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Posted in: Japan tightens Russia sanctions after deadly missile strikes in Ukraine See in context

It could also cut the visas for Russian "entertainers"....

Sorry, that can't happen..some of the bigwigs here prefer blondes apparently.

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Posted in: Djokovic's father won't attend semifinal after Russia flag controversy See in context

...reporter asked if Srdjan Djokovic should be deported after he was seen posing for pictures with fans holding Russian flags.

That reporter is a moron.

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Posted in: Japan tightens Russia sanctions after deadly missile strikes in Ukraine See in context

This is the same Japan that just a couple of days ago complained to Russia that it's somehow not fair Japanese fishing boats can't fish off Kuril islands because Russia unfairly thinks Japan is unfriendly ,right? Why can't it have the cake and eat it too?

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Posted in: Ukraine urges Australian Open to ban Djokovic's father from attending See in context

"It's important for Novak to address this situation," he said. "He should apologize for what has happened, and condemn the Russian invasion of Ukraine."

Why should Novak apologize , he didnt do anything...he played tennis.

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Posted in: Japanese power firms seek price hikes, adding to household burden See in context

Coal and LNG prices have decreased."

That fact will be dully ignored, Putin will be blamed, the power companies will get their price increases because LDP politicians who will approve said increase will be guaranteed cushy amakudari chairs there, J-taxpayers will be screwed as usual and despite all that will continue to vote LDP. TIJ.

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Posted in: Turkey says Sweden complicit in hate crime, NATO talks pointless See in context

Own goal by Sweden....alowing a Koran burning protest in front of a Turkish Embassy...what was the govt thinking?

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Posted in: Japan decides to ease medical rules on COVID-19 on May 8 See in context

Japan has lagged behind other industrialized economies ...."

Par for the course.

"I like that about Japan and many people could learn a thing from that. It would make the world a better place................

So why do these empathetic Japanese immediately take off their masks once they step outside Japan?

Do they care for the health of only their own people? Is that a selfish jingoistic mindset we want to emulate?"

Well said, ouch Priscilla.

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Posted in: Kishida to consider visiting Ukraine if right conditions are met See in context

What a whole waste of time wasters, literally the title should say, Japanese PM not sure to do something so sticks head in sand in hopes they go away.

Yep, pretty much...Doo teeth..muzukashii.. meanwhile pretty much every other G7 country,s politicians have come and gone to Kiev already. But he will make it there eventually, in time for the election.

Apps with video capabilities are good enough to get the job done.

Yeah, they sure are ..but a photo op with Kishida wearing a bulletproof vest standing next to Zelensky is needed before the spring local polls. Nothing like a hero poster pic to make the minions forget about being slugged with another tax rise and vote for the LDP deadwood again.

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Posted in: Djokovic's father filmed with fans holding pro-Russia flags at Australian Open See in context

A video later posted to a pro-Russian Australian YouTube account showed Djokovic's father Srdjan posing with a man holding the Putin flag."

Its not a Putin was a will be Russian flag long before & after Putin.

Nope. Russia is being quarantined like a virus, for their invasion and murder of Ukrainians. Don't like it? Complain to Putin, he's the only one that cares.

Fair enough, Russia shouldn't be in Ukraine....but I'm looking forward to hearing the same sentiments next time the one and only superpower decides to invade a sovereign country under " undeniable evidence of WMD,s " & other false pretenses...just to be fair and all.

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Posted in: Thousands rally for 'Invasion Day' protests on Australia Day holiday See in context

From - Dramatic scenes erupted at Invasion Day rallies across the country, with Greens senator Lidia Thorpe declaring “they are stealing our babies”..........Ms Thorpe, who is an Indigenous woman and the star of Melbourne’s treaty movement, declared “this is a war” to rapturous cheers.“ A war that was declared on our people more than 200 years ago,” Senator Thorpe said in an extraordinary speech, in which she said black women were still being raped by “them”.

A bit over the top, this speech.

while millions had barbies and parties with mates, families and loved ones, celebrating life in one of the fairest, most robust, down to earth and funny countries on the planet.....Straya!

On ya on.

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Posted in: North Korea locks down Pyongyang over 'respiratory illness' - report See in context

Ship over some masks... apparently that's what it takes.

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Posted in: Japan reports 79,354 new coronavirus cases See in context

....because of the scientifically proven effectiveness of masks and vaccines. That's why it's going down."

Thanks for clarifying Elvis. It makes perfect sense means numbers were surging a few weeks ago because people weren't vaccinated / wearing scientifically proven masks back then...or something like that. Eureka, time for some gin & tonic now.

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Posted in: Kishida's intention to raise consumption tax in focus at Diet See in context

Time to take to the streets and let them know....

Yeah, what do you think this is...some kind of "advanced democracy or something?

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Posted in: The larger the family, the higher expenses are. We believe that making employees feel secure will help increase their motivation to work. See in context

How about increasing their salary instead of one off allowance?

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Posted in: Japan defense buildup helps triple primary deficit projection See in context

"We will continue to hold up the banner of fiscal reconstruction and aim for our goal of restoring fiscal health," Prime Minister Fumio Kishida told a parliamentary session on Tuesday. "We are not thinking about backpedaling on our stance." ...&.....In its outlook, the government retained its assessment that Japan will achieve a surplus in the primary balance in fiscal 2026 of 2.5 trillion yen."

ROFL...these guys really are masters of lying with a straight face. Surplus achieved in 2026?....hahaha...good one Fumio.

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Posted in: Japanese TV personality Dewi Sukarno visits Ukraine despite travel restrictions See in context

She was his third wife, and her only claim to fame is marrying this guy after she met him when she was working in a Ginza hostess bar called the "Copacabana", when she was a student. He was 39 years older than her.

Sounds like true & pure Ginza bar love story.

She hasn't been in the spotlight so much recently and I'll bet it was all just a publicity stunt to make her some money!

Fair bet.

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Posted in: Kishida's intention to raise consumption tax in focus at Diet See in context

Prime Minister Fumio Kishida will look to hike the politically unpopular consumption tax to cover the child policies he is trying to advance."

The last increase in sales tax was supposed to be raising funds for social services including child rearing.

Not for the Olympics, pork for J-Inc, more weapons, politico funerals etc etc.

LDP = Lying Dishonest P..s

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Posted in: Turkey's president says no support for Sweden's NATO bid See in context

Defies belief that Swedish authorities allowed this to happen - in front of the Turkish embassy - at the precise time Swedish NATO application hinges on Turkey,s approval. Why not permit the protest but in a less provocative location , some nondescript suburban park toka.

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Posted in: Finance chief: Japan's fiscal health worsening on unprecedented scale See in context

Reduce the number of Diet members, reduce their pay and perks,"

Back in 2012 Abe promised the then governing Democratic party that LDP would agree to cutting around 80 Diet seats. It was part of a promise LDP gave in exchange for Democrats agreeing to an early election, where politicians were supposed to show the nation they were also ready to "make sacrifices" as the taxpayers were being asked to carry an extra "tax burden" after the 2011 earthquake and Fukushima Dai-ichi debacle.

After LDP won they promptly broke their promise and never implemented any cuts. The "L" in LDP should stand for "lying".

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Posted in: Japan urges Russia to start annual talks over safe fishing pact See in context

Love it! It's "unacceptable" that Russia won't give a date to allow Japanese vessels to fish, sailing off from a nation that sanctions Russia and provides aid to its enemy. I know Japan thinks it can play both sides while the world laughs at the nation, but still."

It really is unbelievable aint it.

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Posted in: Court orders Japanese gov't to pay damages over forced sterilization See in context

Shame on the govt and LDP for their disgraceful position and refusal to properly compensate these people. Meanwhile the politician fatcats milk the taxpayer to the max - cut their numerous bs allowances and use those funds for something useful.

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Posted in: Kishida warns Japan on brink of social dysfunction amid falling birthrate See in context

Prime Minister Fumio Kishida warned Monday that Japan is "on the brink" of losing its social function due to its rapidly declining birthrate,"

LDP is fully responsible for this as they have dithered for decades without addressing the problem, instead they have held dozens of useless "expert meetings" and kicked the can down the road year after year after year.

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Posted in: Japan’s ramen is too cheap; restaurants should raise their prices, famous soccer player says See in context

Perhaps Honda would like to donate his multimillion dollar earnings to charity so the homeless could enjoy 730yen ramen before suggeeting price rises. Stick to kicking the ball.

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Posted in: Much of Japan to see heavy snow from Tuesday as winter storm arrives See in context

up to 70 cm in Kanto-Koshin in eastern and central Japan"....

Hopefully not...don't enjoy the ice on the roads that usually stays for a few days afterwards.

the atmospheric low is expected to develop and proceed to the sea near the Kuril Islands northeast of Hokkaido and the east of Japan,

That Putin at it again.

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Posted in: Diet convenes 150-day regular session; gov't to submit 60 bills See in context

Doubling weapons spending & restarting and building new nuclear much for Kishida supposedly being a dove.

Bet you he will try to tie any measures to raise funds for child reading support with the weapons spending so he can justify raising those taxes.

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Posted in: BOJ undeterred by threat to consumers from above-target inflation See in context

BOJ undeterred by threat to consumers from above-target inflation"

Sure...why would BOJ be deterred by inflation threats to consumers? Kuroda and rest of the BOJ old boy salaries / bonuses are on another level. He buys his Tokyo houses with cash so...its all dandy for him.

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Posted in: Only 16% of 17 to 19-year-olds believe they will definitely marry: survey See in context

Sobering but unsurprising survey results. In response LDP will set up another expert panel ( no.3256 ) stacked with 70 year old grandpas to " study the issue & release a recommendations report " within the next 12 months at the earliest.

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Posted in: Kishida weighs Ukraine visit in February to hold talks with Zelenskyy: report See in context

Kishida shouldn't visit Ukraine without bearing the gift of weapons as any good guest would do."

He will go bearing an open cheque book, the usual J-way....meanwhile LDP insists they have no money for social services, people with disabilities, child support, pensioners..etc , take your pic.

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Posted in: Kishida weighs Ukraine visit in February to hold talks with Zelenskyy: report See in context

Why don't you stay better in Japan and help your country and your people first??...You are making a fool of yourself by being the US errand boy.. & More of our tax money going on Kishida’s foreign trips …again?"

Exactly....get to work and actually DO something for the long suffering taxpayers of Japan instead of just jetting around the world for photo-ops. Should have stayed on as Foreign Minister and not hussle for the PM job.

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Posted in: Japan reports inflation hit 4%; 41-year high in December See in context

Energy bills have been skyrocketing in Japan. If you live somewhere subzero, you'll be paying loads more for whatever you use for heating. Electricity is currently high with surcharges, but they will be made permanent as big price rises from April. Mostly companies are 30%+ !!!

It ain't anywhere near over was just reported TEPCO wants to increase their rates by another 30% in June. These ba$$s got bailed out and are govt ( aka taxpayer ) owned. Meanwhile Kuroda keeps blabbing on about inflationary pressures being temporary and supposedly easing from "next month" . Again. Meanwhile the masses will obediently vote in LDP deadwood at the spring local elections as usual.

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