of the Covid situation*

Except Japan has not taken control of Covid yet....who can forget Abe,s May 2020 famous " Japan model has defeated coronavirus " boast fiasco.

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Posted in: Sports days have positive effects, not only in improving physical ability but also in allowing students to bond. They nurture a sense of cooperation through physical education classes held prior to the event. Although schools have been asked to take various measures and reduce school hours amid the pandemic, I hope sports days will be kept as a way to enhance the learning experience for students. See in context

Whats the problem in skipping it once or twice due to a global pandemic....once majority is vaccinated by next year, there is no issue. Anyone thats been to a school festival knows well there is lots of parents and families mingling with each other.

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Posted in: Japanese gov't plans to remove around 4,000 km of overhead power lines See in context

Running counter to this is the fact that around 70,000 new utility poles are installed every year.

Yes, Japan is an "advanced country " they say.

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