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Posted in: U.S. draws down Ukraine embassy presence as war fears mount See in context

This isn't an accurate analogy - the Ukraine has not joined NATO and nobody has any plans to put any troops in Ukraine. "

The only reason for that is that NATO knows how Putin would react , the exact way that he is now. Nato has been testing the waters for years to see how far Russia,s red line can be pushed.

The entire pretext is solely based on the hypothetical possibility that this might one day happen."

Well, looking at the recent history of Nato expansion in Eastern Europe ( the ex Warsaw pact countries ) that hypothetical possibility is very high indeed.

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Posted in: Navratilova slams ban on 'Where is Peng Shuai' shirts See in context

Can we politicize sports a bit more?

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Posted in: Kishida cabinet's approval rating at 55.9%: poll See in context

My wife received a call for this survey and they disqualified her for it as she had not voted for LDP. So be sure this is only a survey for those who voted for them".

Wow, thats quite something.......if any of us needed reassurance that J-govt surveys and stats are not to be trusted.

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Posted in: New U.S. envoy Rahm Emanuel arrives in Japan See in context

The post of U.S. Ambassador to Japan needs a seasoned experienced diplomat, not a former Major of Chicago.

Enjoying first class diplomatic lifestyle with all its perks while exchanging scripted pleasantries and occasionally putting out prepared statements is not all that hard tbh.

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Posted in: New U.S. envoy Rahm Emanuel arrives in Japan See in context

And Chinese armed coast guard boats are still entering the yaeyama islands city limits every two days.

And yes the senkaku are within ishigaki city limits where the new Japanese military base is being built very slowly."

What does that have to do with news of his arrival?

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Posted in: Olympic 'curse' strikes again as Beijing costs mount See in context

Stop pushing for the Sapporo Olympics Japanese taxpayers have enough pork debt to pay off after Tokyo.

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Posted in: Biden issues new warning to Russia over invading Ukraine See in context

Biden said Thursday that “Russia has a long history of using measures other than overt military action to carry out aggression -- paramilitary tactics, so-called gray zone attacks and actions by Russian soldiers not wearing Russian uniforms.”

Yes. wel,l good to know US never employs similar tactics.

No friend of Putin but let's be honest. If Mexico suddenly changed sides and joined Russia or China then moved to join a military pact with one of them that includes the presence of Chinese or Russian troops on the USA border, how long do you think it would be before the USA to invade Mexico? A few days, a few weeks, or just enough time to get enough troops and supplies to the border? Reality is Russia will not accept NATO in Ukraine and if the west wants a war then adding Ukraine into NATO will get them that."

Absolutely spot on, Ukraine seems to be Russia,s fat red line not to be crossed and Putin has made that very clear to NATO.

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Posted in: Russia says it will take nothing less than NATO expansion ban See in context

They say will accept nothing less but have drawn no red lines, spelled out no consequences for refusing their demands... All they have said is they will not invade Ukraine, have no plans to, and 'Don't expand NATO'.

Do they not know how to negotiate?"

Really ? no red lines , no consequences , dont know how to negotiate...? Are you reading the same articles as the rest of us? Russia is crystal clear about their red line and the consequences are understood by all parties without having to be spelled out..

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Posted in: Japan's disabled artisans fight for spotlight See in context

On another note I dont understand what kind of a nasty looser would downvote your comment above.

Probably someone who read the following sentence in the article:

After costs, each worker can expect to bring in about 15,000 yen a month”

Downvoting a comment asking about the shop so alyamal can visit? More likely the JT-uyoku flyijin who dont actually understand whats written in front of them but just downvote anyway....pathetic.

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Posted in: Russia says it will take nothing less than NATO expansion ban See in context

Russia has denied that it intends to attack its neighbor but demanded guarantees from the West that NATO will not expand to Ukraine or other former Soviet nations or place its troops and weapons there. "

Once can understand where Russia is coming from....we all know how US would react if Russia would once again try to establish bases near American soil , on say ..Cuba ey?

Doesn't Russia know anything about the supposedly "obsolescence" of tank warfare?"

As Ingvar says Russia knows more about it than just about anyone else, JT experts & yourself included.

As a sidenote one cant help notice Russia is not an island unlike Japan and can actualy roll its tanks onto a neighboring country in an offensive scenario somehow more conveniently.

Asked if Russia could accept a moratorium on NATO's expansion eastward, Ryabkov answered with a firm no, saying that Moscow has seen the West backtrack on previous promises."


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Posted in: Japan's disabled artisans fight for spotlight See in context

alyamal..............same here,would love to visit and get something from them when Im in the area. This is a very worthwile enterprise and I hope it does well and a number of businesses with disabled workers grows nationally.

On another note I dont understand what kind of a nasty looser would downvote your comment above.

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Posted in: 42,000 rapid antigen tests snatched in Sydney heist See in context


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Posted in: Japan hopes to lead Asian zero-emissions push: minister See in context

*Japan last year emitted about 1.15 billion tons of greenhouse gas, down 5.1% from the previous year and 18.4% below the 2013 level, according to the *latest government data.

5%...neither hard nor impressive given the reduction in economic activity due to corona restrictions and the resulting supply chain disruptions to production last year.

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Posted in: We will further boost the deterrence and response capabilities of the Japan-U.S. alliance, and for that purpose, Japan will need to strengthen its defense capabilities fundamentally. See in context

Spend money on the social issues Japan is full of first before more weapons. As long as Japan has US bases here its safe.

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Posted in: Japan hopes to lead Asian zero-emissions push: minister See in context

We cannot give details about what we will do with coal fired plants by 2030, but we will do our best to minimize emissions,” Yamaguchi said.

In other words we have no plan just soundbites.

Whatever happened to Koizumi Jr?

Forced leave from the ministry."

Yep, how dare he supported Kono.

The LDP will say unicorn glitter then deliver…….nothing. Private citizens will on their own as usual deliver more.

Indeed...and then those same citizens overwhelmingly vote for LDP at next election why should LDP give a toss.

LDP is sincere in its hope for cleaner energy and will continue to urge industries to cooperate. He said the government is seriously considering setting up a preliminary study group with an eye toward broader discussions with experts in the foreseeable future.

Lol...good one.

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Posted in: Japan to allow in 87 foreign students, making exception to ban See in context

Japan's travel/entry ban is not a public health measure. It is pretty much the only thing the LDP can do that is popular with Japanese folks (roughly 90% by recent polling data). So they're sticking with it. My guess, it will be extended indefinitely long beyond February, or until it can no longer be leaned on to rally public support for the LDP.


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Posted in: Vietnamese trainee in Japan demands apology for 2 years of abuse See in context

Makes one wonder why people decide to come to a country where they are treated as second-rate not-quite-humans... Are things so desperate for them back at home?

If your family is poor back home , one takes a chance to go abroad to earn money to support them and also to make some mola for one,s future...has been going on for centuries. Nobody expects to be treated as " not quite human" before they get to Japan. The brokers naturally only paint a rosy picture. Not sure why its hard to understand.

Which Construction Company?? Name and shame!!


Just saw this on the morning news - straight out physical assault - beaten on the body and head with a broom stick, repeatedly kicked and punched. Thankfully one of his colleagues was filming the incidents secretly it seems.


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Posted in: S Korea, Taiwan expected to top Japan in GDP per capita in 2027, 2028 See in context

Its all those digitally illiterate old men in suits running the country that is the problem."

Quote of the day! LDP museum.

looking at Samsung heir case when he was pardoned by the president just because they were worried it might cause chaos in the company."

Show me a blue blood J-Inc prince that was ever put in jail in Japan ( Japanese no a foreigner ) least SK is not afraid to put their bigwigs away for corruption. Japan,s top echelons would be depleted if the same was to happen here.

Taiwan and in particular SK are already leading Japan in every other metric. But the Japanese will still boast about Nobel prizewinners,"

Yep , even when those guys have left Japan for greener pastures elsewhere decades ago.

So, by your argument, Japan should be way ahead of the US, which has 3 times the population. Not last time I looked.........................Nope... You don't quite get it."

Oh HE gets it just fine.

That's because South Korea is getting a huge pass. South Korea was never forced to sign the Plaza Accord. Then benefitted from Japanese companies misery dealing with Plaza Accord for 3 lost decades."

Any old crocodile tears argument to divert from Japan,s Taiwan getting a free pass too?

*China and USA trade war in 2018 remember that.....South Korea was there to take advantage. South Korea benefitted the most from USA, China trade war."*

Why didnt Japan step up to benefit more? Someone forgot to put a hanko on a fax?

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Posted in: Japan to begin COVID booster shots for general public sooner than scheduled See in context

OK that the decision has been made to speed up things ( not like they had a couple of months to get the ball rolling seeing whats happening overseas ), we can expect about a month to decide the best way to fold forms into the envelopes and put stamps on them, another month to send them out, another to arrange the we,re looking at March /April ( add another for the par for course "unforseen" issues and " confusion" ....yep by summer we,ll be done. Of course by then there might be another couple of variants ...gotta feel for those overheated coupon printers and envelope stuffing junior bureaucrats. At least Japan Post will be smiling.

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Posted in: Japan to begin COVID booster shots for general public sooner than scheduled See in context

Why do we need to make and send out these damn coupons! Can they not just set up a database of all citizens, when they get vaccinated put a check beside their name. Other countries are just letting their people get the jab without such a convoluted system. but TIJ!

You beat me to it mate...this analogue, coupon in an envelope way of doing things is just pathetic in 2022. But what else can we expect from the analogue oyaji fossils in charge of decision making here.

Not like there arent any examples to look at overseas in terms of speeding up the process.

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Posted in: Hayashi points to U.S. forces over COVID surge in parts of Japan See in context

Now if only they could find a way to blame foreigners for spread of the virus in cities / prefectures with no US bases too....govt "advisor" brains must,ve been in overdrive.

Of course the cases of J-nationals breaking quarantine immediately after arrival such as the chic who hit the sack with her boyfriend twice before he went off to Kashima soccer stadium & spread the virus are not repeated in media ad nauseum unlike the US bases narrative. Were / are there US military arrivals spreading the virus?..sure ..just as there were / are Japanese arrivals spreading it. Stop the neverending xenophobia and get to work on minimizing the virus damage.

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Posted in: Japan must co-exist with virus while achieving growth, says minister See in context

”Italy is ranked 4th with Covid cases but on the other hand with a population roughly half of Japan is doing daily tests with the triple as Japan. Japanese government is good at reading the numbers when they are convenient for them omitting some of the basics.”

Spot on.

you are right! But we don’t have as many deaths as Italy!

Ok to lets say Australia, it has 10 times fewer deaths, 5 times smaller population but it tests 10 times what Japan does....250 thousand tests daily in Aus ( 7 day rolling average ), by comparison Tokyo with about the same population size has a weekely rolling average of around 10 thousand.

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Posted in: Man commits suicide after killing his 92-year-old mother See in context

This is a sad and all too common scenario in Japan. It’s pretty obvious the government is not doing enough to support people with ailing parents."

Absolutely..not just for people with ailing parents but also with disabilities . This scenario is becoming too common , its awful. Priviliged J- politician princes have to be made to stop wasting money on BS programs like sending people to the moon & other pork barrel crap and look after Japan,s own disadvataged of whom there are so many.

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Posted in: Toyota tops global auto sales in 2021 for 2nd year in row See in context

Fantastic, but not surprising news. No one can make better quality vehicles than Toyota."

Agreed , one can think whatever about J-Inc  but Toyota product reliability is legendary.

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Posted in: Most of Japan’s new adults hope to fall in love and get married, according to recent survey See in context

but the fact that around 50% of those surveyed think that you can actually fall in love with someone you meet online is a bit of a worry. Personally, I don’t believe that’s a great foundation for a lasting relationship."

Personally dont see much difference ..whether you meet someone online because you like their profile or walk up to someone at a uni cafeteria / bar/ friends party or whatever because you find them attractive. First you gotta feel some chemistry and then you meet the person , talk and get to know them & take it from there. Pretty much the same.

 Their futures are being absolutely strangled by boomer oyajis keeping salaries at a poverty level and forcing people to work every waking hour. And what little money people are able to save is bled from them through countless fees in every aspect of life here."

True true.

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Posted in: Japan must co-exist with virus while achieving growth, says minister See in context

Japan has responded flexibly against its “invisible enemy," setting up a system of quarantines at home for those sick with the Omicron variant of coronavirus, instead of hospitalization for all, and speeding up vaccine boosters"

Speeding up boosters ?....This dude,s claim is directly contradicted one line later. General population ( after health staff and elderly ) is set to get boosters from March...if we see the same pattern as elsewhere , by that time Omicron wave will have come and almost gone and very likely majority of population will have gotten their immunity.

Boosters have lagged in Japan, compared to the U.S., South Korea and parts of Europe. Although about 80% of Japanese have received two shots, fewer than 1% have gotten a booster."

*"But he said Japan had what he called “moonshot” goals, including leading the world in avatar technology by 2050 and investing in a Japanese university so it "becomes a Stanford.”“Japan will become No. 1 in the world,” he said."*

Oh, c'mon, got nothing better to say? Who really cares about a "moonshot" (whatever this is) and avatar technology? Definitely not me. The money I have in my pocket to buy food and pay the bills is much more important."

Spot on - besides...dreamy goals in avatar technology and such by 2050 are a pie in the sky concept to create the illusion govt is doing something...they have no clue what the next 10 years will be like...let alone 3 decades from now.

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Posted in: Salah says he is not asking for 'crazy stuff' in new Liverpool deal See in context

The greed of some of these guys is off the charts...( not excusive to soccer ).

Liverpool forward Mohamed Salah says he is not asking for "crazy stuff" ......looking for a weekly salary of more than £300,000 ($408,000).

Sure , he is a great player but almost $ 400K per week is not crazy? and thats before all the commmercial endorsements.....wonder how much of their insane salaries do these players regularly donate to charities?

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Posted in: People use me in different ways. Some people are lonesome. Some feel it's a shame to go somewhere (interesting) alone — they want someone to share their impressions with. What's amazing is the huge variety of personalities, circumstances and situations. See in context

This is the saddest thing I've read today and it's only 09:41 in the morning. Are people in Japan really lacking in social skills that they have to resort to a rent-a-friend service?

Is this a trick question?

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Posted in: Married Japanese men and women rank the things they miss most about single life See in context

That said, having a girl on each arm is fun for a while, but it is unsustainable - unless your name is Leonardo DiCaprio."

Or Charisma Man."

LOL...indeed...I wonder if there are still as many of gaijin CM around as a couple of decades ago or has the playing field changed ?;)

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Posted in: Japan's golden oldie 'King Kazu' joins new team at 54 See in context


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